the introvert crime kids™ just chill out for one second and eat a sandwich

some dumb mr robot/Baby Driver head canons include

- Doc has jobs in NYC to do and obv baby drives 

- Doc needs a hacker on his crew for this job

- neither would speak,, maybe there’d be some awkward eye contact tho

- elliot probably: “so you’re kinda like ryan gosling in drive, right?”

- elliot probably: “do u play grand theft auto 4 practice????”

- both got at their professions young

- both probably live on a steady diet of coffee

- both mentored by an angry crime dad™

- baby freaking out when he sees all elliot’s CDs

- elliot: ”Those arent music.” baby: “:(”

- darlene, darling and trenton??????? uuuuuuuuhyes pls dream team