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AU Meme: You’re dating Ethan Part 2

Part 1

Yayy! You guys wanted more Imagines with Ethan and I finally got to do something. Hope you enjoy! :) Leave me comments and feedback if you did, I love reading you guys responses so much <3

Grayson Trying to Flirt with You Would Include...

• that thing when guys rub the back of their neck when they’re nervous (!!!!! I love this. It’s so sexy)

• not making eye contact with you

• stumbling over his words

• nervous laughter

• using cheesy pick up lines to hear you laugh

• when using said pick up lines, he’d mess them up. No doubt

• blush staining his cheeks and him running his hand down his face trying to hide the blushing

• him finally just straight up telling you that you’re drop dead gorgeous

• when you agree to go out with him, he would literally freak out in disbelief

• hugging you so tightly after you agree

• saying thank you literally four hundred times

• him getting your number with the biggest smile on his face

• lots of muttering under his breath - things like “I can’t believe it”, “she’s so beautiful”, etc.

• skipping away because he’s so happy



Dolan Twins AU: Ethan makes fun of Grayson for being whipped

I know, I know, another one with Grayson. I made this a while back and just found it again so I decided to post it. I hope I’ll be able to make one about Ethan soon :)  


His Pet Names For You// Ethan Dolan

(not my gif)

Summary: Just a few pet names I definitely imagine Ethan calling his significant other.

Warnings: A bit of swearing and mentions of sex, not too much into detail most of this is fluffy anyway.

A/N: Just wanted to thank everyone for their feedback on Grayson’s version of this. I’m so glad you all enjoyed that one and I hope you enjoy this one too 😊. 


  • ok lets get something straight 
  • once you start dating him 
  • you no longer have a name because this is what he’s MOSTLY gonna call you 
  • “Babe, can you help me set up the camera”
  • “Babe, do you know where I put my phone?” 
  • if he ever refers to you he always uses babe 
  • sometimes he cuts it short 
  • “My bae is on her way” 
  • “Love you bae” 
  • babe is just something he’ll call you on a daily basis 


  • this ones cute asf 
  • he’d start calling you queen a little bit deeper in you relationship 
  • (specifically after you both say I love you for the first time)
  • he’s just so whipped for you and is all about you 
  • “Wow queen, you’re so beautiful” 
  • always hyping you up on Instagram with the nickname 
  • “You’re my queen”  
  • (bonus) if you were shorter than him he’d call you “Little Queen”
  • you bet your ass he’d have you as “My Queen 💞 👑” as his contact list


  • to Ethan you’d always look gorgeous so he’d call you this a lot
  • he’d greet you with this name 
  • Using “Hey gorgeous” or “How you doing gorgeous” 
  • This is also something he’d use to compliment you with 
  • “Wow gorgeous, you look amazing” 
  • “Gorgeous did you buy a new perfume, you smell amazing” 
  • he’d also use the name to get you to run small errands for him  
  • “Gorgeous, can you do me the biggest favor and buy a really big watermelon from the grocery store”
  • “Wait why a watermelon?  
  • “It’s for Tuesdays video, please gorgeous.” 


  • oK jUsT LiSTen 
  • Ethan would call you this when he was in a cuddly mood  
  • “Precious come over here, I wanna hold you”
  • he’d definitely call you this when he was tired and clingy
  • but like imagine Ethan’s deep and raspy voice calling you this 
  • “Precious come nap with me”
  • Ethan would so use this to get attention 
  • “Precious please come to bed with me”
  • “Ethan Iet me finish my studies and then we could snuggle”
  • “Precious pleaseee”
  • just something soft to call you when he’s feeling soft 


  • Everybody knows Ethan’s got a daddy kink (not really hardcore, but he’s got one)
  • He’s such a damn tease using this name 
  • “I need you so bad right now kitten” 
  • he’d moan this into your mouth as you both made out 
  • “you like that kitten? come on tell me how good it feels”
  • “that’s it, let me hear you scream kitten.” 
  • yooo, him whimpering it out as his hands roam your entire figure 
  • yUP i’m done 
  • after sex he’d be so soft 
  • Kissing the top of your head while he holds your hand and the other is caressing your cheek 
  • “I love you so much kitten” 


  • Ethan definitely has this sense of humor where he likes to tease 
  • This particular nickname is how he teases you 
  • He’d call you this when you’re in any attire 
  • Pretending he doesn’t know you in public and trying to pick you up 
  • “Hey hot stuff, how you doing”
  • “Ethan knock it off”
  • Calling you this whenever you bend over or you’re wearing something that shows off your curves more
  • “DAMN, look at you hot stuff” 
  • Hitting him or throwing something at him playfully every time he does so 


  • this one’s my favorite
  • Ethan would call you this once he’s figured out that he’s always gonna be by your side 
  • Something sweet he’d call you when’s he’s feeling sentimental 
  • using this when you guys go out on adventures at 3 am 
  • “Love let’s go hike up on that mountain and watch the sunrise” 
  • Just pure adoration in his eyes when he calls you this. 
  • “Love you are everything to me, thank you for walking into my life” 
Dentist Visit (grayson/reader)

requested by @stydiascreams

basically what the title says :-)

You sighed as Grayson once again began fidgeting, “Stop moving so much,” You hissed at the boy sat next to you.

