Little things to feel angelic

(If you want to, please add your own things, I would love to hear them)
*Wearing colours associated with you or your domain
*Crystals or stones associated with you or your domain
*I covered my ceiling in glow in the dark stars to try to recreate the stars I remember seeing back Home
*Combat boots or other ‘tough looking’ clothing to make you feel powerful again
*Scented things with scents that remind you of Home
*Listening to hymns
*Stargazing or looking at the sky in general
*Finding high up places and looking down to feel like you are as big and powerful as you used to be
*I like ride my bicycle really fast to feel the wind in my face again, this also works for skates etc. (And rollercoasters of course)
*Swimming to experience the same way your body floated around in the air with ease as your wings carried you

Eberron Faiths with Pathfinder Domains

Okay, this took me a while, but it was totally worth doing! I’ve updated all of the orthodox versions of Eberron’s faiths with the Domains and Subdomains from Pathfinder. This should help to set some baselines for some other pieces of writing that I’m working on. I’ve broken down the guidelines I used while doing this after the main text. I hope you enjoy!

  • Sovereign Host (pantheon) 
    • Arawai - NG - Domains: Air, Good, Plant, Weather, Void - Subdomains: Agathion, Clouds, Growth, Seasons, Stars - Favoured Weapon: Morningstar
    • Aureon - LN - Domains: Knowledge, Law, Magic, Nobility, Rune - Subdomains: Arcane, Aristocracy, Divine, Education, Legislation - Favoured Weapon: Quarterstaff
    • Balinor - N - Domains: Air, Animal, Earth, Scalykind, Vermin - Subdomains: Cave, Feather, Fur, Saurian, Wind - Favoured Weapon: Battleaxe
    • Boldrei - LG - Domains: Community, Good, Law, Protection, Repose - Subdomains: Defense, Family, Friendship, Home, Loyalty  - Favoured Weapon: Spear
    • Dol Arrah - LG - Domains: Glory, Good, Law, Sun, War - Subdomains: Day, Honour, Light, Redemption, Tactics - Favoured Weapon: Halberd
    • Dol Dorn - CG - Domains: Chaos, Good, Liberation, Strength, War - Subdomains: Competition, Duels, Freedom, Friendship, Reverly - Favoured Weapon: Longsword
    • Kol Korran - N - Domains: Charm, Luck, Scalykind, Travel, Trickery - Subdomains: Dragon, Greed, Imagination, Love, Trade - Favoured Weapon: Heavy Mace
    • Olladra - NG  - Domains: Community, Darkness, Good, Luck, Healing - Subdomains: - Family, Fate, Moons, Restoration, Revelry (as subdomain of Good) Favoured Weapon: Sickle 
    • Onatar - NG - Domains: Artifice, Earth, Fire, Good, Rune - Subdomains: Industry, Metal, Redemption, Smoke, Wards - Favoured Weapon: Warhammer
  • Dark Six (pantheon) 
    • The Devourer - NE - Domains: Destruction, Evil, Vermin, Water, Weather - Subdomains: Catastrophy, Ice, Oceans, Plague, Storms - Favoured Weapon: Trident
    • The Fury - NE - Domains: Destruction, Evil, Liberation, Madness, Strength - Subdomains: Fear, Ferocity, Hatred, Insanity, Rage - Favoured Weapon: Rapier
    • The Keeper - NE - Domains: Death, Evil, Rune, Scalykind, Trickery - Subdomains: Cannibalism, Dragon, Greed, Murder, Wards - Favoured Weapon: Scythe
    • The Mockery - NE - Domains: Destruction, Evil, Luck, Trickery, War - Subdomains: Ambush, Blood, Curse, Fear, Torture 
    • The Shadow - CE - Domains: Chaos, Darkness, Evil, Knowledge, Magic - Subdomains: Arcane, Corruption, Entropy, Shadow, Thought - Favoured Weapon: Quaterstaff
    • The Traveller - CN - Domains: Artifice, Chaos, Liberation, Travel, Trickery - Subdomains: Deception, Exploration, Industry, Revolution, Whimsy - Favoured Weapon: Scimitar
  • Elven Faiths
    • The Spirits of the Past - N - Domains:  Destruction, Knowledge, Protection, Repose, War - Subdomains: Ancestors, Hatred, Memory, Purity, Tactics - Favoured Weapon: Double Scimitar
    • The Undying Court - NG - Domains: Good, Luck, Nobility, Protection, Repose - Subdomains: Defense, Fate, Friendship, Leadership, Souls - Favoured Weapon: Scimitar
  • Sarlonan Faiths
    • Il-Lashtavar - LE - Domains: Darkness, Evil, Law, Madness, Psionics* - Subdomains: Corruption, Dreams*, Night, Nightmare, Slavery - Favoured Weapon: Mind Blade/Unarmed Strike
    • Il-Yannah (The Path of Light) - LN - Domains: Law, Liberation, Psionics*, Protection, Sun - Subdomains: Defence, Freedom, Light, Noetics*, Revolution - Favoured Weapon: Unarmed Strike
    • Path of Inspiration - LN - Domains: Community, Law, Knowledge, Psionics*, Protection - Subdomains: Cooperation, Discipline*, Home, Loyalty, Thought - Favoured Weapon: Flail
  • Other Faiths
    • The Becoming God - N - Domains: Artifice, Knowledge, Repose, Ruins, Strength - Subdomains: Construct, Souls, Thought, Toil, Resolve - Favoured Weapon: Gauntlet/Slam
    • The Blood of Vol - LE - Domains: Death, Evil, Law, Nobility, Repose - Subdomains: Cannibalism, Legislation, Martyr, Souls, Undead - Favoured Weapon: Dagger
    • The Cults of the Dragon Below - NE - Domains: Darkness, Earth, Evil, Madness, Void - Subdomains: Caves, Corruption, Dark Tapestry, Insanity, Loss - Favoured Weapon: Heavy Pick
    • The Lord of Blades - LE - Domains: Artifice, Evil, Law, Liberation, War - Subdomains: Construct, Fear, Revolution, Tactics, Tyranny  - Favoured Weapon: Greatsword
    • The Silver Flame - LG - Domains: Glory, Good, Law, Nobility, Protection - Subdomains: Heroism, Judgement, Martyr, Purity, Redemption - Favoured Weapon: Longbow

There are a couple of baseless assumptions I’ve made while doing these. 

