GAC 9-15-17

So today I will be bringing you the top 20 country music videos for the week of 9/15/17 from GAC (Great American Country). So let’s get started right now.

Number 20 belongs to Kip Moore who is new to the list this week -

More girls like you.

Number 19 belongs to Dierks Bentley who is new to the list this week -

What the hell did I say?

Number 18 belongs to Chris Janson who is dropping 1 spot this week -

Fix a drink.

Number 17 belongs to Sara Evans who is moving up 1 spot this week -

Marquee sign.

Number 16 belongs to Kenny Chesney who is moving up 3 spots this week -

All the pretty girls.

Number 15 belongs to Luke Combs who is moving up 5 spots this week -

When it rains it pours.

Number 14 belongs to Tim McGraw & Faith Hill who are dropping 2 spots this week - Speak to a girl.

Number 13 belongs to Jason Aldean who is moving up 2 spots this week -

They don’t know.

Number 12 belongs to Locash who are dropping 1 spot this week -

Ring on every finger.

Number 11 belongs to Brett Young who is moving up 3 spots this week -

Like I loved you.

Number 10 belongs to Carly Pearce who is moving up 3 spots this week -

Every little thing.

Number 9 belongs to Dustin Lynch who is staying in the same spot as last week - Small town boy.

Number 8 belongs to Hunter Hayes who is staying in the same spot as last week - Rescue.

Number 7 belongs to Justin Moore who is dropping 2 spots this week - Somebody else will.

Number 6 belongs to Jon Pardi who is moving up 4 spots this week -

Heartache on the dance floor.

Number 5 belongs to Old Dominion who are dropping 1 spot this week -

No such thing as a broken heart.

Number 4 belongs to Midland who are dropping 1 spot this week -

Drinkin’ problem.

Number 3 belongs to Shania Twain who is moving up 4 spots this week -

Life’s about to get good.

Number 2 belongs to Kane Brown featuring Lauren Alaina who are dropping 1 spot this week - What ifs.


Number 1 belongs to Scotty McCreery who is moving up 1 spot this week to regain the top spot for the week - Five more minutes.

And that’s a wrap for the top 20 country music videos for the week of 9/8/17 from GAC (Great American Country). Thanks goes out to GAC for taking the time to do their weekly country music video countdowns. And as always thanks goes out to you for taking the time to read this weekly list. See ya all next time.

I’m a little embarrassed lol I’ve come so far on this game but I have not once made a weapon or piece or armor aside from the very beginning. That’s why my character sucks lol anyway, here’s me staring into some lifeless eyes saying “look at me. I am the captain now.” Enjoy your Friday and weekend!

US politics is literally the same as Skyrim

You get to choose between either A:

-the violent racists who want to expel all foreigners from the land, use religion and nationalism to sell their cause, portray themselves as the righteous, conquering underdogs and prey upon economic uncertainty to gain popular support

or B:

-the pacifying centrists, controlled by a “golden” elite few, who despite portraying themselves as a figure of justice, violently quell any dissent and are quick to action with anyone who doesn’t tow the party line.

And without picking one or the other, you get no endgame.

anonymous asked:

Random question, but what would Twisted Timbers be in your universe? I imagine him being this rustic looking farmer that has random vines thrown across him (not as much as Mystic Timbers though) who has these corny 80's glasses because he used to be Hurler which was based off of an 80's theme so he has to "keep the aesthetic"

[ hmmm good question! i haven’t really been designing him in my head because i’m really busy with school and i’ve never been to kings dominion i’m sorry so here’s me brainstorming about him (and mystic too lol) under the cut ]

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