The new Amanda Knox documentary on Netflix is incredible and while they clearly tried to be balanced in their coverage of the case, the massive injustice that was carried out is glaringly clear. Giuliano Mignini managed to make himself look like an incompetent and out of touch prosecutor who formulated an absolutely mad story to fit his own bias. This case really pissed me off when it was happening, and I remember finding out when she had finally (permanently) been acquitted and was overjoyed. It’s such a shame that the tragedy of Meredith Kercher’s death was overshadowed by such an inept police department and prosecutor. #truecrime #crime #netflix #amandaknox #documentary #amandaknoxnetflix #netflixdoc #netflixoriginal #doc #raffaelesollecito #rudyguede #murder #injustice

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MAYEM: Marriage Counseling Pt. 10


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Goop wasn’t showing any signs of stopping any time soon, the tentacles holding up a replacement sheet of metal to make sure it fit before he summoned an attack and slicing it to the correct size.

Kidster was napping for the moment, not expecting anyone to come out and check on them while all the lights of the house were out and the inhabitants supposedly asleep.

He didn’t wake to the Doc’s quiet approach.

It wasn’t as though Doc were trying to sneak up on them, but–it was how he was.

Quiet walking. Head down until confronted.

He didn’t make a sound as he spotted the tentacles and the force of the attack used to slice the metal.

He didn’t make a sound.

Goop was… not good with awareness. What was in front of him was what he knew.

He dismissed his attack and set the spare sheet metal down before lifting up the piece he had sliced off over where it needed to go and-

-and spotting Doc out of the corner of his eye.

Goop looked right at him like a deer in headlights.

“… Hi.”

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Cool and rainy for the next couple of days, so Tweed and Tattersall today. Stanley Blacker 3 roll 2, hook vent, tweed jacket, Brooks Brothers tattersall pinpoint OCBD, Jos. A. Bank club tie, Dickies chinos, Club Room Argyle socks, and Sperry split-toe derbies. With a Lions pin, silk square, Perry Ellis belt, and a fresh from the watch repairer Bucherer mechanical on a Stuller croc grain band.

My sister found out she ranked 12th today which surprised her since she didnt think she was that high

And she also got a letter from one of the schools i took her to that she liked and they said because of her sat scores they will waive the application fee which she was surprised about bc she didnt think she had a chance (even though i told her i took her to schools i believed she could get into if she wanted to)

im so happy for her :) she had been avoiding the whole college thing (and talking to me) because she feels anxious and shes not good enough but now it sounds like she is getting excited finally and even wants to go look at other schools i suggested but she didnt want to look at before

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