Here it is!! All the hype about mystic messenger reminded me of hell aka dandelion uwu most probably because its made by the same company

u guys should definitely check out this game! The storyline is very unique, especially when u get to the secret route OwO (also if u like to emotionally torture urself)

Signs as youtubers

Aries: Markiplier
Taurus: cry
Gemini: Danny Sexbang
Cancer: Dan
Virgo: Nostalgia Critic
Libra: Dodger
Scorpio: The completionist
Sagittarius: The av Nerd
Capricorn: Pewdiepie
Aquarius: Suzy
Pisces: Arin

Have you ever watched or read or listened to something that caused so much emotional damage that you temporarily can’t function as a human

Like you just sit there and think about the thing that made the feelings and wallow in them for hours

anonymous asked:

So David's been spotted at a Dodgers game in LA. Looks to me like very recently, probably Tuesdays game looking at their schedule and when the tweeter posted. Maybe they're vacationing in LA?

Maybe! Or as he surfaced, maybe the vacations are over. I’m betting on a sighting of Gillian very soon 👀