Meet Hijarbie, The Mini Hijab-Wearing Fashionista

24-year-old Haneefah Adam of Nigeria, wasn’t seeing any Barbies dressed in the same way she did — wearing modest clothing that covers the body. So she started an Instagram  account, called Hijarbie where she showcases Barbie in a variety of hand-sewn modest outfits and hijabs.

“I want to inspire the Muslim girl. It’s about having a doll that looks like her, that represents her own cultural and religious background” 

“It’s important to create a sense of value in the Muslim child, especially the girl child,” Adam told Mic. “They become more confident, more driven, they believe more in themselves, which leads to an appreciation of herself and her modest lifestyle and upbringing. Instead of dressing up her dolls in clothes she wouldn’t wear, hijabifying it will create a sense of belonging and hopefully make a positive impact." 

BJD MSD Sewing Masterpost

I started gathering a list of links for sewing things for my MSDs, and I thought I might as well post it so if anyone else wants some links that aren’t dead they can also take a look It’s not complete, and I’ll probably update it more thoroughly tomorrow~

# = Includes a printable or traceable pattern for a size other than MSD
## = Includes a printable or traceable pattern specifically for MSDs
* = Includes written instructions (not just pattern picture)

Misc. Shirts Coats / Vests Shorts, Pants, Bloomers Dresses Skirts Costumes / Historical Crochet

It´s done! :D Gosh, finally, haha! After about 150 hours of embroidering(and a little bit of sewing xD), countless leafs and vines and 9 skeins of embroidery thread, Dagmars handembroidered coat is done! :D Now, on to the skirt! 8D ..which will of course be handembroidered too, did you expect anything different? ;)

The coat is made from black linen, handembroidered with cotton thread :)


Just Finished!

Just finished this custom Red Riding Hood outfit based on the design by My Oppa :)

I’m so in love with this design! <3 The simpler version (last photos) is available for pre-order in the shop


Monster High
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Oh tristastrange03 I could write a love letter to your beautiful work. Here is my new Gloom and Bloom Lorna, who I commissioned Trista for. She does sewing commissions here.

I’m over the moon for this outfit, it’s just so perfect. She even managed to make tiny jewelry for her, and those weird hair puff things. Eeeeee! <3<3<3<3 !!!!

Now I have a perfect lake child. 


Bumblebee’s torso is essentially the same height as MH/EAH, but her legs are super leggy. The shirt fits MH/EAH quite well as a baggy shirt, but the pants swim around the dolls. Since Bumble’s feet don’t have such a drastic arch, the shoes fit at an odd angle. They’ll work, but just remember the angle. 


Just Finished!

Just finished this custom “Forbitten Love” ‪#‎Draculaura‬ outfit for the 17" Draculaura doll, in my style :) I’ve always loved this Monster High outfit. It’s been my favorite since it first came out. ^_^ I’m so happy that I got to recreate it for the 17" Ghoul :)

This outfit features custom printed fabric and machine embroidery. I really love this style of skirt and plan on making it in different colors ^_^



Robecca’s got Steam!

Have another photoset of one of my dollies. I love her pure, innocent faceup. Her stunning victorian dress can be found here (out of stock, unfortunately).
I painted her accessoires and jewellery by myself using acrylic paint and satin varnish. Her necklace is taken from Maddie Hatter’s first wave outfit, by the way.

As always: hope you like her as much as I do! ♥<(^o^<)



I’m cleaning out my parents basement [Going on a year now, as it is a seemingly endless task.] and I’m finding all sorts of stuff.  Like these cut outs from a Jem and the Holograms fashion pack that I had as a kid.  I know I had Sophisticated Lady because I’ve found part of it but still no sight of my Jem doll, but I’m sure she’s in here somewhere.


Some new accessories I customized recently :-) 
As you can see - I am in Steampunk phase… again! ;-) 

From the top:
- baroque inspired set, decorated with feathers and rhinestones
- hand sculpted by me steampunk boots with actual watch gears
- EAH Epic Winter inspired Monster High skate set
- another steampunk set with watch gears