Celestial and his “Children”
(From left to right)
✨August: Flower Demon
✨Suri: Kitty
✨Saga: Seer
💖Celestial: God
💖Faust: Wolfe
✨Rarity: Unicorn
💖Jefferson: Wolfe

🌟Dolls pictured: ✨belong to @dolly_senpai
💖belong to me

🚫***please don’t copy or steal. These are my photos and my dolls you do not have permission to take these pictures***🚫

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I have seen a few Christian blogs try to argue that these dolls glorify evil and occultism.  LOL what?  OK, as you know I collect these dolls and I am an atheist, but I collect them because I love folklore and Hammer horror movies.  Also, news flash, atheism is NOT synonymous with Satanism.  FML!  

There’s a toy shop here in the UK called The Entertainer.  They don’t sell Monster High dolls.  Why?  Because they are a Christian company and they don’t sell them because of all the “the glorify the devil” controversy surrounding them.  They also don’t sell Ever After High dolls, which is odd given that they sell Barbies and Disney Princess dolls, both of which are made by Mattel.  Ever After High is on the same level as Disney Princesses, basically.

IF anyone wants to tackle me over this, go ahead.  I’ll probably laugh it off anyway.

radcakey asked:

doll, milk and lace

doll- YEAH i collect teacups and teacup adjacent items. so like mugs and teapots and other cute things for eating, mostly just cups. and toys but I don’t collect them as actively I just come upon them and have a collection, I guess. I love useless stuff and am very materialistic in general so most things I own could probably be considered a collection.  

milk- MY FAMILY IS! yikes! no theyre ok. I’ll do immediate .. I live with my mom, dad, sister, grandpa, and ofc cat. mom’s Typical Aries she gets really mad really easily and doesnt understand when people aren’t productive or active or as speedy as she is but she’s a very just and good person. dad, who is not my biological dad, is very well intentioned and kind but has a lot of shit going on and has been through too much. hasnt been a good few years for him. sis is 14… but she’s also just a Good Person when she isnt… being 14… she’s very timid and doubts herself a lot. she’s one of those kids who does sports and music and dance and wants to be popular and trendy. loves 1d. gramps… I used to look up to him a lot as a kid and he knows a lot of things but hes one of those Old Liberal White Guys who acts like theres no way he can be bigoted because he lived in berkeley!!!! while always being extremely bigoted and condescending… and so i kind of loathe him now. my cat is named jack (jack rupert) an dhe’s perfect he’s afraid of everything and is not affectionate at all. he’s perfect.  

lace- MY CLOTHES ARE VERY… need ot be better… I’m not very stylish I just like what I like?? so idk i’m not very cool but I like my outfits.. I like rlly girly femme shit but also a lot of black. black dresses, pink tops, leggings. girlish + immature i guess I would describe them


Noel Cruz’s Lady Tremaine (Cate Blanchett) 5/23/2015 on eBay… you can follow him directly you can see more of Noel’s work Along with Helena Bonham Carter and Lily James. Lily has already been auctioned and Helena will follow the auction for Cate and start for two days on April 30, 2015.

The photos on this were taken by Cruz

Disney LE Doll Pics

SQ Elsa is one of my fav LE dolls, but it’s so frustrating getting a decent photo to show off how truly gorgeous she is. The pics I take never do her justice somehow. One of the things that really bugs me is how her long cape looks shorter in the photos, and believe me, in person, it looks a lot longer. Plus, the photos never show off how shiny and glittery the dolls are. Seriously, it’s not a lie when people tell you that something looks better in person.

I tried to pose her in the same way she’s posed in this poster. Eh, doesn’t look as good. xD

WARNING: Photo spam!

And now some Elsa & Anna pics!

“First the room, and now you won’t come out the box!” lol