Doc Robbins

me: oh how cool! doc robbins’ initials are also d.r. lol

me @ me: yeah cool except, you know, his first name is albert not “doc”
me: i really need to get some sleep now
me @ me: please do

DOC ROBBINS: David, would you finish stitching him up please.
SUPADAVE: I’m not a seamstress, I'mma Coroners Investigator dammit.
DOC ROBBINS: He’s been doing that all day.  
LANGSTON: He's riffing Corman Skully’s one-liners from Astro Quest.
DOC ROBBINS: Didn’t watch it much.
SUPADAVE: Because you’re not a coach potato, you’re a medical Examiner dammit.
LANGSTON: He was obviously in some kind of struggle. What do you make of this contusion?
DOC ROBBINS: It’s not a pressure point. Maybe someone attempted to Sleeper hold. 
SUPADAVE: You mean like a Sethlon Submission Claw? That’s real?
DOC ROBBINS: You tell me.
SUPDAVE: Argh, Argh, OK. Ow. Ow.