*whispers* i don’t have a problem

But I do have every Monster High Abbey Bominable doll produced so far, every one of her fashion packs (plus dolls to wear them), every Monster High Minis Abbey produced so far, her plush doll and pet, her vinyl figure, and her bed playset.

Not to mention duplicates of a few for special purposes like her I <3 Fashion release that came with three outfits and her Signature release, which there were two sliiiiiightly different versions of (and of course I had to get one in box too.

So. Anyway. Collection goal achieved.

Does anybody ever like…. just casually have a doll chill out with them at home? Or anywhere else ig… Sometimes I just get in these moods where I want to hang out with a certain doll (so i can get more attached to them?) so I just prop them up on the couch or the desk or wherever else and hang with them… Does anybody else do that?


I am sorry the photo is *so* terrible (I could not get this girl to balance at all), but I really wanted to post this pattern set I made today. I thought it might be a nice distraction for some on a day like today.

The instructions are simple, because I’m not super adept at giving pattern instructions, but I think all the important information is there. Plus it is a free pattern after all. ;)

It essentially includes a scoop-neck version of the shirt she is wearing, a second-more complicated raglan tee (photos of which I will be taking and posting this weekend) as well as her skirt!

Also of note, dependent upon where you install the velcro, all three can fit all sizes of Barbie! In addition, they also fit Liv and Disney Descendants dolls as well!

A PDF version can also be downloaded here for easier printing. It is made to fit on a standard 8.5″x11″ sheet of paper. Just be sure to print at full size!

I hope this brings someone some joy! Also, for added mix-and-matchability, check out @dollsahoy‘s great tights patterns! I have been making all of these like crazy for my girls, now if only I would take some photos!