He gripped your hand as he spoke, “I’m sorry, i’m just nervous! I’ve never been put to sleep for anything before.”

Grayson had dragged you to the dentist office with him for support as he got his wisdom teeth taken out and Ethan just tagged along to record his brother.

“You’re gonna be fine, man. And plus, hopefully we’ll get some good footage of loopy Grayson for the video.” Ethan smirked as his twins rolled his eyes.

The nurse called Gray in which meant you and Ethan were to wait an hour till he was done. For some reason you were nervous for him, you hoped he wasn’t too wild after like Ethan was. That was hilarious, crazy, but hilarious.


“Hey buddy…” Ethan chuckled as you two eyed the other twin who seemed oddly calm.

Grayson smiled back at you two before explaining that he took a nap and was feeling comfortable in the weird position he sat in.

A few calm moments passed before he started acting up. 

Hey! Look over there!” Grayson shouted as he pointed to the wall before throwing his blood soaked gauze at his twin.

“Dude, no!” Ethan cried as the cloth landed in front of him.

You tried to stifle your laughter as he glared at you, “Not funny.” He deadpanned. 

“Get me new ones.” Your boyfriend smirked at his brother who walked out to find a nurse, leaving you holding the camera.

You stared at your loopy boyfriend, admiring how even with puffed up cheeks and bloody lips he still looked like the cutest thing.

“Hey baby,” He grinned as the nurse came in to replace the gauze he previously threw at his brother.

You huffed as he leaned on you, this boy must’ve thought he weighed nothing.

“Gray, you gotta walk on your own more!” You whined as you shifted, trying not to fall over.

“I am!” He retorted, leaning on you even more.

Ethan laughed loudly as he filmed you two, claiming that it was much more entertaining to watch you struggle than to help.

“You’re sitting in the back with him.” Ethan declared as he slid into the drivers seat.

You rolled your eyes as Grayson ‘cannonballed’ into the car, severely missing the seat and landing on the floor.

With him buckled in and somewhat calm, Ethan started the drive to their house. Grayson insisted on having the radio full blast because he just wanted to ‘bump’.

“He’s not mad, that’s dissipointing.” Ethan pouted as Grayson rested his head against the window.

You chuckled, staring at your swollen boyfriend as he began to mumble under his breath.

“What’s that, Gray?” You questioned.

He sighed, “Why am I single?” Ethan gave you a look as his twin continued talking, “I guess there’s nobody that likes me..” He trailed off as he fiddled with his hands.

You frowned as you listened, “I’m your girlfriend baby and I like you. A lot.”

The grin on his face was almost comical, “What? You are?”

Ethan stifled his laughter as Grayson basically lunged at you, messily wrapping his arms around your shoulders.

Nodding, you giggled, “Yeah, for like a year now. How much did that medicine mess you up?”

“Do i get you pizza? And flowers?” He stared at you with big eyes as he spoke.

You hummed, “All the time, we had a pizza date the other day and you took me roses. My favorites.”

Grayson smirked, “I’m a good boyfriend, huh?”

“The best.” You declared before pecking his cheek.

That made him turn a light shade of pink which you thought was absolutely adorable.

“Okay, i love you,” He mumbled before laying his head on your shoulder, eyes closed.

You intertwined your hands before replying, “I love you too, baby.”

Ethan scrunched up his face as he drove, “Gross.”

I know this is so basic but this is Traveling with the Twins!! Song is “Sun Models” by ODESZA 

Hope you enjoy :)

none of these clips are mine

Clingy (grayson/reader)

requested by anons

gray becomes really clingy when he’s stressed and ethan makes fun of him (i suck @ summaries let me live)

a/n: i put two prompts together bc they fit :-)

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making out with Ethan would include....

requested: yes

anon: making out with ethan would include???? tysm

⇉ make out sessions with him would probably start with one quick kiss, and then turn into something more

⇉ lots of lip biting

⇉ him mumbling i love you between kisses

⇉ pulling on his hair

⇉ lots of giggles

⇉ butt squeezes

⇉ hickeys everywhere !!!

⇉ which would probably make you squeal

⇉ “god you’re so beautiful,”

⇉ tracing his jaw with kisses

⇉ running your hands over his abs

⇉ him squeezing your boobs

⇉ watching his face go red when you moan at first but then he’d get more confident knowing you were enjoying as much as he was.

⇉ make out sessions with ethan would probably be super fast pace

⇉ him eagerly slipping your shirt off to see you in your bra

⇉ him not being able to get enough of you

⇉ him pulling away for a second just to examine your face and call you beautiful for the millionth time

a/n – LOL this was requested forever ago. i hope it was good lmao i tried