My sister started laughing at me when I told her that when a character on my favorite T.V. show dies, often times I can’t stop crying. She thinks that is a stupid reason to cry. If you will, please reblog this if you have ever felt seriously saddened over a character’s death and if T.V. shows, books, movies, etc. Are perfectly good things to keep you happy when you are sad.


I interned with an Art Therapist. Hands, in art therapy, represent Power.
So he’s giving…offering his power to these kids.  And they are putting hand prints all over the dalek sketch.  So.  He is offering them his power, which they are putting on a dalek.
These kids are in hospice.
They’re essentially dying.
About to be…exterminated.
And he’s giving them his power to use against that Dalek, whatever the Dalek represents in their lives. He’s giving them his power, and for a few glorious moments, these kids and their caregivers forget the pain, the fear, and just put handprints on a Dalek. 


what the fuck is this tumblr bullshit