This is probably the best photo that I got all whoniverse!
Matt Smith freaked out when he saw me and immediately called me Amelia Pond, as he put his arm out to hug me. I then asked if we could reenact the scene in Angels Take Manhattan for my photo and he got so excited and immediately grabbed my book and sat on the floor. I later showed him the picture and he said that it turned out so well and he was really happy with it!
Such an awesome man.


This came out WAY better than the last attempt. Wanted to try out something I’d already done with new paints to see the difference. I suppose having had an extra month of painting practise will have helped too :)

Weeping Angel face & body paint

Mehron paradise paints


‘Allo, internet, I come to you from the other side of your screens! It’s all very technobabbley and sciencey and the transmission’s a bit patchy and one-way unfortunately, but all in good time!

(…Actually, I come to you from old gif-land because I’m bored, but, well, same place really, eh?)

Don’t blink. Don’t even blink. Blink and you’re dead. They are fast. Faster than you can believe. Don’t turn your back, don’t look away, and don’t blink!

-Doctor Who


My girl and I went to Elfia today and I got to give my Eighth Doctor/Night of the Doctor cosplay another outing. After-the-crash make-up included. 

Near the end of the day I came across a Weeping Angel cosplayer which made for some awesome photos! If you’re on tumblr, please gimme a shout and I’ll tag you!

We had a lovely day but it was very cold and a bit dreary, so around five we packed up and got into our little blue TARDIS car to drive home. 

Photos by linhere


(please enlarge the photos to read the story in the captions!)

Yes why not. Sherlock had been asked by SHIELD to follow Loki, who returned to earth for no known reason. The job got too boring for our clever detective, so boring that he had to call his friend the Doctor for help…well that went horribly wrong…if you count making out as something wrong.

In the end, Loki only wanted a nice plate of pasta. The Doctor too. And Sherlock? Sherlock just does not want to be BORED.

I wonder what John would say about all that…


“You NEED me on the case. On any case, in fact ALL the cases!”

“Loki is not as clever as all the fangirls want him to be…he eats too much…”

“I like you, mortal, you have sexy hair!” - “oh dear, but at least not boring…”

“I am so HANGRY!”

“You are my favourite, Doctor! Forget Loki, he smells of spring onions!”

I hope you had as much fun as we had!

The Cast:
fahrlightloki as Loki
shigeako-cosplay as Sherlock
kittenwelp as The Doctor

Photos by DaZero Photography