  1. Each faith gets five domains and five subdomains, but like the gods of Pathfinder as of Inner Sea Gods.
  2. I wanted to avoid using the outsider specific subdomains. I did end up giving the Agathion domain to Arawai eventually due to their shared ties with nature, but otherwise I’ve avoided it since clerics are no longer tied to specific alignments. 
  3. Not every God or faith had five domains that fit their portfolio well. In these cases, I’ve tried to add extra domains that are logical, give access to a logical subdomain, or fill a gap in the pantheon.
    1. For example, Kol Korran and the The Keeper both ended up with the scalykind domain since their are associated with greed, making the dragon subdomain logical. Arawai got the void subdomain so she could also have the star subdomain, since farmers traditionally used stars to determine when to plant crops. Olladra got the darkness and moon domains since there was no moon deity period and I was coming up short on ways to make her significantly different from Boldrei. 
    2. Part of the design principle I used is what I call the James Jacobs principle. When James writes deities, he says that one way to create nuance and interesting scenarios is to give them one domain that makes sense, but is unexpected. I haven’t done that with everyone… But I think there are some very interesting options here. I’ve stuck strictly to domains published by Paizo, with the exception of the Psionics Domain and its subdomains for the Sarlonan faiths, which come from Dreamscarred Press’s Psionics line.
  4. The domains used should approximate the domains introduced in the original ECS. I didn’t really feel that there were any of those absolutely needed to be converted. 
  5. There should be interesting options for characters of each faith in every alignment, as well as providing options for Inquisitors and Warpriests (because those are definitely a thing on Eberron!).

I’m keen for feedback, so if you see something you liked, didn’t like, or disagree with, please let me know. What do you think? 


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anonymous asked:

Emma, is it stupid to not trust tmz? I mean, they could very well be mocking us. Not the first times. Us larries are in a vulnerable position. Tmz know we are watching them and hanging onto them. They could simply be playing us.

Here are some things that don’t add up about TMZ’s involvement unless they have a larger motivation than just mocking us:

  • They ignored this baby scandal throughout the pregnancy and only began covering it when the baby had been born.
  • They are covering it extensively even though Louis is not that big of celebrity in the first place, and when Briana isn’t a celebrity at all.
  • TMZ got the first footage of Louis after the baby was born.
  • TMZ got footage of Harry Styles the exact same day in a different location in LA (not the norm for them).
  • TMZ had old footage of Louis from August that they didn’t bother using until one of the baby-related videos this past week.
  • TMZ has been writing articles about some stuff that is not sensationalist or interesting to the average reader (aka stuff that isn’t the norm for TMZ), but that brings a lot of interesting stuff to light if you dig deeper…like the fact that the family registered the domain associated with Freddie’s name. Most celebrity parents do that - it’s not news. When we looked into it, however, we discovered proof of how money-hungry and exploitative that family is.
  • They haven’t been particularly explicit with the stuff you claim they’re mocking Larries with - they have dropped rather subtle hints. This video was more obvious than any of the others, but overall, they are not just going for it. They’re playing it very carefully.

I also think you’re overestimating how much TMZ cares about putting the effort in to mock or play us. They aren’t some low-level, trashy source like Hollywood Life or Sugarscape. TMZ is much bigger than the Larries.

werewhulf  asked:

Am I able to include a chorus from a song into my book? Or would that have copyright issues? I want one of my characters to quietly sing 'You Are My Sunshine's chorus to his girlfriend often, and to have him choke it out when she's dying. I just think that it would have more effect.

If a song is copyrighted, no part of it can be usedexcept for the title, without permission from the copyright holder. Not even the chorus. Not even two or three lyrics. So, the first step is to discover whether or not the song you want to use is part of the public domain, which means it is not copyrighted. Unfortunately, this can be a bit tricky. A good rule of thumb is to look the song up on Wikipedia by searching for the title with the word “song” tacked onto the end. Then look at the following information:

  • When was the song published?

  • Who was it written by?

Songs that were published before 1923 are part of the public domain, so you are free to use them. Songs that are traditional (folk music) or have unknown authors are also part of the public domain. 

Songs between 1923 and 1978 may be in the public domain if their copyright was not renewed, however most music published in the last several decades will be copyrighted. You can search for the song’s copyright information here:

Copyright Office - Search

Music Publishers Association Search

Public Domain Information Project

If you are not sure, your best bet is to just use the title but no lyrics. For example, you could just say, “Then, Stanley took Lynn’s hand and softly sang You Are My Sunshine as she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.”

If you are seeking traditional publishing, it’s possible that your publisher will be willing to secure copyright permissions for you, which is how copyrighted songs do end up in novels. Depending on the song, this could be quite expensive, so you really need to have some selling power behind you before most publishers would be willing to do this.

Good luck!