No, Nope, Dinner that’s not how you eat a cake!

Also, it’s been a long time…. D :

(Mod: Sorry for the long hiatus but im back !I will update this blogs when I have times since there is quite number of sketch planning but I will post more art in mod blog and DA lately since trying more diversity of art style and topic, please follow my mod blog and deviantart if you feel convenient, thank you for all the love!)

Coming back probably some time towards the end of the month!

I’m working out a style again as it’s been a while and I’m rusty with this series, and I’m also working on a script as this particular arc is rather large in comparison to things in the past.

The blog isn’t dead. My life has simply been a disaster for a while and is finally settling down. (It’s hard to be motivated when living with passive aggressive abuse day to day, which has been my life for the past 8 years until now)

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This week compilation pictures. I wouldn’t expect the Vinyl one being that popular… Damn.

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