Doctor Who Experience


Time-lapse - First Doctor’s TARDIS Console Installed at the Doctor Who Experience.

The Doctor Who Experience – home to the biggest official collection of Doctor Who props, costumes and sets in the world – today celebrated arrival of the First Doctor’s console room. Watch as the DWE crew assemble the iconic TARDIS console, which was recently used in the upcoming BBC docu-drama An Adventure in Space and Time.

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I popped into the Doctor Who Experience once. I had this Saturday off and I thought of what I could do this day. So I decided it is going to be Doctor Who at the Doctor Who Experience. My wife actually persuaded me to do it. She said “you are going to make a lot of people very happy”. And I did. But they made me so happy, just by their affection. There were hundreds of fans and more kept on coming. I was kneeling down because I had my photograph taken with some children and suddenly this little girl screamed “Doctor Who”. And she came running and threw her arms around my neck. She was very small and she totally believed in Doctor Who. It was absolutely lovely. That was a wonderful experience. You are at the centre of a child’s utter believe in the magic of this character.
—  Peter on his trip to the Doctor Who Experience

A selection of props from the hugely anticipated Christmas episode: ‘The Time of the Doctor’, are now on display at the Doctor Who Experience.

Including Matt Smith’s costume; Clara’s costume and the actual Christmas tree from her flat; Handle’s head; the Punch & Judy tent with Victorian style street lamps from the street scenes of Christmas town and the old Doctor’s walking stick and child’s peg gun..