So I’ve had this idea for a new photo series that I’ve been wanting to do called ‘Why I ♡ MH’ So this first one is based on the bodymolds given to the dolls! The bodymolds I’m MH are so incredible! I’m so happy that Mattel puts in all this detail even though we don’t see it because of their clothes. So I took the dolls from my collection that I thought had the best bodymolds! Obviously there is a lot more but these were the only ones I had. :)


So this is my MH/EAH doll collection in it’s entirety.

My first MH purchase consisted of Gigi and Catrine. I had plans of repainting them into fairies. That never played out. I made them into fantasy princess warriors instead. Catrine was inspired by the Khajiiti in The Elder Scrolls, and Gigi by the Bosmer. I imagined Gigi as an elf princess. I have plans of wiping their faces again, and repainting them again. But I kind of like my first repaints.

Daenerys was a Cleo that I rerooted and repainted. I love her so much (this reminds me that I had two Clawdeens that I repainted and rerooted into werewolf warriors, but sold them, and I miss them).

My collection is a modest little group, but with the way new waves coming out, I expect some new girls to join (I’m looking at you, Isi). So many new dolls.


I have missed my L-bi dearly over the years and these two characters have always held a special place in my heart. I first watched Gundam Wing at 9 years old. Gundam became a life-long obsession of mine and was the gateway to many other hobbies and passions of mine, including BJDs and space.

So, I think it may be time to add two more Gundam dolls to the collection.

Back in the day, when i was a young teen in middle school and the internet was not exactly a thing so there are no records (so you’ll have to believe me), I had a copy of a black fairy tale by Fred Crump, Jr. I got Cinderella in fifth grade:

I got it at the Houston International Festival. I got it before any others because it was my favorite fairy tale ever–I still have a major Cinderella obsession. I was so proud of it, I paid the money for it myself out of anything else I could have gotten in the Africa section. Because Book! Princess! BLACK REPRESENTATION SHE LOOKS LIKE ME I CAN BE A PRINCESS TOO.

I carried it to school to show my classmates soon after, but they said it wasn’t the real Cinderella like the Disney movie and kept asking why there were no white people in the story and why Cinderella had blue eyes, because black people could never have blue eyes. Then a teacher who saw me with it started mocking the illustrations and calling Cinderella’s natural hair all tangled up and making jokes about Whitney Houston and “a prince named Prince” and I stopped showing anyone at school, so there was that fun aside.

Anyways, forward to middle school where I now had a grand collection of two books–this one and The Ebony Ducking:

But because I was poor, I had no idea if I’d ever be able to get the others. So I decided I’d write them myself, and I’d start with my other favorite fairy tale, Snow White which wasn’t even listened in the back among Beauty and the Beast and Rapunzel and Afrotina and the Three Bears.

(which, bee tee dubs, did not end with Afrotina just running the fuck off, spoiler the bears are like “fix this shit or we’ll eat you” and her parents help her fix that shit and she makes it up cause pretty is as pretty does)

So I started out and said that she had skin as rich as chocolate and hair black as ebony and lips red as roses and started to sketch her out, cause I was going to write my little 13 year old heart the entire fuck out.

And then a classmate saw me and asked who it was, and I told her.

And she screeched her entire head off that I was drawing it wrong.


And she pointed this out to a whole bunch of kids, and a bunch of people said I was so doing it wrong, so I was so ashamed of this that I stopped and never finished that story. 

I later got every book listed in the back of my Cinderella book and some obscure ones like The Little Mermaid, but don’t worry, I am going somewhere with this.

Cause Mattel has started a spin off of Monster High called Ever After High, and instead of doing the children of monsters we’re doing the children of Fairy Tale Characters

So one of the first to come out was Apple White

and oh

She’s the very blond daughter of Snow White. So we’re doing that now.

But my black kiddy self was doing it wrong, because any change from the original narrative is doing it wrong.

and that wasn’t about race it was just about preserving the story, let someone tell it to me.

And that is a story about fairy tales and little black children and doll collecting.

freezingsanfransokyo asked:

Honestly I think Disney should have released Anna and Elsa in their Frozen Fever outfits. The dolls were coming out for the short so it only seems right. They did it with Rapunzel for Tangled Ever After. I'm not saying I don't like the new ones I think they are gorgeous. They were my first ones actually. I hope Disney will do them in Frozen Fever outfits though because I bet Elsa would look amazing like her snow queen outfit and Anna will look adorable in hers. And Elsa should come w/ a snowgie

They absolutely should have, and it makes no sense why they chose the outfits they did. Sadly, I don’t want Frozen Fever LE dolls now only because that would mean we’d have 4 Elsa dolls and 4 Anna dolls and for the collection I think that would be complete overload of Frozen. I want to see new characters made into LE dolls, not only Frozen characters. Everytime they release Frozen LE dolls, I think that it could have been someone else who we don’t have a doll of yet. 

Thoughts on Collector’s Guilt

Been seeing a few ghouls talking about Collector’s Guilt, so I just thought I’d offer up a few words on it. (Plus some resources for the financially challenged and appreciators of a good sale).

We’ve pretty much all been there on something, guilty of indulging ourselves and having the moment where we stop and ask, gosh, do I really deserve this? Should I have spent so much money? I could be buying food or clothes and yet here I am…

Personal opinion, as long as you’re not putting yourself in danger and have enough left to live comfortable, or at the very least on a ramen noodle budget for a week or two, (please don’t make it regular though) I think a few indulgences are fine.

I LOVE my dollies, it never fails to cheer me up to buy a new little companion and play with them, brush their hair, hold their hands, redress them and add on to the ever growing Monster High collection. Sometimes, we just can’t spend the money, but if it’s reasonably in our budget, why not? You can’t live your life in complete misery, you have to do something to make yourself happy, and if dropping a few bucks here and there can help, go for it.

Having trouble spending the moolah? Rinny is here to assist. Usually has some great lots of dolls, it’s a bidding site and shipping gets a little pricey, but from someone who’s done some eBay and shopgoodwill bidding, I find shopgoodwill infinitely less stressful. eBay increases my heart rate! (But is still a great resource!)

Amazon will surprise you once in a while with $10 dolls! Never be afraid to pop on and have a looksie. Need someone to talk you down from resisting a good deal? Talk to a beastie, or me. I’ll help.

Thrift Stores
may be hiding treasures! It’s not a guarantee, but you may just luck out one of those trips. Plus, many thrift stores are usually tied to one charity or another, we have a disabled veterans one right by my house.

And finally, search the tag! Lots of doll collectors end up giving their collections up for adoption for one reason or another, I know I have, and many of them have very fair prices. Sometimes people are even looking for a trade! Got maybe a Toralei who you’ve grown away from? Maybe you want a Jackson. Someone might have a Jackson they’re not in love with and they may be dying for a Tora baby.

In all seriousness my fellow monsters and fairy tales, don’t feel bad about having a passion for something. Passions make life grand! This, from the mouth of a 22 year old who’s into comic books, Monster High, Ever After High, and many, MANY cartoons, including one intended for tiny tots in kindergarten.

Wanna vent? Hop your precious cheeks into my ask box, you can even put “don’t reply”, whatever floats your ghost pirate ship. ; )