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Have another photoset of one of my dollies. I love her pure, innocent faceup. Her stunning victorian dress can be found here (out of stock, unfortunately).
I painted her accessoires and jewellery by myself using acrylic paint and satin varnish. Her necklace is taken from Maddie Hatter’s first wave outfit, by the way.

As always: hope you like her as much as I do! ♥<(^o^<)


Actually, she’s not that faceless…

Kiyomi is my first very own repaint. Please don’t judge too hard, I really tried! ~.~
I used watercolour pencils and acrylic paint, because I’m all new to this and I still need some practice until I’m able to use those pencils without anything else. Plus, I use a satin varnish as a sealer. As you can see by looking closely, it’s all kind of messy at this point, but let’s interpret that as room for improvement. ^-^’

I also made a few changes on her dress, added a cute light blue belt with bows and repainted her accessoires, as well. The piece of fabric I put into her adorable bag looks like an Elvis hair do, tho. ;3

Hope you like her!

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Monster high outfit
By me: wig, dress

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Enchanté, mon chaton!

Ugh, it took me centuries to finally reveal my breathtaking Catrine to you! Especially taking those pictures and editing them was so time-consuming. >.>

I bought her nude from the amazing TeaLeafsCreations and put a cute outfit together. I decided to go for a quiet Japanese look that fits the style of her repaint. The adorable kimono dress was a custom order from japonsakura, her tights are made by thedaughterwhosews and I repainted a pair of Operetta’s Roller Maze shoes, as well. Thus both traditional and modern Japanese fashion inspired Catrine’s wardrobe.
In a final step, I created a floral headband for her, painted and partially trimmed tiny plastic mice and added them to the purple paper roses. ~♥

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Monster high shoes?  Yes, yes they are.

Ok, this pattern is going to be a teensy bit different from previous patterns.  Previous patterns had pattern pieces and instructions.  I tried writing out instructions for the shoes, but IMO most, if not all people who would be doing this have never made shoes before and wouldn’t have the first idea how to do it even with instructions.  Therefore, I put together a photo tutorial to go with the shoe instruction part. 

I’m on target for finishing this pattern up by the end of the day, but I might not release it into the Etsy shop for a couple of days more.  People who bought the pattern subscription will get it today, so that I can revise the shoe section if needed. 

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The last time I went to Walmart, I picked up a few packs of cheap panties (taking care to choose only packs in sizes and colors with several others in stock, since I know first hand what a massive pain it is not to be able to find underwear in your size). Since the fabric is so thin, it’s a GREAT weight for making tiny doll clothes, and some of the colors and patterns are so pretty! My favorites are the two flowered patterns, the light yellow, and of course the fuchsia, which will be perfect for my Feferi dolly! ^^

Making tiny doll clothes can pose quite a challenge. For the average person, it’s not easy to work on such a small scale. I’ll be working in 1:12 scale, and I find that much easier than sewing for people! When sewing on a tiny scale, you’ve got to choose fabrics that are proportional to your doll: lightweight, tight weave, tiny print, good drape. Most doll makers recommend natural fabrics like cotton and silk, though I’ve had great success with stretch charmeuse and peachskin, both of which are polyester.

Ever notice how a lot of the time, Barbie’s clothes look perfectly scaled, but the patterns you buy at the fabric store never seem to come out right? Part of that is because of the material. A large print can dwarf your doll, and thick fabrics will be bulky and will probably not drape correctly. They’ll also be harder to sew and turn right side out. Stiff fabrics that don’t drape well will stick out at odd angles and just plain won’t look right. A tighter weave helps create the illusion of a scaled-down person in a scaled-down outfit rather than a little doll in ill-fitting clothes.

Tube sock pattern for Monster High dolls

This doll clothing pattern for Monster High tube socks was digitally mastered.
The pattern was created using Cleo De Nile’s measurements so different sculpts/characters may require adjustments.

The pattern is available here.

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Sango’s (mostly finished) furisode outfit. Of visible stuff it lacks tabi, zori, date eri (think I’ll make it orange), and a more proper obi-jime. The one I currently use is purple embroidery thread, and it’s too soft and too thin. I think I want roughly this colour though. I also put some geta from poisonbleu on her. Even though they’re horribly inaccurate for an outfit like this, she looked better with shoes on. Of hidden stuff I need proper korihimo/koshihimo, datejime, and more padding around the hips. Because the fabric is so thick, the ohashori is more bulky than I’d like. I think I can fix that by padding the hips just beneath it.

I tried tying my first tateya musubi on a doll, and I definitely need more training, but it turned out decent enough. I will be making pre-tied obi for several different knots later, but for now I just wanted a regular, formal one I can tie any way I like.

I still also need to make a fastening for the eri (I’m waiting for some silk embroidery thread to make a string), so currently it’s simply folded over.

A little sloppily put on since I was feeling lazy. And I only realised after uploading the pictures that her obi has dislocated a bit in the front (it should be a bit lower of the left-hand side).


Cyristine Creations Shop News

Preview of the clothes that I’ve been working on. They will be modeled on Slim MSD girls, but will be available for SD girls by request. Shop has been closed for a few weeks now while I was working on finishing big orders ^_^;; I’m looking forward to re-opening the shop on Wednesday, Sept 23. 

I had hoped to open today, but I won’t be able to take photos and edit listings until Tuesday night. In regards to upcoming stuff: There will also be an update in November for Azone PN and Kinoko Juice Girls. 

If you have questions, please send an ask or contact me through my Etsy shop; otherwise, I might not be able to reply.