Doc Robbins

My bae got me into CSI. I am now obsessed. 

1st things first, Greg is Bae.

2nd I love Doc Robbins. He’s just like “I want a coffee machine”. Boom. Coffee machine. I wouldn’t be suprised if he’s hiding, like, strippers and a bunch of alcohol on the company’s credit)

Anyway, back to the book. Some of the stuff has been blocked out, because real people and their details.

But yeah, we got some actual blood, and hair DNA and inky fingerprints.

That, and a big old strip of crime scene tape.

DOC ROBBINS: David, would you finish stitching him up please.
SUPADAVE: I’m not a seamstress, I'mma Coroners Investigator dammit.
DOC ROBBINS: He’s been doing that all day.  
LANGSTON: He's riffing Corman Skully’s one-liners from Astro Quest.
DOC ROBBINS: Didn’t watch it much.
SUPADAVE: Because you’re not a coach potato, you’re a medical Examiner dammit.
LANGSTON: He was obviously in some kind of struggle. What do you make of this contusion?
DOC ROBBINS: It’s not a pressure point. Maybe someone attempted to Sleeper hold. 
SUPADAVE: You mean like a Sethlon Submission Claw? That’s real?
DOC ROBBINS: You tell me.
SUPDAVE: Argh, Argh, OK. Ow. Ow.