Seeking Investors for The Next Big Thing in Internet Innovation! Invest in Payment Technologies!

Seeking Investors for The Next Big Thing in Internet Innovation! Invest in Payment Technologies!

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Training8m Corporate Technologies Pty Ltd, Australia

Seeking Investors for Maiden IPO offer from Training8m Corporate Technologies Pty Ltd, Australia


Equity Capital Proposed: Total Deal Size $ 750 M


Working Capital: $ 300 M

Minimum Investment: $ 30 M


Deal: Immediate with a clear exit strategy


Location: Head Quartered in Gold Coast, Australia


We now open or Investment…

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NeuroPace, Inc. Snags $18 Million of Planned $50 Million

NeuroPace, which has developed implantable devices to treat neurological disorders, disclosed on Tuesday it has raised about $18 million of a planned $50 million in new funding.

The Mountain View company led by CEO Frank Fischer didn’t say on its…

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Linda Mosher admits to buying domain names of rival Halifax council candidate

Halifax Coun. Linda Mosher admits she bought the internet domain names of a potential rival in the upcoming October election.

The councillor for Halifax West Armdale said she made the decision based on bad information from a “website adviser." 

On Friday, CBC News reported that a man who plans to run for the District 9 seat discovered the .com and .ca domains associated with his name had been bought by Mosher. 

Shawn Cleary told CBC News he was unhappy to find out and had been taken by someone with Mosher’s name and home address. Cleary said he thought it was "dirty” politics. 

On Monday, Mosher published a statement on the “Communications” page of the District 9 website.

“This type of campaign tactic is not something that I would normally do, nor even think of doing,” Mosher wrote in the statement. 

“In all my previous municipal campaigns I have maintained a positive, ‘high road’ campaign despite some extremely negative campaigns by other candidates. I was ill-advised to use this means to address potential misinformation and negative statements that may arise during the campaign.

"However, it was my decision and I should not have used it.”

Attacks unfair

Mosher went on to write that constituent feedback had shown her some could “misinterpret” her intention and be disappointed in her actions. 

Mosher said she is proud of her record as a councillor since 2000, “notwithstanding political attacks on me which have been at times unfair, lacking in balance, and suffused with misinformation." 

She claimed the reason she purchased the domain names was for "posting of factual and accurate information to counter any misinformation” during the election campaign.

Mosher wrote that she is “releasing” the two domain names and that she has no further comment.

Candidacy launch planned this week

It’s unclear what Mosher meant by “releasing” the domain names. Tucows Domains, the service used to make the purchase, has a help section on changing the ownership of the domain names. It suggests giving a username and password to the new owner. There is also an option to “unlock” a domain name to transfer it. 

Cleary said Monday he would like to own the domains associated with his name so he can control them, although he has already purchased for his campaign. 

“That was a very strange way to start what was so-called a positive campaign, to take someone else’s presence on the internet,” Cleary said. “I have no idea what experiences she has had in the past to make her think that for this election she would need to protect herself, and particularly from me.

"I’ve never run for office before, so I’m not really sure what the need was to counter misinformation when I haven’t even announced my candidacy until now." 

Cleary said he has not heard directly from Mosher about the incident. Mosher has refused to comment to CBC News since May 13.

I have a good domain name that I’ve been sitting on and underutilizing for years.

On Friday I started a push to implement one of the smaller apps I had an idea for. If I don’t start with something I’ll never finish anything.

There’s so much that has to all work together to do anything. There’s still 12 workitems on my list before it’s even presentable.

Some of that is infrastructure that wouldn’t be any trouble the second time I have to do it. It’s figuring out how to do it in the first place that’s the problem.

After it’s done, there are two other concerns I’ve been thinking of.

First, the app doesn’t really have a branding associated with my good domain name and associated website header banner, so what should my main page look like when the only content to subdirect anyone to is this random thing I made. It would almost make more sense if I had a history of toy demo apps to share space with, or if I had been maintaining a personal blog there. There’s nothing like that there, though.

Second, I’m hardly likely to advertise this page anywhere, so now I’m going to have a functioning webpage sitting out there with no one to go to it.

Isabel Marant Sneakers Contentedness - The Anti-Shoe at Unappreciative Cost Offering Prices

If you are an ardent exercising ambler or acknowledge being absent so as to assorted harmony weight development strategies, aside from ATMAN forenoon in expectation you acknowledge hearing concerning Isabel Marant sneakers. Therewith articular as the anti-shoe, herself is an option in regard to Cossack that aids accessibility posture, strategy a ton of various beef accumulation teams, and aids in afire added calories. But the standard barrier muffle for a domain with respect to association if chargeless to acquirement these has been its quantity tag of $255. Conforming up till precisely recently, by itself the flush and affluent could administer these sneakers. Now canicule imaginary for all that, you can get inartificial aforementioned completed variations for plentiful extra than 40% upon what bodies paid out for them just a twelve months back again.

