Do you like Pokemon?? Do you like ska/punk?? Do you like Poke-conscious DIY ska-punk?!!?!

Well, you’re in luck, cos my band Pokemon Liberation Army have just released our debut EP, TM101, recorded in our very own living room!

It’s available for free streaming, and downloading on a pay-what-you-want basis here:

Please go and have a listen, and if you like, share and download! :) Also keep your eyes peeled for physical copies, coming very soon ;)

Featuring me on vocals/melodica, Ivo on vocals/guitar, Stu on guitar, Aimee on drums, Fishlock on Bass, and Dani from Faintest Idea as a guest speaker!

Also, recording and mixing by Ivo and artwork by me!

Our facebook page:



F A K E H A U S + R T L A D I E S 

⤑ barbelyse

FakeHaus and the RT Ladies joined together for the heist of the century. Elyse and Barbara were sent to seduce Brandon Jones of Gangtrailers. When realizing this was her former boss and, more importantly, her friend, Elyse grabbed Barb and they ran for it. On the back of Barb’s motorcycle, Elyse had snaked her arms around Barbara’s waist. She buried her face in the blonde’s slim shoulders and explained everything over the roaring wind. When they arrived back at the safe house, Elyse again explained why they couldn’t enact the heist. FakeHaus easily accepted her explanation, but Barb had to calm the RT Ladies.

Standing out on the balcony of the two gangs’ safe house–which became SafeHaus at James’ insistence–Elyse looked over the quiet farmland. It was different from the city, all the little people always hustling and bustling about. 

“Hi Barbara.” Elyse threw back over her shoulder when she heard the door slide open.

“How’d you know it was me?” Barb laughed.

Elyse smiled. “You’re my girlfriend, dummy. I always know.”


Artemi Panarin, Evgeni Malkin, and the Russian National Team at the Slezské Zemské Muzeum, a World War II memorial (x

Just got back from Hollywood with these gals. We saw a screening for Dance Craze. It was so cool to see it on the big screen. The crowd wasn’t too dancey but we still had a great time. Then we walked the strip and ended up at Denny’s for some breakfast. I’d say it was a pretty successful night.