Not completely in order cause I forgot the order. Some interesting dreams happening. Doctor Whooves is scared of a statue so definitely avoid that dream. Derpy is queen. Applejack is dreaming of being a baby with her parents holding her. Flim and Flam are filthy rich lol. Discord and the Smooze are having a pillow fight. Princess Cadance and Princess Flurry Heart are jamming out and Flurry is the DJ. And of course Starlight Glimmer is having a nightmare about Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker. Applejack’s is bittersweet. 


((Sorry again for not having a post ready last week! And it’s also likely that I might not be able to update next week either due to work and other things that I gotta do. Plus I haven’t giving myself time to rest, and it’s becoming apparent, so I wanted to take it easy for just one more week, you know?
In the meantime, the ask box is still open!))