Doctor Who: The Lady Doctors

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Photography by LJinto @ C2E2 '13.

At C2E2 last April, my friends and I collaborated to make one of our dream cosplay groups a reality: a full group of genderbent Doctors! Doctor Who is a series that is close to all of our hearts, and naturally, we got to thinking of how the show would be different if the Doctor was a woman. We all picked our favorite Doctor and came up with a genderbent interpretation - it was so incredible to see everything come together!

I have to give a shoutout to these amazing ladies. All of them are so passionate about costuming and fandom, and they really put their hearts into making this group happen. I felt so honored being able to spend the day surrounded by my closest friends, celebrating a series that has done so much for science fiction and geek culture as a whole.

Not to mention being dressed as female Doctors felt so empowering. We had several people come up to us on the convention floor and tell us how inspired they were to see a male cultural icon like the Doctor represented by a woman instead. And that, I think, is one of the highest compliments any cosplayer can receive; that a costume inspired and empowered someone else. It was hugely flattering to hear and I found myself tearing up several times throughout the day.

This was, by far, one of the most amazing cosplay experiences I’ve ever had in my life. I love everyone in this TARDIS!

This is probably the best photo that I got all whoniverse!
Matt Smith freaked out when he saw me and immediately called me Amelia Pond, as he put his arm out to hug me. I then asked if we could reenact the scene in Angels Take Manhattan for my photo and he got so excited and immediately grabbed my book and sat on the floor. I later showed him the picture and he said that it turned out so well and he was really happy with it!
Such an awesome man.


Dressed up as the 11th Doctor. These daleks looked amazing and there was many different versions and variations. I love Matt Smith and he is a big idol to me in both fashion and his character he portrays!


This came out WAY better than the last attempt. Wanted to try out something I’d already done with new paints to see the difference. I suppose having had an extra month of painting practise will have helped too :)

Weeping Angel face & body paint

Mehron paradise paints


‘Allo, internet, I come to you from the other side of your screens! It’s all very technobabbley and sciencey and the transmission’s a bit patchy and one-way unfortunately, but all in good time!

(…Actually, I come to you from old gif-land because I’m bored, but, well, same place really, eh?)