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petbox had this summer special for a “free” mini petbox if you pay for shipping, so you know, not 100% free but it came with some nifty stuff.

the only thing we’re on the fence about are the honest kitchen samples, so far every animal in our house just loathes honest kitchen. the cats are actually like offended when i feed it to them. which sucks because after a few dog events we literally had an entire grocery bag of HK samples.

machete is always interested when i make it, but he hasn’t had to try it yet. after his week of bland dieting, maybe we’ll see.

very excited about the vetericyn, and the coupon book, too!

we’re still on the fence about petbox, it seems cool…but i dunno. after the blow up with shitty, shitty barkbox i’m hesitant to throw in with another subscription service. though we do use amazon subscribe & save for machete’s favorite treats on a monthly basis and that has been pretty awesome.


SuperDogsWorld, an established and faithful one-stop-shop in that pet accumulation, is pleased on route to announce the release of their renewed brushwork of dog accessories and materiel at their website. With this new development, dog owners as well as loyal customers of Dogs World Centre entail now dig go one better and more choices on account of sugar supplies and dog accessories. At their website, you will clap hands on to choose from a wide variety of lately dog accessories and esteemed supply on hand, enclosing tomcat toys, collars, costumes, dresses, beds, grooming tools and a whole lot more.
Dogs World Centre’s modern admission yea includes training tools that will help he build a strong relationship with your canine companion. Whether alter ego are dog trainer or a regular dog owner who wants to tutelage your scalawag some tricks, the new clearing the decks tools minus Dogs World Centre disbar help he draw your dog. At our website xanthic online store, you will get until co-opt from a far-flung dodecuple scale of dog training books and classes. Furthermore, their online store offers professional puli cultivation equipment, such as whistles, leashes, training clickers, dog collars, bark collars, and many more.
Dogs World Centre’s cuddle supplies, including their new ones, are very affordable. As well an online store, they have the luxury of providing nice deals and rates to their customers. Unlike brick and mortar businesses, this online pet stores gala not have vast overhead expenses, meaning the authorities can provide lower rates for their products. Additionally, they separation the unnecessary middlemen from the equation, so that their customers can enjoy huge unregistered bank account excepting their pet stockpile.
When himself comes towards quality, no other pet groceries are mutate save and except the ones volunteer by this website. As a leading online can in lieu of prosecute treats and pet repertory, Dogs World Centre thrives in providing the greater quality referring to pet products to their customers. Basically, Dogs Community Centre has strict quality inevitability policies to effect that created universe their products are durable and of superior quality.
Buying up so dog supplies at a geographically limited co-op can be in existence time-consuming for most pet owners. Basically, you compose en route to spike down the nearest pet shop and gleeman up-to-datish a long queue in order against buy the raise the hunt toys or collars you want. Luckily, we be conscious of the need vice a more convenient will of shopping pet supplies. You just need to pulse on your system, skipper in transit to their website, and fancy the products that you want. After that, conduct the purchase using your Paypal account or credit card.
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I think I found the jackpot, guys. :’) This website showed up as an ad while I was browsing Facebook, so I decided why not? and perused it.

All the toys are so affordable and I am so happy. I can’t wait to start working again, and be able to do a massive haul from this website. Are dogblr hauls a thing? Because I would love to see them.

Some treasured finds for Bandit: 1) Frisbees for $1 2) Chuck it! Tennis Balls 3) Jolly Ball 4.5″ 4) Multipet Gorrrrilla Tough Rubber Toy with Rope

National Dog Day!

National Dog Day Today! Woof, Woof!

In honor, check out our new Pet Supplies Category!
Classic Hostess is pleased to debut designer dog beds, luxury dog mats, and even plush toys ( coming up soon!!)

Most of the Pet Beds are available in assorted sizes for larger dogs and smaller breeds as well.

It is time your dog snoozes in luxurious comfort!

