Going Nose-to-Nose with @thedogist’s Furry Portraits

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Elias Weiss Friedman (@thedogist) is doing what he does best at the #WKCDogShow: photographing dogs on their own terms. “I wear kneepads underneath my pants, which makes getting on their level comfortable,” he says. “I’m looking for something that stands out — a funny outfit, a funny haircut, a rare breed.” A former brand strategist, Elias now walks New York City streets with a tennis ball and treats, and a lens wipe for slobber in his back pocket. He doesn’t have a pup of his own yet, but his charity, Give a Dog a Bone, helps shelter dogs find homes. “I think every dog deserves recognition.”

Congratulations to the Skye Terrier, Charlie, who won the National Dog Show today!

The Skye Terrier is a 30-40 pound hunting dog from Scotland. They were originally bred to hunt fox, badger, and otter. They can be great obedience, agility, tracking, and/or pet therapy dogs, as well as lovable companions. Their ears can be droopy, or pricked, while their long coats can be black, blue, cream, fawn, grey, platinum, or silver. 

In the 19th century, Skye Terriers were the most popular breed to have in Scotland, but now rank 171 out of the 178 most popular breeds (in the US). They are also at risk for extinction, with only 49 new puppies registered last year. This even tempered dog has an average amount of energy, is good with kids and other pets, but requires daily grooming to keep their coat mat free.


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