Talking to a heart surgeon

So today I got the chance to talk to a heart surgeon. I already know her from lectures and I have somehow always looked up to her. #girlcrush

How many hours are you working as a heart surgeon per week?
“80 - 100 hours”

Is a good dexterity a must-have for becoming a heart surgeon?
“At the beginning you will struggle because those with lots of talent are doing great from the start. But you will improve and at the end you won’t see any huge difference between the hard working one or the gifted one.” (What gives me personally some hope, since another heart surgeon told me the same)

How does your chief think about you starting your own family?
“Heart surgery is run by males. Females are still a rarity. I say he (her chief) is  scared of me being pregnant. It is possible - but only having like one child will stretch you to your limits.”

Would you do heart surgery again?
“When I started 10 years ago, everyone I’ve asked said that heart surgery is the best and everything is just awesome. But I wished they would have told me the truth: how time consuming it can be, and how difficult it’ll be to find the right time to start a family. But I still love my profession.”

What would you recommend any med student who wants to pursue a career as a heart surgeon?
“Do a clerkship/rotation at a heart surgery department. Get a little overview about this profession.”

marblehornetz  asked:

so each ai OBVIOUSLY picks up traits from their hosts (ex: gary likes jokes bc of wyo) but im thinking that like.. omega never got a chance to fully integrate with a host before doc (tex said she would pull him for days on end! caboose didnt even really know he was there!) and when he got to doc he finally realized his true love and appreciation for Men. he's gay, folks

a list of things that ais inherited from their hosts: 
delta: a deeper understanding of what it means to be human
gary: knock knock jokes
omalley: GILM (god i love men) 

animation-is-my-life  asked:

I took the end of Cars3 as he was going to keep racing Cruiz the way Doc raced him for practice. Also I can see like charity races or something with Lightning and the King and Jeff and who knows what other legends the way former basketball stars around here come back for charity games where it's basically a for-fun game but fans get to see all their favorites again and they sign autographs and take pictures with fans and stuff.

I like it!! Good analyzation, friend!