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Joshifer Daily Reminder: Josh likes to thrusts his hips when he’s around Jen.  Furthermore, Josh frequently likes to poke at Jen’s lady parts.  

So you tell me, how often does this happen?  We got lucky and the two times Josh thrust his hips at Jen just happened to be recorded?  Or is this a regular occurrence?  

How many times has your coworker poked your bahina?  Platonically of course. Is that even possible?  Mmhmm.  Nothing to see here. 


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Hi tumblr family. I’ve been mia for awhile. The last few weeks have been so busy with the holidays and work. I hit Onederland! Eeeeep. I’m 196.3 as of today. I feel like I can finally see my body changes. It’s crazy how in my mind I’m sill that 275 pound girl but I’ve been working on that. I still struggle with confidence and self worth every day. My brain needs to catch up that this is really happening. How is everyone else’s journey going? Also if I don’t start working out more regularly I’m going to be really really mad at myself.

Fake Dating

A/N:  The fake dating cliche is something that I not-so-secretly enjoy.  A lot.  So here’s my version. :)

“I don’t know, Lily,” James sighed, scratching the back of his head. “It seems kind of risky, doesn’t it?”

Lily laughed.  He hated it when she did that, because it made his heart beat just a bit faster. “Since when were you the cautious one?  You’re practically the poster child for risky business.  I thought you would’ve been all for this.”

James put his cup of tea down on the table and shook his head.  She had called him an hour before to ask him to come over to her flat, and when Lily Evans called, James Potter always answered.  He’d had no idea that she would want to suggest something like this, and now he was trying to talk her out of it.

“It just isn’t… realistic, you know?” he said after a moment of silence. “I don’t think any of my friends would buy it, and yours definitely wouldn’t.”

“Yeah, but they’re not going to find out!” Lily argued. “Come on, James, it’s just for a weekend, and you don’t even have to hold my hand if you don’t want to.”

He laughed weakly, trying not to think about how much he actually wanted to hold her hand. “That’s not the issue.  I’m just not sure that you’ve thought this through enough.”

“Ugggh,” she groaned, throwing one of the couch pillows at him. “When did you become a grown up?  You don’t ever think anything through!”

“Yeah, well, maybe I’ve changed!” he retorted, tossing the pillow back at her. “Attending university really makes you rethink some of your previous life choices.”

Lily rolled her eyes. “Whatever, James.  But seriously, I need you to do this for me.”

“Why, though?  Your sister’s getting married, big deal.”

“Under normal circumstances, I would agree that it isn’t such a big deal, especially since Vernon Dursley is a fat, sexist walrus. However, I may have already…” Her voice trailed off and James leaned towards her.

“Already what?”

“I may have already told her that Ihaveaboyfriend.”  

His laugh was genuine this time. “You didn’t! Why would you do something like that?”

“I don’t know!” she moaned. “She’s always talking about Vernon and how great he is, and saying that it’s such a pity that I haven’t found a man like him.  And last week I just snapped and started making things up.”

“And I was the only person you could think of?” James asked incredulously. “What about Sirius, the handsome one?  Or Remus, the smart one?”

“Sirius has a motorbike,” Lily scoffed. “Besides, Petunia would never believe that I would date someone who wears leather on a regular basis.  And Remus would’ve been ideal, actually, but Petunia’s met him before.  And she knows that he’s in love with Sirius.  So you were the only option, really.”

“Ah, but you forgot Peter,” he pointed out. “What’s wrong with the Cheddar Meister?”

“The fact that you call him the Cheddar Meister, for one.  For another, Vernon went to university, and Peter isn’t even considering it.  I needed a college man, and you were the first one that came to mind.”

“Yeah, because my list of accomplishments is so long and substantial.  University, wow.  I’ve done so much.”

“Oh stop being sarcastic,” Lily nudged him. “You’ve played football for years, you’ve been the captain of your league since last season, and you’re majoring in law enforcement.  It all sounds very impressive, in theory.  Petunia seemed impressed when I told her.”

“So glad to have your sister’s approval,” he muttered.

“Yeah, actually it’s pretty good, because maybe she won’t hate you when she meets you,” she shot back. “Are you in, or aren’t you?”

Her green eyes bored into his, and the way her hair caught the light was incredible.  James could feel himself giving in, just as he always did when Lily begged him for help on one of his schemes. “Wait a moment, Evans.  If you’re going to ask me, make sure you do it properly.” He stuck his nose up in the air. “Because I’m worth it.”

“Well, alright,” she said, getting down on one knee and taking his hand. “James Potter, will you fake-date me for a whole weekend and allow me to show you off to my sister and her atrocious wedding guests?”

He grinned. “When you put it that way, how could I resist?”


“Are you sure you know what to say?” Lily asked, wringing her hands.  It was the weekend of the wedding, and she and James were about to check into the posh hotel that Petunia had chosen for the venue.

“Yes, I’m sure.  We’ve got everything covered—a plausible backstory, a collection of stereotypical memories—I mean, what more do we really need?” James asked, lifting their suitcases out of his car.

“I think we’ll be sharing a room,” she said nervously, her eyes wide. “I might’ve told Petunia…”

James groaned. “You told her that we were doing it?”

“Yes!  I wasn’t thinking!” Lily shouted, startling a nearby flock of pigeons. “And I’m sure that if I had been thinking at the time, I would’ve chosen a boy who doesn’t refer to having sex as ‘doing it.’”

“Yeah, well.  It’s all the same thing,” James mumbled. “Are we actually going to go inside, or are we going to stand out here in this car park for the whole weekend?”

“No, let’s go inside.”  She grabbed her suitcase from him and strode towards the hotel. He had to walk very quickly to catch up with her.

“Whoa, slow down, tiger.  And shouldn’t I carry your suitcase, since we are dating and all?”

She slapped him on the arm. “No, you git.  I don’t need your chivalry right now.”

“Alright,” he said, and they walked in silence up to the door of the hotel.  He graciously held the door for Lily, chuckling as she muttered about being capable of opening her own doors.

However, when they stood side by side, staring at the lavish interior of the lobby, he felt her hand slip gently into his.

“Evans, I thought you said I didn’t have to hold your hand,” he whispered to her.

“Shut up, Potter.”



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