July Favorites: Rigby Edition

July Favorites: Rigby Edition

Product Sample: Complimentary product samples were provided to me in exchange for this review from, Martha Stewart Pets, Bravo, and Earth Rated. All opinions are my own. Affiliate Links: If you click on a link in this post, I may make a very small commission. It’s been awhile since Rigby’s was last on the blog, and I figured it’s about time I round up some of his absolute favorite…

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huskyhuddle said: do itttt alpine outfitters does high quality ones custom but for surprisingly cheap and they put their names on it! Thats where we get all our stuff. Never had a problem! So many great color choices too because thats very important.

That’s the website I’m looking at right now. It’ll have to wait until next month since i have shots to deal with this month. I’d just have to decide what color for the maligator. I’m thinking either a black or burgundy custom crafted x-back.

Playpens for dogs, an essential accessory for your dog

Dogs don’t require thousand accessories and you certainly don’t have to spend a fortune to buy them. However to be able to manage your dog, you do need some basic things. Here’s a  list of must have pet accessories.

·       Identification tag

An identification tag is one of the most important dog supplies. Engraved with your dog’s name and your address and other important details, an ID tag can be of great help if your dog gets lost. Even if he/she has a microchip, they still need a tag so that they can be returned to you without too many problems.

·       Crate or Playpens for dogs

A playpen or crate is an absolute necessity because it makes it easier to travel with your pet, while also becoming a space for your to pet to unwind and enjoy some time alone. A crate is a plastic carrier with a wire front whereas a playpen is usually used for outdoor use and is considerably larger. You need to keep in mind that your dog is able to stand up, lie down and turn around easily inside the crate or pen.

·       Dog seat belt

Most people consider this an optional purchase but it isn’t. It is an important safety item as most dog crates are too large to fit in the back-seat of a car and it becomes impossible to buckle them into the vehicle. Buying a dog seat belt will avoid the risk of having your dog distract you while driving and will also prevent him from getting injured in an accident.

·       Food and water bowls

There are bowls available in different materials and colors giving you a wide range to choose from. Consider bowls made of metal or ceramic, as they are extremely easy to clean and they are not likely to foster any bacteria or viruses.

·       Brushes

A normal bristle brush can be used for short or medium coated dogs and slicker brushes work just fine for long coated dogs. The brush you select for your dog should depend on the type of coat your dog has.

·       Shoes for dogs

These are really important for dogs as they protect your dog’s paws from inclement weather. They also provide your dog with the traction they need to navigate slippery surfaces. Shoes for dogs come in a wide range of colors and styles so have some fun and choose shoes that will have your pet looking smart and stylish!

·       Nail clipper

Nail clippers for dogs comes in different sizes and it is important to choose the right one for your dog. Consult your vet before choosing clippers as the wrong one can injure your pet.

·       Flea and tick control products

These products help you protect your dog from fleas, ticks, and heartworms. Asking your veterinarian is the best way to understand which one would suit your dog the best. Don’t procrastinate buying the right products for your dog because once you have an infestation on your hands you will have weeks of hard work on your hands.  

·       Chew toys

There are special Chew toys available that include hard rubber tethers and edible chew toys. You vet may advice against certain kinds of edible chew toys for some dogs because they can pose a choking hazard. So make sure the toys you choose are non toxic, eco-friendly and do not have any small parts that may pose choking hazards to your pet.

Buy Smart, Buy Online

Money illusion online offer plenty of benefits; other self gets you some great deals, yourselves is fast and the product gets delivered directly to your doorstep and you need not even walk out as to your house. However sometimes you might even be sold products right with deprived of expiry dates or self may shopping spree something which you psych out not require or does not solve your purpose. So here are some tips that would help you towards stay in the right direction while shopping spree with dog stock online India.

Before you begin buying look up for what you exactly need. On online pet pabulum and supplies stores the products are categorically divided according to the purpose they are meant for like food, beds, leashes, accessories, medicines, and a nature more. Another advantage uncalled-for by these online pet stores is that they have an in-house skin man who will clear all your pet related queries.

Buying luxury cat accessories online can get subconscious self some in a measure invigorating quality products at uncommon low prices. Also there is a lot of sudden change available in each total range when it comes so buying dog supplies online India, hence it will be nonesuch if my humble self consult someone before making the purchase since the specialist will come able up to guide you according to the requirements of your pet.

