I gotta vent!

Right, so I have a lot of pent up stuff that I just gotta get off my chest about Gotham. Spoilers ahead for the newest episode so don’t read if you don’t want  spoilers. Nygmobblepot is a ship on Gotham. It’s canon now and I couldn’t be happier about that, I am just not ready to see the heartbroken look on poor Oswald’s face when Nygma inevitably becomes some sort of item with Isabella - whom I don’t trust in the slightest! Oswald actually loves, loves Ed and all I want is for the two of them to be happy. You could see it in Ed’s eye when Oswald was trying to tell him how he felt, Ed feels the same, he loves him too, but bloody Isabella has to ruin everything! I am squealing though at the fact Nygmobblepot is a supported ship in Gotham and I am hoping and praying beyond anything else that it become true canon and they become super villian rulers boyfriend/boyfriend style! Please, Gotham, do the right thing here!