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AU Meme: You’re dating Ethan Part 2

Part 1

Yayy! You guys wanted more Imagines with Ethan and I finally got to do something. Hope you enjoy! :) Leave me comments and feedback if you did, I love reading you guys responses so much <3




Dolan Twins AU: Ethan makes fun of Grayson for being whipped

I know, I know, another one with Grayson. I made this a while back and just found it again so I decided to post it. I hope I’ll be able to make one about Ethan soon :)  



[PART 1] It’s your birthday So, Grayson and Ethan are competing with each other on who bakes the better birthday cake for you. 

[Part 2]

p/s this was requested by a lovely anon a week ago and I completely forgot, I’m sorry. I made this in a rush and its pretty bad. sorry again bout that mate.


anonymous asked:

can you do an imagine with Grayson and he’s super duper over protective OR can you do one where you go out without him and you get hurt and he comes to save the day or something idk !

 .a/n: hope you enjoy :)))

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Grayson was watching you from a distance arms crossed and jaw clenched. You two were currently at a party and you were dancing with a girl friends. Grayson was not the only person watching you though, your ex was there looking at you and talking about you. Gray overheard him talking ‘bout how you’re going to be in his bed by the end of the night. He’s holding himself back from going to your ex and punching the living shit out of him but he didn’t ruin your night. You were oblivious to the whole situation and you glanced at your tall boyfriend smiling and sent him a sweet smle.

Grayson made his way towards you, grabbing you by the waist until your back hit chest and started leaving kisses on your neck making you let out a small moan. “Grayson ,stop people are looking” you said letting out another moan as he made is way down your neck. “Good, they need to know that you’re mine”


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Surprise date

Flirty friends

➸ He takes care of you

➸ Bruises

➸ Affection {smut}

➸ Nervous

➸ You’re something special

➸ Just the way you are 

➸ Your first time {smut}

➸ Dinner date {smut}

➸ You’re insecure

➸ You only live once

➸ Unexpected

➸ More than friends {smut}

➸ Sex with Grayson (would include)

➸ Not about angels

A special note

Traveling around the world (would include)

➸ It’s my pleasure {smut}

Earned it {smut}

➸ Daddy kink with Grayson (would include)

Crushin’ on you

Need some help? {smut}


➼ You find out you’re pregnant


He saves you

Flirty friends

He takes care of you

No matter what

Without a doubt

➸ Sex with Ethan (would include)

Our little secret {smut}

➸ Haunted


Dating in high school (would include)


➸ Daddy kink with Ethan (would include)

Up to no good

➼ Right there {smut}

➼ Your first time {smut}

Wedding night {smut}

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Dolan Twins AU: Grayson has a crush on you

(Y/D/N = your date’s name)

Imagine: You’re a little late when you meet your Friends Grayson and Ethan. You originally wanted to help them film a video, but the fact that you’re dating somebody seems to be more interesting to the two and you have no idea why. 

Something for the Dolan girls, finally :) I hope you enjoy :)