Doctor Who World Tour


I honor of Jenna’s birthday, here’s a little treasure uploaded to YouTube back in 2014 by WhoWars2013. It’s Peter and Jenna introducing what I believe was the very first screening of the very first night of the World Tour. Lovely words from both. And even though the video is a bit blurry - don’t miss the hug they give each other at the 20-second mark.


Since tomorrow is new companion day I thought I’d finally post this that has been in my drafts for a bit. Some gifs and added four pictures. Thought it looked nice together showing all the people around Peter and Jenna. Also them at the photoshoot. All from the Cardiff start of the Doctor Who World Tour.

Bonus: Jenna copying Peter.

Peter bonus.

Extra bonus of Peter stroking a Dalek.

What you start to see, as the show unfolds, is Jenna and I get to know each other. The Doctor, although he’s the same character, he’s also brand new. He’s also unfamiliar with his own personality and discovering things about his own personality, and they’re not necessarily welcome. But he has a very, very deep bond with Clara. He finds it difficult to express that, but it’s there. And she’s one of the few people who can actually push him around.
—  Peter on the Doctor/Clara dynamic

This particular blog of christinefrollophile mentions when Jenna recalled Peter kissing her on the cheek on the first day of shooting Deep Breath. It was from this video during the Doctor Who World Tour in Rio de Janeiro. Filming credit goes to Ingrid Paranhos. Peter goofing off at the end is hilarious, too. My reaction was exactly the same as Steven Moffat’s! XD