Doctor Who World Tour

Now It’s Your Turn to Land the TARDIS!

We’re probably crashing… but fear not, because here’s your chance to safely land the TARDIS ahead of Doctor Who: The World Tour, which kicks off in Cardiff on Thursday 7 August.

Simply download our TARDIS template, print it out and then carefully cut out and fold together to make your own tiny time-space machine. (if you can’t get it to load, try right clicking + save as.)

Then photograph it in the best locations you can find and post them on Twitter, Tumblr or Instragram with the hashtag #DWWorldTour. We’ll showcase our favourites on official Doctor Who social media pages and websites – so make yours stand out!

So, just one question… do you happen to know how to fly this thing?


Fans, reporters and Daleks flock to meet Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman at Doctor Who premier

Showrunner Steven Moffat joined the two stars in Cardiff ahead of the world premier of the series eight opening episode

Peter CapaldiJenna Coleman and Steven Moffat met crowds of excited Doctor Who fans in Cardiff today as they prepared for the world premier of Capaldi’s debut episode as the new Doctor.

The glossy photos of the event kindly shared by the BBC (like this one and the one above) are all very nice of course but we had an intrepid reporter on the ground, with a camera phone, getting in amongst it all to bring you candid shots of Capaldi, Coleman and Moffat, plus fans and Daleks. [x]


Time flies! No pun intended…well, maybe. ;) It was a year ago today (August 7, 2014) the Doctor Who World Tour started to promote the Twelfth Doctor’s first full season. It began in Cardiff with a photoshoot of the Doctor  (Peter Capaldi) and Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) at Cardiff Castle, followed by appearing in London’s Southbank where some lucky fans got to see the first episode, Deep Breath.

Photos are from Spinoff Online, Radio Times, Daily Record, and the gifs were made by me from the video, Greetings From Cardiff & London - The Doctor Who World Tour - #DWWorldTour - Doctor Who.