please remember there is no doctor frankenstein. he is just a boy. he skips class to piece together a body and can’t even remember to eat and sleep and when he gives life to the body he freaks the fuck out and sets the place on fire. he doesn’t answer letters and he cries all the time but he refuses to accept comfort from anyone.

who tf called him doctor frankenstein and why is he known as that he’s like eighteen years old and is a doctor of nothing but disappointment and bad parenting.

People always say it’s hubris

Whenever a mad scientist creates a monster or weapon in fiction who is then turned against him or her,  people always say the moral is “beware of hubris” or “don’t defy God”. But God almost never acts in those stories, and  their problems often stem more from poor work ethics. So i am suggesting an alternative morale: 

All dangerous inventions you can make should come with a remote that make them self-destruct and that you’ll keep  firmly in your possession.

Star Trek Halloween AU’s

-Bones goes as Doctor Frankenstein one year. The next year he goes as Dr. Jekyll. Both years Spock compliments him and says that each are suitable for his bed side manner. Bones just growls, and raises his eyebrow higher while he mutters about Spock dressing up everyday of the year. 

-Kirk stops by only to add, “But bones, why not go as your namesake, you know, a skeleton?” And that’s when Bones looses it, and runs after someone with a hypo.

-Uhura dresses up as a jazz musician from the 1920s. Either Ella Fitzgerald or Billie Holliday. She walks around the ship in an extra snazzy dress that flows to the floor and is velvet. She also keeps the Vulcan lute in hand and takes song requests! Half the ship, if not more, gathers around to hear!

- She also dresses up all her tribbles. Many of which she technically wasn’t supposed to keep but…once the Captain sees them with little bat ears, capes, and fake teeth, he can’t help but love them!

-Jim dresses up as someone from a Shakespeare play since obviously those are his favorite with how much of the time he quotes them on the ship (and the fact most of his lines are spoken in iambic pentameter.) This year he goes as Hamlet. He may or may not slip up and call Spock his Horatio a few times that day. 

-However, the worst is the year before when he dressed up as Romeo. Bones and Uhura kept a bet on how many times he would make a Juliet reference in relation to Spock. Bones said 37. Uhura said 42. Both lost to Sulu who bet 89 (and was still too low!)

-Spock always says the same thing every year; it’s illogical to dress up. And every year Jim manages to convince him to dress up, none the less. This year Spock eventually settles on a simple pair of black cat ears. This distracts the captain. Greatly. The captain tells him he would make a very lovely cat and everyone else on the bridge pretends not to notice Spock blushing a light shade of green, right up to the tips of his bangs.

-Chekov dresses up as, you guessed it, a tsar. This year it’s Nicholas II, who to everyone’s surprise, is actually from Wussia.

-Sulu (bless him with his penchant for sword fighting) also rotates like Bones, and picks different characters from The Princess Bride. This year it’s Inigo Montaya. 

-Kirk, who also has a sword on him from his Hamlet costume happily jests with him on the bridge, much to everyone’s amusement (and mild horror.) 

-And Scotty? Oh, it’s just another excuse for him to wear his kilt…and for the entire engineering crew to relocate for the day!

-They go on shore leave for a few hours and get candy too. Awesome alien candy. Trick or treating, but planet hopping style instead. 

-Basically, halloween on the Enterprise, is great. (Unless you’re Bones. And even he has to admit while watching Spock try not to get drunk on chocolate and failing miserably…it’s pretty damn fun. Minus the digs at his costume and the wandering tribble here and there that tries to eat his candy down in the med bay, of course.)
Overtime - Chapter 4 - JadeTigress - Villainous (Cartoon) [Archive of Our Own]
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Dr. Flug is an overworked, underfunded scientist creating weapons for heroes. It’s not his dream job (actually he hates it), but at least it pays the bills- and besides, he’s dedicated. Sometimes you just need to chin-up and take one for the team, even if that “one” is being held at gunpoint by a villain. It’s not like he has any other options.

(It’s villainy, being a villain is his other option.)

Victor Frankenstein vs. Victor Frankenstein

What’s more fun?   Watching Once Upon a Time’s Dr. Victor Frankenstein AKA “Dr. Whale” have a mid-life crisis dye job and crack dirty jokes as a woman gives birth?

Or Penny Dreadful’s virginal Dr. Victor Frankenstein squirm at shopping for woman’s undergarments?

Frankenstein vs. Frankenstein!