As I Fall Back Into Dreams

Let me return
to the faceless moment,
the faceless people speaking
nameless words,
and let me return to being
a mote of dust adrift
on a shoreless ocean of
bobbing airship traffic,
deftly dodging radio signals
while the birdmen laugh at my
wingless figure, just a mass
of ripples of other thoughts
tied together with worries,

heavier, the eyelids
droop, and the mouth of sleep
clamps down, and
as swallowed prey,
digested by the nightly
filmstrip, I am a player
on an infinite screen,
a single number in a
series of “me,”
guided by the same lighthouse
at the center of every
shoreless ocean,
converging at the hill
by my childhood home,
just in time for sunset.

Samurai Sword Gear Stick

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I’m reading my poem “The Bridge of Dracula’s Gynecologist on Career Day” from my debut collection Dodging Traffic. The collection turns four on October 22.

Final decision

HuntxMc Part 17

I know not all of you are loving the little twist here but to me it’s always seemed very unrealistic that these two could just date in secret with all of Hollywood watching… ;)

It has been two weeks since Hunt revealed his decision to me. We have barely spoken about the matter since – mostly because we almost never see each other outside of class. Even though the rumours have calmed down, we still have to be extremely careful.

I’m on my way to dinner with Addison when my phone starts ringing.

“Hey there!”

I have to raise my voice over the noise of L.A.’s traffic. While dodging a skateboarder I quickly turn up the speaker volume.

“I spoke to the dean this morning.”

Even though I’ve been expecting this I stop dead in my tracks.

“So, you’ve… quit?”

“I will leave Hollywood U at the end of the semester.”

I slide into a nearby alley and clutch my phone tightly.

“Wow. What did he say?”

“He was… surprised, to say the least. But he didn’t really try to change my mind. He must have sensed that I have made my choice.”

I swallow hard.

“I just… I still can’t believe you did this.”

“Me neither.”

Hunt takes a deep breath.

“Can I see you tonight?”

I can’t help but smile at his plea. We still haven’t really defined our relationship but we need to take our time anyway. Even when he officially leaves university we’ll have to keep our little secret for a while.

“I’m kinda booked up. Tomorrow maybe?”

“Right,” he mutters. ”I’ll let you go then.”


“And MC?”


I feel a sudden jitter in my stomach.

“Uh… never mind. I’ll see you in class.”


Today Jack and I ran the Green Bay Cellcom 5k. Normally, I’d be all gung ho for a fast time but I realized pretty quick that was just going to be a for fun run. I signed up late so we were in the last wave behind about four thousand people to include many walkers, elderly, and kids. We dodged our way through traffic and Jack loved running around the “Packers field.” We ended up running 26:42 and were awarded probably the nicest 5k medal ever. After the run I headed to the Reforestation Camp for 2.5 hrs of mountain biking on the new ride. Tons of fun out there. Love the new bike which I’ve named Elbert after the highest point in Colorado which just so happens to serve as the backdrop in the little town of Leadville. I think it’s bad luck to not have a nickname for your bike. Finished off the day with a fun trip to the park.

I get inordinately heated and competitive about stupid things sometimes.

For instance: driving home, some snap-back douche-canoe was riding everyone’s a**es and barreled up behind me at at least 80MPH and started riding my tail

So then I see him start moving over into the right lane to wiz past and like

That sh*t doesn’t fly

So I gun it to try and match with the car a bit in front of my in the right lane so I can block him (Because I have never led anyone to believe I’m not also an a**hole)


Gets kind of caught behind the guy in the left lane but he’s practically climbing over the car, he’s riding his tail so close

So I cut over to the right to match pace so he can’t pull back into the other lane and I’m sending mental ‘Don’t back down’ signals the whole time because in this singular moment, the ONE thing I don’t want is for this guy to get his way

But of course the car gets into the right lane, and the car in front of them does too and it’s like

Hhhhhhhh I hope that f*ckwit gets a ticket that’s just such a dick move


My first collection of poetry, Dodging Traffic, turns four next week. This is one of the poems from that misanthropic collection as filmed by Matt DeBenedictis.

ichxgo asked:

Doesn't really like the way that sounds. Slides you a look from the corner of his eye. "Why did you say it like that? Why would I know that?" Because you managed to make that seem a lot like a threat. Makes an unhappy sound and dodges foot traffic, wondering if maybe you just want to get under his skin.

