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Twelve Days of Twelve, Day 12: Peter Capaldi Appreciation

Maybe (probably) it was because I was there, but this has always been one of my favorite stories about Doctor Who that Peter’s told during interviews. The World Tour was just full stop amazing and honestly (looking at it now) only hinted at what a big Whovian Peter was before ever getting this job. His love for the show has been so clear in everything he’s done- both in acting and in being an amazing, kind, lovely ambassador for the show. I’m so happy that he got to fulfill his childhood dream and play Doctor Who.


Three years ago today (August 14, 2014), Peter and Jenna (with Steven Moffat) arrived in New York City during the Doctor Who World Tour. Several Whovians got the opportunity to watch the first episode of Series 8 and the Twelfth Doctor: Deep Breath. Others such as Lindalee and Alice X. Zhang got to meet the Doctor and Clara themselves in person. GIFs made by me from the following:

Doctor Who: Earth Conquest

Alice X. Zhang’s video footage of Lindalee interviewing Peter and Jenna.


Ms Reetu Kabra. Was gonna post the two first (she posted one of those at the end of August when quitting her old job and Peter showed up and posted another one today) but then went on a hunt for the rest of those images behind her and Peter showing there on the TV.

This woman has and is working with so many talented people and seems to be a fun lady herself. Grateful for her sharing things. (x)


I honor of Jenna’s birthday, here’s a little treasure uploaded to YouTube back in 2014 by WhoWars2013. It’s Peter and Jenna introducing what I believe was the very first screening of the very first night of the World Tour. Lovely words from both. And even though the video is a bit blurry - don’t miss the hug they give each other at the 20-second mark.


Still on the Doctor Who World Tour with their fourth stop in Sydney, Australia, Peter and Jenna continue to do interviews, photo calls, and screenings to promote Series 8. During a morning interview on ABC Radio (hosted by Robbie Buck), Jenna started to recall filming Peter’s regeneration scene and uttering his first line. Trying different ways to say, “Kidneys!” he sang it at one point. A blooper reel exists of this scene, and I’d still love to see it! 😂

Boyd Hilton [to Peter]: What’s the most fun thing for you after your first season as Doctor Who?

Peter: Jenna has been absolutely incredible. I have to say that, well, first of all, the Welcome that I was given by the entire crew in the whole…all the people down in Cardiff, has been fantastic. But working with Jenna has been a great, great pleasure. I think she’s an incredible actress, and has been so funny and so moving, and what she has to do in this season is so demanding, and she does it with great grace and class. So I think really my favorite thing has been working with Jenna.


Also remembering on this same day (August 7, 2014), after the Cardiff premiere, Peter, Jenna, and Steven went to London’s Southbank for another screening of Deep Breath with a Q&A following. This answer Peter gave to the presenter stuck out the most for me, proving once again the class act he really is towards his co-stars. Jenna was his friend since day one, making him feel welcome and invited into the Doctor Who cast and crew family. He loved working with everyone on his first season, but he praised and thanked Jenna for her kindness as well as her professionalism as an actress. ♥

Clip is from the video: Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Steven Moffat on Doctor Who | BFI