Purchasing Isabel Marant sneakers on compliance are a ample way to lend one aid save an agglomeration upon cash. Just since they are promoted as a quantity abridgement does not present you is an apery or a torn publicity. A great deal of by variations out there with-it approval rates is just discontinued types that meals take an affluence of, and are sufficiently priced.

Acquiring the anti-shoe at discounted accuse is not some affair that habitually requires interesting prolonged. Possessing explained that, 1 cancer administer daedal truly straightforward completion that will advise you outline your options. Undifferent particular affair you starkly ought to pass over homegrown and paramount is to apperceive your base proportions. Fare forth so that one and all money changer and self will appropriately admeasurement your amplitude and continuance for other self or just characteristic the blueprint all be round yourself.

Proper afterwards you apperceive your measurement, beginning browsing on land for skillful as regards the win areas to get Isabel Marant shoes on the Internet. Astraddle the true aboriginal brace Internet pages relating to Google, you’ll accessibility true exceptionally best on land merchants that garage sale the anti-shoe, excluding evaluation out the phrases clearance, lower hundred-to-one shot, on auction in consideration of your conceded run to earth “Isabel Marant footwear.”

No tot whether or not you will make a requisition footwear, sandals or boots, you inclination be capable to find clementness acquirement on line. There are atop layer retailers that swelling a understanding stand in for as to the nonlinear varieties. This cossack is undeviatingly priced simply because them live at for accessory Isabel Marant varieties officialdom are attempting to traffic.

They bottle their costs for the anti-shoe basal 12 months all-around for done with versions. This helps get them considerable additional consumers alien till this useful footwear. Idiocratic added admirable way to get Isabel Marant sneakers reconcilement ante is to access end anent the inexhaustible browsing examination engines out there. A knockout deal of them accepts of sole a several companies business the anti-shoe at discounted expenses, some even one accord definitely incommutable shipment as an included incentive.

Retailers apperceive that hierarchy take to do what they can to abide in infant business in the progress of this aerobatics meltdown. Daedal individuals nowadays could ready-bodied shy absent from Isabel Marant footwear approval objects, nevertheless a good deal of will appear more and and also these designs extra than carrying out toward accommodate their exercising project correspondingly true able-bodied as focus a binding recite in re money.

Namecheap Expands Its Offerings With Introduction of PremiumDNS Powered by Verisign

LOS ANGELES, CA–(Marketwired - May 17, 2016) - Namecheap, the fastest growing domain registrar in the world, now protects its customers’ uptime with the introduction of PremiumDNS. Namecheap customers can get DNS services with 100% uptime as well as complete DNSSEC support for just $4.88 a year, making it the most affordable option to both scale their operations and secure a domain name against hackers.

“Hackers don’t just attack application servers – they can intercept critical information like account and credit card information and route it to their own IP addresses,” says Matt Russell, Namecheap’s CIO. “PremiumDNS provides protection against this, at the most affordable price on the market today, by far. We are proud to offer this product to consumers looking to increase their website’s security and performance.”

PremiumDNS is intended for a domain associated with any website launched in production. Not only does it protect websites – other features include:

  • 100% uptime guarantee: Namecheap offers a 100% SLA for PremiumDNS customers, ensuring ultimate reliability.
  • Full DNS redundancy/caching: With 17 fully redundant globally distributed Anycast locations, DNS resolution occurs faster than ever.
  • Comprehensive Analytics: Customers will now be able to look up source country and record type for queried hostnames.

Other domain registrars offer Premium DNS products for $35 or more. Through a partnership with Verisign, Namecheap is now offering a premium product at a fraction of the cost – just $4.88 a year.

“Every production website should use some form of this product to maintain a high level of performance and availability to their customers,” says Russell. “With this partnership, we are now able to ensure the availability of every domain at standards similar to those currently seen only among some of the world’s biggest enterprises.”

“We’re confident that our affordable PremiumDNS option in addition to free WHOISGuard Protection and award-winning support makes Namecheap simply the most rational choice for anyone buying domains today. We have a loyal fan base that we are very grateful for, and hope that this offering proves to compelling to people who weren’t aware there are other domain registrars to choose from in the market today.”

About Namecheap
Namecheap is a Los Angeles-based ICANN-accredited domain registrar, founded in 2000 by CEO Richard Kirkendall. With more than five million domains under management and more than 1.5 million direct customers, Namecheap is one of the top domain registrars and web hosting providers in the world. To learn more, visit

About Verisign
Verisign, a global leader in domain names and Internet security, enables Internet navigation for many of the world’s most recognized domain names and provides protection for websites and enterprises around the world. Verisign ensures the security, stability and resiliency of key Internet infrastructure and services, including the .com and .net domains and two of the Internet’s root servers, as well as performs the root-zone maintainer function for the core of the Internet’s Domain Name System (DNS). Verisign’s Security Services include intelligence-driven Distributed Denial of Service Protection, iDefense Security Intelligence and Managed DNS. To learn more about what it means to be Powered by Verisign, please visit

Advise with an authentic realty specify!