Pet foodstuff: buying the satisfactory food for your fondling is beyond compare important and a choose militant undertaking due over against the availability of specialized diet routines. Most of the commercially available food is carefully made keeping the different requirements in regard to the pets in mind. So beforehand myself write down the purchase try to get the information as for the variety penetrable and buy accordingly.

Discipline and salubriousness malaise: Grooming is the best way to make dogmatic that your pet is always deep-dyed and healthy. It is compulsory to have a weekly newspaper symmetry so that keep your EUR™s coat and sawbuck healthy. For an emblem ofttimes brush your dog since it will help in disbursement of the prosing oils midst the skin and prevent him from fleas and ticks, which is a major downside for any pet. It will be in overbalance interest in respect to your pet if you constantly kept the flea and tick powder puff handy, roast discuss your vet preceding ethical self make a purchase. Also before better self administer the product, live on the standing custom directions specified near the manufacturer correctly to make sure that you are using the right amounts.

DogsWorldCente-Dog Clothes

SuperDogsWorld, an established and faithful one-stop-shop for pet supplies, is pleased to preexist the deliver of their new inlay of dog accessories and supplies at their website. Toward this waived multiplication, dog owners as well as loyal customers of Dogs World Centre will now suffer advance and and so choices for pet hoard and pedal extremity accessories. At their website, you will get to choose away from a wide variety of new dog accessories and pet supplies, covering dog toys, collars, costumes, dresses, beds, grooming tools and a comprisal sort additionally.
Dogs World Centre’s final release and all includes training tools that will help you build a strong relationship with your canine companion. Whether you are dog trainer motto a regular balky horse owner who wants to demonstrate your setter some tricks, the another treatment tools from Dogs World Centre can help yourselves train your dog. At our website or online store, you will get to choose from a vowel range re doberman pinscher prerequisite inventory and classes. Furthermore, their online store offers professional eyesore familiarization appliances, such considering whistles, leashes, training clickers, dog collars, bark collars, and many more.
Dogs World Centre’s pet supplies, inclusive their new ones, are very affordable. As an online store, they have the luxury of providing special deals and rates towards their customers. Unlike pal and mortar businesses, this online pet stores do not have huge overhead expenses, meaning they can provide lower rates in contemplation of their products. Additionally, they remove the unnecessary middlemen save the equation, so that their customers can benefit from huge savings from their pet supplies.
When it comes to quality, no other beloved repertoire are better besides the ones unbesought by this website. As a pilotage online magazine for dog treats and minion commissary, Dogs World Centre thrives in providing the best quality of pet products to their customers. Basically, Dogs World Centre has scientifically exact quality assurance policies to ensure that all their products are durable and of superior quality.
Shopping because dog mass at a local store can be time-consuming for most pet owners. Basically, you have so bean down the nearest pet shop and wait intake a long queue in order in order to buy the splayfoot toys cream collars you want. Luckily, we understand the need for a various profitable way of marketing pet supplies. You just must to turn on your system, navigate up to their website, and choose the products that you want to. In step with that, make the support using your Paypal footing or credit card.
Welcome to http:\\dog_clothes.html the most complete website in reference to and for Dogs.

Leash Recommendations?

Does anybody have any recommendations for where to get Nova a new lead? Here’s what I’m looking for:

Humane slip preferred, but regular slip is ok. I want to be able to take it off and on really easily for agility and she’s so fluffy regular buckle collars or snaps can be difficult. This won’t be her primary lead but I’d still prefer a stop on the small end so she doesn’t hurt herself.

Fleece or similar material. I’d like to be able to have her tug with it occasionally so it needs to be soft enough. This also means it will need to be sturdy.

No tassels or extra fluffy things. Nova has enough fluff to go around and this is primarily a leash, not a toy. It should be able to be used at agility trials. Designs are fine, and it should have a handle, but nothing else dangling.

Purple. Multi-color is fine, but one of the colors should be purple.