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THE HOLY GRAIL of Dog Owners- a more or less Dog Proof Trash Can

OMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH guys I could not wait to tell you all about this thing.

Rory is a dumpster diving stray trash poodle so I had to find a better can to keep him out of bad stuff. My brother said, “Oh just get one like mine it’s steel and heavy, and its got a pedal you have to push to make it open or it won’t open.” 

Which is fine for his labs… but it would take hunter-seeker-Trash-wolfhound Rory the Malamute about ONE DAY to figure out Press Here To Receive Trash.

Enter this thing.

The brand is simplehuman and I got mine at Bed Bath and Beyond. It is a trash can that has a lock on it

so when it is locked, no amount of stomping on the lid pedal will open the can.

You really do need human fingers to get your hand under the lock and disengage it.

YMMV: obviously, if you have a dog who can/will buzzsaw through the tough, smoothly curved, hard-to-grip outer shell, or you have a hand issue like Ehlers-Danlos or arthritis that makes the lock a problem for you, this may not be your lifesaver but I had to tell you in case it’d be the lifesaver for some of you that it is for me.

Leash Recommendations?

Does anybody have any recommendations for where to get Nova a new lead? Here’s what I’m looking for:

Humane slip preferred, but regular slip is ok. I want to be able to take it off and on really easily for agility and she’s so fluffy regular buckle collars or snaps can be difficult. This won’t be her primary lead but I’d still prefer a stop on the small end so she doesn’t hurt herself.

Fleece or similar material. I’d like to be able to have her tug with it occasionally so it needs to be soft enough. This also means it will need to be sturdy.

No tassels or extra fluffy things. Nova has enough fluff to go around and this is primarily a leash, not a toy. It should be able to be used at agility trials. Designs are fine, and it should have a handle, but nothing else dangling.

Purple. Multi-color is fine, but one of the colors should be purple.



petbox had this summer special for a “free” mini petbox if you pay for shipping, so you know, not 100% free but it came with some nifty stuff.

the only thing we’re on the fence about are the honest kitchen samples, so far every animal in our house just loathes honest kitchen. the cats are actually like offended when i feed it to them. which sucks because after a few dog events we literally had an entire grocery bag of HK samples.

machete is always interested when i make it, but he hasn’t had to try it yet. after his week of bland dieting, maybe we’ll see.

very excited about the vetericyn, and the coupon book, too!

we’re still on the fence about petbox, it seems cool…but i dunno. after the blow up with shitty, shitty barkbox i’m hesitant to throw in with another subscription service. though we do use amazon subscribe & save for machete’s favorite treats on a monthly basis and that has been pretty awesome.