Arches his brows a bit, briefly glancing at you, “Eh? I just thought my mood was usually pretty obvious. I’m not gonna go on a random killin’ spree. Relax, I have a little more self control than that.” Maybe not by much but still. Rolls his eyes and goes back to taking everything in. Smirks a little and, purely out of an attempt to get a reaction, offhandedly adds, “I forgot for a second how oblivious ya are.”

My newest heels can be utilized as ‘runners’ as was apparent last Sat night trying to dodge traffic dt Toronto!! Lmao – fear me!! 👠👠👠👠#muscle #nutrition #beast #beauty #beastmode #bodybuilding #lift #life #health #gym #getfit #fit #squats #swole #athletic #protein #power #toning #training #eatclean #workout #weightloss #gains #fitfam #killinIt#girlygirl

Google has updated Maps with more specific traffic alerts just in time to help you dodge Memorial Day traffic nightmares. The app can already route you around closures and other problems using crowdsourced traffic data, but now it’ll give you an explanation for why a detour is recommended with a dismiss-able card. For instance, it’ll let you know whether it’s recommending a route because it’s the fastest option, or because it helps you avoid an incident. Moreover, it’ll now give you a heads up on traffic conditions as soon as you enter your destination, telling you if its smooth sailing ahead or a cluster-you-know-what.

In the same blog post, Google also revealed trends from Memorial Day 2014. It noted that you were most likely to search for a beach or cemetery — not a surprising development on a holiday that honors people who died serving their country. Popular destinations included Carmel, CA, Long Island, NY and Santa Barbara, CA. The new app still isn’t available, but Mountain View said it would arrive before the weekend.

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Saturday 16th May 😝

Breakfast was the strangest thing, I can’t believe the Vietnamese actually eat curry & rice in the morning. I just stuck to good old toast with butter, at least I think that’s what it was, you can never be too sure really. 😕

We went back up to our room for a bit, Jess had a newcomer in her room, she’s a South African woman called Lucia, with a massive suitcase and in her late 30’s.. We think? Katie stayed in to sleep, me and Jess went out about 2 o'clock, we had a walk around the city, trying to dodge the traffic, but it’s definitely not as busy today, probably because it’s a Saturday?

We went to the Bitexco financial tower, Ho Chi Minh’s tallest sky scraper, Vietnam’s 3rd tallest building. It has a shopping centre in the first 2 floors, some offices and a pictures and food court upstairs. Then you can visit the observation deck, where you can see the whole of Ho Chi Minh City, on the 49th floor. There’s also a restaurant & bar and Vietnam’s first helipad above on the 52nd floor, it’s strong enough to hold a helicopter under 3 tonnes of weight.

We then decided to go to the pictures to see pitch perfect 2 it seems ridiculous really that we’re all the way in Vietnam and went to the pictures but, although it’s a big city, there’s not much to see here, apart from people sitting crossed legged on the floor, cooking rice and noodles, the inside market that made me want to be sick and the unbelievable life threatening traffic. So the pictures seemed like a good idea and it was until we realised that we had to meet our tour at the hotel at 6pm and the film didn’t finish until then 😳 we tried to get a taxi back but got turned away for some reason or another, I’m not quite sure.

So off we go, me and Jess running through 35 degree heat, trying not to die whilst crossing the roads, not quite sure of the way back but we managed to find it after about 20 minutes. Finally we enter the room for our tour and we’re greeted by Katie, Lucia and our tour leader, Charles. That’s it, the 5 of us, I was a bit shocked, I expected there to be more of us but on the plus side, there are more people joining us in a few weeks, which will be good I guess.

We all went out to dinner🍴 our tour leader took us to a local restaurant, I tried some noodle dish🍜 I wasn’t quite sure to be honest, but it was nice. We had a few drinks🍸 and Marc from last night met us in there, also Jess’s friend Jacob is working in Vietnam as an English teacher met us with his friend Lance, Lucia and Charles went back to the hotel, Marc went back as well he’s going to Thailand tomorrow, we’re gonna try and meet up with him whilst we’re there in a few weeks.