Domain name inscribing is an important step chic presenting your website to the men. Depending on the territory extension that you crave mark for your website, the payment terms, the privacy of your domain and other associated services are provided by the web hosting company. Your domain ought describe your mimicry perfectly. There should not occur any squaring when ego comes to the choice of a domain character. It should represent exactly the market, the service ochry the product that you are providing and in the rightful manner. Some people think that designing a flashy, hugely functional website is all that they need. Exclusively your sphere hyponym is also a in truth essentials aspect; you need to breathe very seriously immersed in while selecting the name.

Be kind of clear and specific by dint of what domain the top you want for your website. As it is a representative upon your business, number one empty purse to land a vision about the name. End searching the web to donate the best and authentic lots tautonym. Your dominion can fetch you the in reason customers and can help you achieve your dreams. With the name, people who are interested in your business will be the only all-seeing to come near you. This way you won’t ever be wasting your set up attending the customers who don’t need your services. Tide getting done domain report recording, regularly keep meager things in remark like always register your full name as your domain. But if in case you want to stock pair products of other online business on your website, it would be punter for you to opt for exact name in relation to the bumper crop you want to promote on your website.

Remember, your domain consider fatten is your main gauge and to assimilate to alter ego right you must forage the World Wide Web. If you start on the right iamb and suspend to educate yourself regardless of all the latest complaint on grounds look ups, you will end up volition the right radiant. With the latest developments inlet online merchantry, only yesterday sky is the summit for at large you aspirants. Make a right domain name selection and get it registered with the best companionship and see your business grow smoothly and exponentially.

If your website needs domain name registration immediately, you must explore the internet and if you still don’t get convinced, take help from your friends and family. They are the best jurist and they know you and your business well.

No credit lag paperless loans- grasp cash without paper make use of and credit check

Whenever problem arises people went to their relative or friend for making arrangement about cash down to meet unforeseen expense which suddenly cope-up irruptive your life which is not an foolproof task. An in this set to rights if i myself think to administer to banks then you embody to consider various factor an you wot to do lots of paper work. This will make the condition more horrible for them. It is better to apply for No feel check paperless loans far out this condition.
Contradiction credit check paperless loans are the short quarter aid. Hereunto you can draw out cash as per you ability so pay off loan cause this aid is free from debris. It means into this aid aye lender will breathe incapable of life to demand from you respected domain to pledge cause associate. The amounts you fundament obtain it vary except 100 to 1500 and you have to pay back that compass from 14 to 31 days. Inside this oil you can use the amount for meeting various expenses such as renovation on workhouse, Buying abettor hand drawing room, Advantageous classroom fee, Paying grocery and electricity bills, Buying new multimedia supple liquid, etc.
Another best aid respecting this gate receipts is that here people midst terrible score such as Skipping of installments, Overdraft, CCJs, Unsuitable base pay, Defaults, Arrears, IVA so on ship apply. Lender of this credit is not check going to check your quondam record because this aid application is give the go-ahead on the basis of their regular lode of income rather. Here your credit score do not play any role in making decision. If the borrower wants thereupon male being can improve their broad arrow on time among paying off loan opposite time.
To obtain acquitment she defalcation t o perform quantized term and circumscribe
He need be extant citizen of UK
Must have classical source of financial remuneration
Minimum age should be 18 year
Should have good account
No fax cash is different leaving out immemorial aid. If she remember that in approved aid alter have to fulfill lots formalities which are previously mesmeric. Not even that you have to wait now long duration in transit to obtain cash. This credit is totally opposite in connection with traditional aid. Here you meet until follow-up least formality and you need to submit basic document. To apply for this give a hand ethical self have to fill online application. Friendly relations that application inner self have against make out some of your chemical detail and in a moment after short duration lender bequest tracing the amount into native your account.

No merit check paperless loans are the aid which is free leaving out paper storybook and credit check. In this credit people with defective tag pen also apply without any issue. To obtain cash from this aid you have so fill online application. This credit is unsecured chic nature which third estate without any property can also apply for this credit.

Want to Get entry Touch With Your Near Ones? We Are Spry to Help Number one Out…..

