The voice of K9, John Leeson,
joins us this November 10-12th, 2017 at L.I. Who 5!

A fun collection of various makeups I’ve done! Obvious not all of these are full cosplays, or ever will be, but it’s really neat to see them all together. How many can you recognise? :P

Silhouette Cosplay
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(Still belated) post of our second day at Emerald City Comicon, April 10, 2016!

This was my favourite day, because it was our Doctor Who day!  I had enormous fun as Ten (my favourite cosplay), Pauli was Donna Noble (blimey, she can shout!), Emmy does an uncanny Amy Pond, and Mattie shaved his face to join the fun as Eleven!  And we met a Captain Jack who got really into character…

And we met a bunch of other beloved characters too, such as the gang from Portal, She-Ra, Xena, Rufio, ad Beetlejuice!

But the best part was the life-size Dalek we spotted on the sidewalk as we were leaving for the day.  The perfect way to end the day.


🍁 Same old, same old. Just The Doctor and Clara Oswald in the TARDIS. 🍁

Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald Cosplay

Wanted to do a collage of all my cosplays so here they are!

First Row: Noh Face from Spirited Away, Girl With The Upside Down Face from The Black Tapes Podcast, Laura from Carmilla, zombie wench

Second Row: Dr. Horrible from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, stabbed Wash from Firefly/Serenity, Doris from Vampire Hunter D

Third Row: San from Princess Mononoke, Kaylee from Firefly/Serenity, Dr. Insano from Channel Awesome, Mad March from SyFy’s Alice

Fourth Row: Glow Cloud from Welcome To Night Vale, Season Six Cliffhanger from The Walking Dead, Rose from Doctor Who

It’s odd because I actually thought I’d done more but I seem to have 14 completed cosplays that have attended at least one convention since 2007-ish. Hope to bring more to life soon, starting with the Demogorgon that I’m so close to finishing!

Who is this cosplayer?

She was quite friendly, asked if she could get photos together where she was tugging on my tie and I said sure, as long as I got some too.

Pauli seemed to recognize this female Tenth Doctor when I showed her the photos after we met up again.  But now I’ve forgotten where she might have recognized this person from.

It’s been bugging me since Emerald City Comicon last April.  I ask for no other reason than my own curiosity, and to maybe find another cool cosplayer to follow on social media.  I’m assuming she made the dress herself, and it’s brilliant.

Anyone know who this cosplayer is?

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