please remember there is no doctor frankenstein. he is just a boy. he skips class to piece together a body and can’t even remember to eat and sleep and when he gives life to the body he freaks the fuck out and sets the place on fire. he doesn’t answer letters and he cries all the time but he refuses to accept comfort from anyone.

who tf called him doctor frankenstein and why is he known as that he’s like eighteen years old and is a doctor of nothing but disappointment and bad parenting.

Victor Frankenstein vs. Victor Frankenstein

What’s more fun?   Watching Once Upon a Time’s Dr. Victor Frankenstein AKA “Dr. Whale” have a mid-life crisis dye job and crack dirty jokes as a woman gives birth?

Or Penny Dreadful’s virginal Dr. Victor Frankenstein squirm at shopping for woman’s undergarments?

Frankenstein vs. Frankenstein!

My point is...

yes, yes, yes, Jekyllstein and Clervenstein are beautiful but just imagine:


Dracula so freaking excited because Frankenstein can bring people to life, in a  different way as he does. Admiring the doctor, loving the doctor, feeding his ego.

“My dear Victor, you and I, you see, we’re both makers”.


Its taken me faaaar too long really because I’m getting waaay too lazy but finally I finished Dolly VVictor Frankenstie. A gift for one of my very best girlies and corruptor and my educator in the ways of things I am too old to understand @zombiesfuckingloveme (I haven’t finished his route yet - still on Impey so the story might not be brilliant)  And on a side note… I MADE HEADPHONES FOR A DOLLY!!!!  I AM DOPE!

It wasn’t looking good.  Little Dolly Franny slumped in his little dolly seat, he’d been working so hard on his new experiment and now it looked like it had all been in vain.  He leaned forward and looked into the cup, his little dolly glasses instantly fogging up as he let out a little dolly sigh

“What’s wrong little dolly Franny?” the dolly maker asked peeking round the door

“Waaaaaahhhh!”  Little dolly Franny got a terrible scare and jumped up, his eyes going wide when he saw the dolly maker as he tried to hide what he was doing

“Are you working on something fun?”

He gave up and stepped to the side, “I’m so sorry” he said at last, “I was trying to create a formula for the perfect cup of tea and I just can’t get it right.”

“Can I try it?”  sitting down on the floor beside her dear little Doctor Dolly he toddled over carrying the cup.

As soon as the cup touched her lips the dolly makers face lit up, “Dolly Franny!  This is simply the best tea I’ve ever had!”

“R-really?”  He stuttered in disbelief as his little dolly cheeks dusted with a pinky glow