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{Bio - Jakob Reeve - Dominion | Entity}


Nickname(s):  Ace, Red, Gunner, Lunkhead
Gender:   Male
Species/Class/Path:  Cassian (Lowborn) | Engineer | Explorer
Occupation:  Starfighter Pilot, Privateer, ex-law enforcement
Personality:   Practical, ambitious, competitive; reckless, sarcastic, tactless
Age: 46
Date of Birth:  18 December
Current Residence:  Transient, shipbound

Home Planet: Aurai-Vhor, terraformed planetoid on the edge of Dominion territory. The small world, roughly a third the size of Cassus, was reshaped to be a paradise and as such has boasted a considerable tourist industry for the past two centuries. A briny ocean gives way to a metropolis on the coastline and vast plains of salt, dunes and sand-glass beyond.  Huge crystalline spires and skyrise structures occupy islands engineered into fantastical forms with all the considerations of Imperial wealth. With only subsistence aquaculture available outside of atmospheric production, Aurai-Vhor’s existence is fueled by trade in luxuries of all kinds.  

It is glamorous enough to veil its magnified class divide from untrained eyes.

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A lot of the themes in the show are about absentee fathers, and the ultimate absentee father, which is God leaving. But every single character on the show is affected in some way by either a relationship with a father or mother that’s either distant or estranged or abandoned. The archangels with their father, or Claire and her father Riesen, or David and William. That’s really a big theme of the show. Brothers, and fathers, and sons. And sons, and fathers, and daughters. So one of my favorite scenes from season 1 is probably the scene with Michael and Gabriel, when Michael comes to visit Gabriel in the jail cell. […] There’s a connection the two actors had, Tom and Carl, that was really exceptional. I think we really built on that this season and built that relationship even more. So I think in season 2 you guys will be surprised, and you’ll be happy with their character growth.
—  Vaun Wilmott

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Some random tidbits from the chat:

- Heaven’s not among the places Vaun’s planning to show to us. He feels it’s way too personal to explore.

- God’s not going to appear on the show. Vaun didn’t even want to think about choosing the right person for this role.

- God’s disappearance is something that will be resolved at the very end of the show. Hopefully season 7. “It’ll be something we will learn more and more about, but it’ll be one of the big mysteries that gets solved over the life of the show”.

- No dog for Alex in s3. Too hard to shoot.

- Supposedly, there’s something that will top the whip scene.

- Vaun loves women. Some strong women coming in season 2 (and beyond). And there’s a lot of new characters in season 2 (like Julian, Zoe, Laurel), and new angels.

- He talked a bit about Lucifer’s apperance in the finale. It ended up on the cutting room floor, but SyFy PR, by no fault of theirs, didn’t get the memo. We were only supposed to see Lucifer’s hand, so they didn’t cast anyone for this role.

- He knows where he wants to go in seasons 3, 4, and 5, but things change when the writers gather up to break down the season. However, this season he used many of this original ideas.

- In season 3, he’s going to expand the world even more. 

- He explained that the Empyrean Steel comes from heaven, and it has some different properties.

- We’ll see about a new love interest for Michael. “He’s got a lot to sort out, but we’ll see.”

- Moreover, there’s tones of BTS stuff coming our way, the actors took selfies throughout the season, and Vaun will be posting pics from every each episode.

He also talked about some personal stuff, like the fact that he’s getting a dog, he loved the Guardians of Galaxy, and he suffered from a jet lag when he was visiting South Africa (well, that’s a no brainer), his acting career etc. Alex and Michael are the ones most like Vaun in terms of the POV. If he had time, he’d love to write a short story (or even a novel) set in the world of Dominion. He may raffle off a signed poster.