Touching Photos Show An Elephant Family That Was Nearly Torn Apart
One of the saddest things about elephants in captivity is how often mothers and babies are torn away from each other. But this lucky family escaped that fate — and their rescue was captured in a stunning series of photographs.

Fortunately, a generous donor stepped in and offered to cover the cost of transferring Apple and her little baby to the safety of the WFFT sanctuary. Rescuers arrived last week to relocate the elephants, receiving a kind greeting from the small family.

– Really heartwarming story with lots of photos. Worth taking a few minutes to read.

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ღ (Erin and John please!)

It was close to christmas, of course some dodo-idiot had put up enchanted mistletoes in just about every archway in the castle. He had been able to ditch them all for a week, but as his attention wavered just for a moment, he found himself stuck and unable to move out from underneath it. well shit! Then there were the footsteps approaching and in panich he looked at the corner where a person would come at any econd. and a person he knew well enough at that. “No! no no no no stop!” He called but too late, they were both stuck and John groaned to himself. “Great.” he muttered and frowned up at the mistletoe. “well..” he started as he looked back at her. “Get it over with.” he rolled his eyes at this whole absurde scene. “You have to kiss me now.”

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*hit by a pack of dodos righjt off the gate*

So. I have some questions. It’s kind of implied that the world of Flight Rising is like, far far off in the future after humans have died off (ok maybe not exactly our world necessarily but… it could be?). So why are there dodos. Why are the dodos so STRONG. Did people jurassic park dodos and that is why there are no humans left now? Man killed dodos once they didn’t give them another chance. U go dodos. =_=b