Jossie 014 by Squishdellia
Via Flickr:
I’m really excited to show you my new doll arrival!!! It’s Petwork’s new Jossie doll which came out for Halloween. She is just perfect for me!! That cute little mouth, the green hair, and the purple skin color, she’s so cute! I love the Usaggie/Jossie line of dolls, and I think this one is definitely my favorite. Hopefully I can squeeze in some time to make her some clothes! 💚

Prototype for next listing! The only problem I’m having is getting the back closure right, want it to be lace up and I have to figure out the right way! Should be ready soon. Ill have three color options and five ribbon options to choose from

Oh! And my first sale should be heading out in the mail today!

Check out my shop for doll clothes, im on moble so I can’t link but its dollanddress on etsy!


Commission sweater made for the amazing @roterwolkenvogelbjd, based on the reference photo she gave us! Who doesn’t love 80s fashion? This is made in Dollshe Fashion size, with the measurements she gave us.

Find us on Etsy as #MusumeOkasan:

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Emerald, my Soom Breccia by Squishdellia


The miniature journey continues!

I wanted to make an entire bedroom scene, but given how I take photos… decided to split it into several different scenes so as to not overwhelm the viewer :)

This scene is focused on a mini clothes rack where you’d hang your clothes and put any used pieces in the laundry basket. Admittedly, the laundry bag turned out a little more festive than anticipated, but I wouldn’t mind owning one irl if I came across something similar.

Everything is handmade (including Grumpy Mcgrumpface) and the framed print is actually up for sale in my etsy. It’s a copy of an original gouache painting I did featuring some Canadiana, and a larger version for real-sized walls should be available fairly shortly as well.


Smart Doll Teal Capri Pants by Squishdellia
Via Flickr:
Prototype done for the teal capri style pants for Smart Doll. I’ll have 3 available. Now that I have designed the 4 main Smart Doll pieces I can begin to remake everything. After timing the hours it took to make each piece, it’s going to take me around a month to get everything ready for sale.


Meet Hijarbie, The Mini Hijab-Wearing Fashionista

24-year-old Haneefah Adam of Nigeria, wasn’t seeing any Barbies dressed in the same way she did — wearing modest clothing that covers the body. So she started an Instagram  account, called Hijarbie where she showcases Barbie in a variety of hand-sewn modest outfits and hijabs.

“I want to inspire the Muslim girl. It’s about having a doll that looks like her, that represents her own cultural and religious background” 

“It’s important to create a sense of value in the Muslim child, especially the girl child,” Adam told Mic. “They become more confident, more driven, they believe more in themselves, which leads to an appreciation of herself and her modest lifestyle and upbringing. Instead of dressing up her dolls in clothes she wouldn’t wear, hijabifying it will create a sense of belonging and hopefully make a positive impact." 

Final demo!  This one is the sleeveless version of the dress that can be worn over or under a blouse, pinafore-style paired with a bell-sleeved jacket with a mandarin collar.  Also a different underskirt from previous versions: more A line so the line of the dress is smoother (both underskirts will be included, too)

Pattern will be available this Friday :)  Earlier for subscribers.  And remember, you can win these dresses in the monthly giveaway, too!