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Here’s my little contribution for @txf-fic-chicks!

A/N: This is literally the first thing I’ve ever written for The X-Files in my whole life. I’m nervous as hell, but here goes nothing! The biggest thanks to @conversationinthehallway for encouraging me and for looking this over :)


Fourteen hours after being rushed there by ambulance, she wakes with a start in an all-too-familiar hospital bed. Her pressing concern for her baby leaves no time for her to sleepily wonder where Mulder is, and she’s almost thankful for it. She’s morbidly imagined more than once that, the first time she inevitably found herself waking up in a hospital after a case, she’d have a few seconds to dreamily imagine Mulder in the room next door before the weight of reality came crashing down on her again. The thought occurs to her regardless, only slightly less painful because it was not the first thing to pop to her mind.

She urgently but quietly presses the call button, desperate for her own sake not to wake Doggett, who is sleeping lopsided on the chairs just outside her room. She wonders with a fleeting thought if he’s been there since she was taken in. She takes stock of herself: ten fingers, ten toes, two eyes, and best of all, exactly zero slugs. But what of the tiny life-form inside her that, by all accounts, shouldn’t be there either? She cranes her neck to look for a doctor, a nurse, anyone that can reassure her of her unborn baby’s health.

Not ten seconds later, a tall, statuesque doctor enters the room, equally cautious not to disturb Doggett. Scully wonders briefly if this doctor, who introduces herself as Dr. Moretti, knows somehow about the situation she’s in; impossible, but then again, it wouldn’t be the strangest thing that’s happened to her.

“Ms. Scully—excuse me, Dr. Scully—how are we feeling? I’m happy to see you awake so soon.”

“I’m okay. Is everything normal with…” she pauses and looks out the door almost conspiratorially to make sure her new partner is still sleeping, “…with my baby? Is it okay?”

Dr. Moretti’s face softens as she places a gentle hand on Scully’s shoulder. “Your baby is fine, as are you, from what I can tell. I haven’t exactly seen anything like this before, but all the tests we ran appeared to come back normal.”

Scully’s shoulders visibly sag with relief and a rush of exhaustion, letting herself feel tired now that her immediate concerns are out of the way. Dr. Moretti says something about letting her get some more rest and softly shuts the door on the way out. That was just enough to wake Doggett, who practically tiptoes into her room, as if he might go unnoticed walking through the door.

Scully’s eyes flutter back open and stay there as Doggett approaches her bed. She worries that he might’ve somehow heard her short conversation with the doctor; she’s not ashamed of her pregnancy, quite the opposite if anything, but her lifelong fear of being thought weak or too feminine to be capable comes through despite it all. She’s kept it secret this far, and now it just seems uncomfortable to have to tell anyone, especially her new partner. He’ll find out soon enough one way or the other.

She comes back to reality for a moment, just long enough to hear Doggett start to talk. But she zones out again as her most recent memories start to come back to her: she had screamed that she was pregnant, screamed it at the top of her lungs like she’d been wanting to since she’d found out. But the context was all wrong. Couldn’t be more wrong, really. It’s horrifying enough that she screamed it and it wasn’t enough to keep her safe; it’s devastating enough that she wasn’t shouting it from a mountaintop instead of in a dusty old garage somewhere in Utah. It’s more than enough to bear as it is, but an even more troubling thought occurs to her: were those cult members the first people I’ve told besides Skinner?

A fresh wave of grief mixed thoroughly with guilt hits her. She isn’t upset about telling Skinner; in the absence of Mulder, he’d been the only logical choice. But now? She hadn’t been partnered with Doggett long at all, but he’d certainly proved himself as much as possible. She’d been holding off, feeling almost like telling him or letting him in at all was cheating on Mulder. Oh, Mulder, and her shoulders sag again, and she hopes that her face hasn’t contorted with the anguish that has been constant since Oregon. Still, it isn’t fair to Doggett to treat any of it like his fault, and her logical side, the side she always prides herself on, reminds her of this. As if on cue, Doggett comes back into her line of focus.

“Agent Scully? Dana? You with me here?” He smiles a little, but not enough to hide his concern.

She raises both eyebrows at him in confusion, a slight departure from her usual skeptical look. She hasn’t heard a word he just said.

“I was just asking how you were feeling. That was some pretty weird stuff back there.”

“I’m fine,” she keeps her tone pleasant but even as ever.

“I’ve got a feeling I’ll be hearing that a lot.”

He doesn’t even know the half of it.


Shortly before Doggett arrives to take her home a week later, she calmly revisits the guilt that’s preoccupied her mind during her entire hospital stay. It’s been an almost refreshing type of guilt, though, a type that is uncomplicated and fixable. She’s not trusted Doggett, but she’s a quick learner and will come to trust him. She can almost hear her own words in her mind, coming back to remind her, I’m not a part of any agenda. You’ve got to trust me.


