Doctor Who Experience

So I left all my life in Poland for entire month and spent in Cardiff with just a little scrap of hope. But if you wish hard enough…

Peter Capaldi is overwhelming. He is even much more kind, amazing, wonderful and handsome than I could expect him to be. Oh, and ridiculously tall and skinny. I won’t comment his hands.

Can’t believe this dork is still afraid he can disappoint fans. 

And Pearl! It was so great to meet such a friendly and warm woman! They both menaged a few minutes in their lunch break just to talk to us, that’s so very kind of them, amazing guys!

Thank you for making me believe my dreams again.

p.s. pcaps hair is unbearably soft and fluffy even with a tone of hairspray

To those who think Peter is a poor Doctor

Whether you’re a critic or a jaded fan, perhaps the best response I can give is not to say “Watch Heaven Sent” or any of the other amazing episodes this man has done. Or the convention appearances and interviews he gave with Jenna Coleman. No. My response is this video showing Peter Capaldi improvising an entire performance as the Doctor at the Doctor Who Experience in 2015. During the Q&A he remained in character and gave an emotional response to wanting to see his granddaughter again. And then he more or less reaffirms the Whouffaldi concept by stating outright that the Doctor loves Clara.  And look at the kids hanging on his every word. This is not a slight against the other actors who played the role, but while I know Tom Baker and Jon Pertwee and I think even William Hartnell made the occasional public appearance in character, I don’t think there is precedent for the level this event reached. In some respects this could almost trigger a debate on whether there is canon here.


The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff was, pretty much, the best thing ever. 

I’m so happy I got to experience it before it closes. I was so happy being there. I gasped, laughed, cried (twice, or maybe three times). I’ve seen my favorite monsters, my favorite companions, my favorite Doctors, ALL THE DOCTORS. I saw my first Tardis console, and I saw the first Tardis console. I left something at Ianto’s shrine. I gasped “no” when I saw a certain mortuary stone. Or two. I couldn’t stop grinning. I remembered so many things I have forgotten over the years. I learned many things I did not know before.

I’ve been watching this show for about seven years now. I remember I started binge watching it after Tennant’s last series. I feel like the Doctor and I have gone through so many things together, through experiences and emotions, but I don’t think anything will ever be able to top this.

The Doctor Who Experience is exactly that, an experience. It was different from anything I’ve ever done before, it was a whirlwind and fun, so much fun. I’ll forever refer to it as The Experience. 

I left a little bit of my heart in Cardiff Bay. And a little more of my tears, a whole lot of happines. 

But I have a Tardis key now. I’m an official companion. So is @mr-stevens-head-of-catering

And I really enjoyed 10x1. I’m excited for what’s to come, be it smiles, tears, or emoji robots, aparently. Fun!

I read that apparently it’s now been confirmed that the Doctor Who Experience will be shutting down in September. :( 

I may just have to get my arse down to Cardiff in the next couple of months. I do miss the city though. I worked there for 4 months, and have been to the Experience twice. I need to go one last time. ;)