• what she says:im fine
  • what she means:the death of Ianto Jones was completely unnecessary and it just makes me angry that they killed of a great potentially bisexual character (even though he said to his sister that it wasn’t men, it was only Jack) and no one cares about him and im just so angry that they couldnt let Jack keep someone he loved even for just a human lifetime and Ianto was so underappreciated and i really really love him and the audio books are great but i just wanted more of him in the tv show and i feel like they wasted a great opportunity for a great plot regarding him and Jack and they completely fucked the show up for me and series 4 sucks ass and everything sucks and I Miss Ianto Jones A Lot™ and then they both die and Jack wakes up among all the bodies and He Just Sits next to Ianto's corpse and mourns and i hate this show
The struggle is real

EVIL DO-ER : Hey, can I see your phone?

FAN PERSON: *nervous sweat* *palms are sweaty* *knees weak* *arms heavy*
Um.. Yeah one sec.

*casually scrolls through gay smut*
*deletes 10 folders*
*scans phone half a billion times*
*turns off wifi*
*enables flight mode*
* deletes any apps that are definitely sending them to hell somehow*

FAN PERSON: *gives phone*
* watches evil do-er scroll through phone*
*hovering and ready to snatch phone as quickly as possible if evil do - er finds something that they forgot to dispose of*
*constant anxiety*

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  • Alternative Artists such as the following:
  1. Halsey
  2. Twenty One Pilots
  3. Fall Out Boy
  4. P!ATD
  5. The 1975
  6. Marina and the Diamonds
  7. Melanie Martinez
  8. Paramore
  9. Troye Sivan
  • Hamilton
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Content
  • Dodie Clark
  • Any of the following fandoms (preferrably aesthetically pleasing)
  1. Sherlock
  2. Doctor Who
  3. Dan and Phil
  4. Harry Potter
  5. The Avengers
  6. Totoro
  7. Marvel
  8. Studio Ghibli

Doctor Who Gifset The Impossible Planet- You can just tell he has been hurt in the feels when the captain told him he couldn’t use the ship’s drill to go and retrieve his Tardis. Which is the last and only thing he has that ties him to his home planet  Gallifrey. The Doctor and the Tardis are pretty much a part of each other, so it’s really hard on the Doctor when the he is separated from it. Especially, if there is a risk that he will be separated from it forever.