LE Moana

so excited to tell you all some details of the LE Moana doll :)

“The LE moana doll is featured in her island outfit as seen on her classic doll and in trailers. Beads of water can be seen on her embroidered skirt. Her doll is embellished with a flower crown, arm and leg bands, sandy feet and decorated oar.  By her side is hei hei and pua”

Story Time

This story is a bit on the deep side. (Btw all of this actually happened)

I was a doll-obsessed kid and I easily had around 50 of them by the time I was around 6 ½, which I’d accumulate over birthdays and Christmases, seeing that they were literally all I asked for. I’m an only child(I have a stepbrother but he didn’t live with me) so I’ve been skilled in the art of creating my own fun in my own company for practically my entire life, which I’m honestly grateful for today. I’m not socially dependent and I’m able to manage on my own a lot better than others.

A problem arose, however when I, out of my 50 doll collection, had only one male. All seemed fine for a while, him living through each of his forced hetero relationships until one day, for the life of 6 ½ year old me, I couldn’t find him.

My mom was tired from work and told me to try and play with something else- she’d help me find it later. Now, I’m gonna share with you my thought pattern:
“Oh, who am I gonna get Sarah(the doll) to kiss? I can’t find Steve (male doll)…. Oh, right! I’ll just let her kiss my female one instead!”

I actually communicated the latter of my thought process out loud, and immediately was frightened by the adverse reaction of my generally gentle, soft-spoken nanny.

“A, you can’t do that.”
I don’t remember ever being that puzzled again in my life up to this point. Why not? It’s kissing. People kiss all the time. What was wrong with two girls doing it?

She covered her mouth, leaned forward, as though eyeing some threat unseen to me, and leaned back in the couch, peering at me with her round soft eyes.

“Don’t do it again. Okay, sweetheart?”
“Why not?”
“It’s just bad.” She walked over and kissed me on the forehead.

After that point started the cycle of weddings and heartbreaks with Steve as the common denominator. He dated and wedded every doll in town, to the amusement of my parents. He was a dick, really, but I didn’t know it. Weren’t boys supposed to do that? Break girls’ hearts, giving them no choice but to sit back, open their legs and let them do so? I didn’t question it, just played with dolls until the emergence of other things terminated it’s reign over the spare time of my childhood.

masterfulxrhythm  asked:

Koschei bids Gwen pick a hand, both stuck behind his back. In his right hand is a stuffed red dragon, to add to her doll and stuffed animal collection, as per his promise to show her dragons when they take his TARDIS out to the stars.

Brow deeply furrowed in thought, Gwen takes the challenge seriously. Her eyes flicker from one hand to the other and up to his face, studying every minutiae of his movements. Not a hint to be given, she sighs and makes her choice.

“Right.” Tapping his hand with a finger, she holds her breath and waits for it to open.


She grabs it quickly from his palm and clutches it tight to her chest. 


Disney’s Fairytale Designer Collection 

I got curious.

okay, so when I say I have a captor and a vantas problem…. also lmao fucking kurloz. (vriska’s actually not that tall, she’s standing on top of my modge podge)

Hey EAH/MH Fandoms,

A lot of you are seeing this as a dark time; Ever After High and their new face molds, “poorer quality”, and Monster High is facing an ENTIRE REBOOT!  I do not know a lot of your backgrounds in doll collecting.  After all, part of what makes this hobby great is that everyone does it differently.  However as someone who got into the hobby through collecting vintage Barbies, when I see someone throwing a tantum over every little change, I think it’s ridiculous.

Obviously, Barbie’s had to go through a lot of changes over the years to stay relevent, and that really shows when you’re collecting vintage dolls.  Check out this Barbie from the 1960s:

Nice, huh?  SO many details: a little hat, real fur, painted finger & toenails, little hoop earrings… she’s a DREAM.

I want to to imagine collecting these dolls, and loving them like we love our girls and ghouls. Now, imagine if this pretty, cleancut, conservative girl was suddenly rebooted to look like:

WAAAAAY different right?  I’d think that a lot of you would be appauled by this and say, “This isn’t BARBIE!  Where are the classy gowns?!? Where’s her jewerly?!?  I”M NEVER BUYING ANOTHER BARBIE AGAIN.” and so on.  But the thing was, these MOD dolls were meant to be a reflection of the youth, and young adults during late 60s-early 70s weren’t exactly elegent. Think about what was going on during that time: Woodstock, Vietnam Protests, etc… young people weren’t little Sanda Dee’s, they were wild, fun, and in order to stay relevent, Mattel had to make dolls that reflected this.

Because Mattel has been able to mold and change Barbie so much, she has been able to survive all these years.  (I believe she’s turning 57 this year!)  She had some dark times, yes, (Mattel’s money ran dry in the mid 70s, and they had to resort to baggy dolls *shivers*) but with the love of support of many adoring people, she’s been able to live on.  Say what you will about recent Barbies, but Mattel’s finally at a point where they are pleasing adult collectors AND children with the new Fashionista line.

Now, apply this to EAH and MH.  Our girls shouldn’t always be trapped in old fashions, with outdated hair and makeup.  If you don’t want Mattel to quit making these dolls all together, you need to accept that they will change.

If you don’t like a new doll, for whatever the reason, that’s fine.  Like I said before, everyone collects dolls differently, that’s part of what makes this hobby interesting!  If you don’t like the new girls, you can still concentrate on buying older lines!

However, throwing a tantrum isn’t necessary.  I love the EAH & MH fandoms, but the negativity is ridiculous.

I hope I haven’t rambled on.  If you read this whole thing, please know that I appreciate it.  I just feel like something needed to be said.  Happy collecting, everyone! :)