We stayed out and found a weird outside crowed bar, it was strange, we was sat on them little plastic chairs that kids have and there was a tiny little wooden table that was literally only big enough to fit like 3 beers 🍻 on it, we was all huddled up, in the street, sweating hot. It’s funny what situations you end up in when you’re experiencing all these different cultures. It just opens your eyes I suppose.

Crossy Road v1.0.9 [MODDED Game] APK

Crossy Road [MODDED Game] (Check out the App in Google Play)

The idea of the game is to get as far as possible across the roads, rivers, grass and train tracks without dying. The player plays as a mascot, such as a chicken, koala,
or bunny, and must tap to go forward, or swipe the screen in the corresponding direction to move the mascot horizontally. There are many obstacles which cause immediate death, such as rivers, cars, and trains.

Crossy Road FEATURES:

  • Play Crossy Road on your big screen with Android TV
  • Collect over 90 retro-styled, pop art inspired characters
  • Cross roads, train tracks, and rivers – endlessly hop forever
  • Dodge traffic in a candy wonderland with the Android Robot
  • Simple, pure, innovative gameplay
  • Free to play

What’s new in this Update : 25 - May - 2015

  • Support for devices experiencing issues starting the game
  • Fixed coin refreshing issue
  • Removed Location permission (used with 3rd party ad providers)
  • Fixed bugs

Compatible with Android : 2.3 +
Photos inside the Game:

 Game Apk Size: 28 Mb

Crossy Road v1.0.9 [MODDED Game] APK


Jacksonville Is Rad

     I love Jacksonville. I love the people we know here more. Taking beach Blvd over the Intercostal Waterway with Harley Quinn (my Harley iron 883) on a cloudy day can only be described as my soul learning to fly. The water may look like some sort of swamp, but it is a beautiful swamp. If I was an alligator I think I would like to live down there. I can feel the road, I can feel the metal beast beneath me hurling me through the air violating the resistant wind.  This is way better than crawling through bumper to bumper traffic dodging careless Q tips and snow birds in Sarasota like I was a few month ago.  

   I have the most undesirable job I think I have ever had, but I don’t supposed I mind so much. I’m not allowed to play guitar at my small church because I’m new there and I’m used to people wanting to pay me to play. I don’t really care about that either (ok maybe I’m a little butt hurt). I’m happy to feel the sea breeze meet me as I approach Jacksonville Beach.  I am coming to terms with my own insignificance. I am learning to be happy when I am achieving no great thing, when there is no special thing to set me apart. Maybe true humility it being ok with being nothing and no one. Maybe no one needs to understand me for me to be justified. That being said it is the best feeling when a friend listens, like really really listens to you. I think I would like to listen to more people. I think that is a good uses of one’s days.

Bring Me Home - a traffic dodging endless runner game for Windows Phone

Bring Me Home – a traffic dodging endless runner game for Windows Phone

If you are looking for an entertaining way to pass the time, the Windows Phone Store has plenty of games that can keep you occupied and help time move a little quicker. Bring Me Home is a relatively new Windows Phone game that hopes to catch your eye and join the ranks of the quality gaming titles available for the platform. Inspired by the classic arcade game Frogger, Bring Me Home is an…

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If you enjoy revenge, love poems, and Muppets, you should get a copy of my first poetry collection, Dodging Traffic here, which is where this poem is from. It will show you where I’ve been and maybe where I’m going.

Bring Me Home - a traffic dodging endless runner game for Windows Phone

If you are looking for an entertaining way to pass the time, the Windows Phone Store has plenty of games that can keep you occupied and help time move a little quicker. Bring Me Home is a relatively new Windows Phone game that hopes to catch your eye and join the ranks of the quality gaming titles available for the platform.

Inspired by the classic arcade game Frogger, Bring Me Home is an endless runner styled game that has you piloting a futuristic hovercraft through traffic. You have to duck and dodge cars, trucks and the occasional bullet train to see how far you can travel before you bite the dust.

Available for low-memory Windows Phones, Bring Me Home has challenging game play, nice looking graphics and in playing the game for the past few days it comes across as an enjoyable Windows Phone game to pass the time with.