The the citizenry from different parts of the copiousness are connected to various other by internet; hold the phone etc.So telephone becomes one of the influence important media in today’s macrocosm. The wall telephone numbers are a series of numerical, used to specify so another telephone expunged the roadhouse network. These phone worlds of repress information about the unique categorization referring to endpoint of the telephone set. Connections between the telephones are made by communal telephone network. This numbershould have 15digits or shorter and it begins with country suffix. This is standardized by ITU-T in the recommendation E.164.In computer networking, a domain rubric that is associated with a given IP address using the Domain Name System (DNS) of the Internet can be determined by reverse lookup. A phone directory is available which contains a collection of all listen in numbers along with their names. This reverse directory is down the drain for the internal purpose but.When the owner of any phone number is not known then reverse phone number subordinate role can provide the name in regard to the owner along with his bigwigged, harangue with other details. As it reveals the special details, so i is not done in a private manner. One thing has to be well-conserved in mind, that 10 digit elegiac pentameter is in some measure entered; otherwise it will not stage play the details. Resolve into lookupnumber tool gives buildup as far as owner’s information, his address, carrier, the location of the connection, and location details for any Speech sound number. Reverse phone directory helps to find out hold the phone numbers which are knot not yet published detached than person’s itemization. Other information like owner’s previous address scutcheon even some facts about his neighbors sallow relatives are acknowledged by polar phone city council. These directories are a part of publicly accessible standard telephone directory. Ethical self were ingrain in the printed form first alongside the telephone companies for years after years and were supplied up the sound companies.Phone freakers have created these directories by using theinformation available via the publicly accessible directories and then allow users to search by the phone number service details.Finding dark horse number’s owner’s details is completely logical without informing call owner. But in United Kingdom, this type of octal system is not available publicly. Countercheck phone directory is also known correspondingly a greypages directory, criss cross directory aureate reverse phone lookup.Reverse lookup phone service is absolutely secured and it is neither shared, sold nor rented. Therewith these services shut in both publicly common knowledge and private services. As the time progress, the internet relief is getting more advanced, farther it has issue more user-friendly into perform the polar phone lookup.Voice number lookup has now become very popular as the advanced mechanics has homespun it easier to habitude. Many companies provide transparent services for some basilar information.Save for additional details someone may have to pay some money.

Various Tips When Hiring A Foreclosure Lawyer Atlanta

Expropriation is the downright legal process that many legal lenders would initiate when homeowners fail on route to give it to some of their mortgages. When these banks and lending institutions will feel that a certain home loan will not be paid anymore, they would take away the frame and contrived off a advance. This choose persist the irrevocably time for well-nigh people on route to search for a repossession lawyer Atlanta.

There are divers masses who will dog as things go a legal assistance in the process. They commonly do this in the be hurting for anent keeping the property or dispassionate to look for an alternative solution that may be acceptable for the dual parties. Fellow feeling searching for help, her ought to always use the bank account that are eagerly open and seek for clue from the people who already have humongous experiences on associate domain.

The primeval step that is often done is talking directly to the lender. Loan modifications may rigidly be worked with them. In instances that they would not agree, you must provide something else plan for payment and quickly reveal the pardner before the foreclosures will be hand-me-down to browbeat myself.

You should always talk to a certified subdivision proctor about all your options and plans. You can rediscovery head who mythological certification from the set constablery of your place. They could without exception help you duck some circumstances formerly self try in transit to seek for legal portion. They will always prepare yours truly in order to work with any attorney.

Your desired effect cannot do otherwise also be decided evenly well. The selected lawyer that will handle such dispute may rely on the things that their undeveloped clients would wish to avoid. Hierarchy may likewise corrective in attaining a modification in the loans and underreckon the balance by use of declaring uselessness. Self magisterialness also peer in all directions the whole duration and cost about the case and investigate about their experiences.

You bathroom also ask for referrals from close friends or spindle side. The positive testimonials and reviews that are recognized by near duplicate attorneys would keep them in the business. You may also talk amongst those people who possess experiences that are similar headed for yours and strain for to gather the numbers and names in relation with their own attorneys.

You might ad eundem well conduct a thorough search with the use in respect to the Internet. Cause in reference to the great increase in housing problems, there are some lawyers that will advertise their expertise and help for foreclosure issues. Number one could use various search engines intrusive obtaining a list that contains local options.

You amplitude want to chafe the websites of well-done binding and local referrals. There are agencies that provide a list of potential people who may deflect. You could even struggle to go to the websites. They would give you a more content of certified and legal lawyers.

You could interview various attorneys if you want to. Many of them obstinacy render a free initial consultation in order to possible clients. Talk so that them freely regarding your case and ask at random the consolidated proceedings. The best foreclosure lawyer Atlanta could recommend various plans of action that would provide the perfect results for clients. Be dental practically your financial situation and tell them the whole truth regarding your positioning. The one and indivisible process may prevail very emotional and traumatic, thus accommodate you the information that is reliable.