“Look, I wanted to apologize. I… I left you out of this case, and that was a mistake on my part. It was almost a fatal mistake.” She feels like a kid admitting to breaking a window with a stray baseball, and he accepts her apology like a neighbor who’s seen far worse.

“It was; you screwed up,” but he’s smiling. She is amazed that people continue to forgive her, a luxury that she’s never afforded herself.

“And I won’t do it again.”

“I appreciate it.”

She feels a little lighter, which seems foreign in her strange and heavy life. Lighter still when he takes the bag from her shoulder without a word and tosses it over his own. It’s natural as it could possibly be under the circumstances, but she still feels the absence of a hand on the small of her back like a phantom limb and can’t help but worry that it’ll never quite be natural again.

They walk to the car, and Doggett throws her bag in the backseat after opening the passenger side door for her. He pulls out of the hospital parking garage hastily, but not recklessly, to get them to the airport.

“So, Agent Scully, ready to get the hell outta Dodge?”

She smirks as she keeps her eyes straight forward and nods. “Please.”

“I’ve seen a lot of nasty stuff, but I’ve never seen anything like that in my life.” He pauses just for a moment, “I’m glad you’re okay.”

“Me, too. Thank you.”

She fights the urge to say us, too and settles for resting her hand on her still-flat stomach.

awkwardmarmar  asked:

Gajeel and Natsu and Juvia living together in apartment AU? I think they'd make an ot3 as in besties omg sorry if you don't like that just choose to ignore my request lol

I hope you don’t mind, but I couldn’t help but adding a little Gruvia into the mix. It really helped solidify the idea I had with this prompt. ^^ I had fun, thank you for the request :-D It’s really long Idk what happened lol. 

“Gajeel-kun, don’t leave your metal scraps everywhere!”

“Don’t touch that! I’m working on a project,” Gajeel came running into the room the second Juvia touched one of the screws on the floor. He growled out the last bit, and finished it off with a glare.

“You can’t just leave these sitting around. Juvia nearly stepped on one of the tacks,” She stared at the offending object in question. Why had she ever agreed to live with two guys? She still couldn’t work out the reason in her head now. For one they were so messy!

“Look, you just won’t understand. I’ll finish it when I finish it, but until then just leave everything in its place,” Gajeel was grumpy. The way his voice scratched told her she had woken him up. She glared at him, but growing up next to him her whole life only meant he was adjusted to her evil looks by now.

“Glare all you want, but the project stays!” He left the room with a slam of his bedroom door leaving Juvia alone with yet another huge mess that she now wasn’t even allowed to clean. Who sleeps until one in the afternoon anyway?!

She stalked to the kitchen hoping a good cup of tea would help calm her nerves only to find a fire burning on the stove, “NATSU!”

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Drunken Phone Calls (Luke)

            Drunken phone calls late at night are when every thought that ever crossed someone’s mind is finally spoken. Sometimes there are declarations of love, on the flip side relationships can end, friends bond, and friends fight. Each is a possibility and there so many more. When a phone rings late at night and the first drunken slur is heard something big is about to happen.

            It’s even worse when it’s someone else’s phone is ringing, because that means the drunken slurs will be yours. While drunk a person is fearless, and that can be dangerous because anything can happen. More often than not the only reminder of the call with be the call log on the phone. The brutally honest words will only be remembered by the one who heard them. That leaves the broken pieces to be picked up by someone who doesn’t remember breaking them.

            “I don’t understand. You’re breaking up with me while drunk?” Confusion echoed through the line.

            “I told you, the distance is too…” his words trailed off. He was having trouble focusing on much of anything, he didn’t even remember calling her.

            “You said the distance is too much, but why break up with me now? Why wouldn’t you do this when you were sober?” She was getting angry. If he was going to break up with her, she deserved for him to be sober and thinking clearly.

            “Scared, I couldn’t do it.” He sounded as if he had to search for every word. Making that one sentence take forever to say.

            “So you a drink a little liquid courage, and then you think it’s okay to call me? Fine, it’s over, and that means I never want to speak to you again. Don’t call me tomorrow and say you didn’t mean it, because I won’t answer. It was nice knowing you Luke Hemmings.” Her voice shook with every word. Before he could say anything in response, she hung up on him. That left him in a room all alone with a quiet phone.

            When Luke woke up his head worse than it ever had in his entire life. To make matters worse he had no recollection of the night before, and that worried him. Anything could have happened in that missing piece of time. A dozen scenarios came to mind, each worse than the last. He decided to find one of the lads, hoping that they might be able to shine light on the dark patch in his mind.

            While walking downstairs he checked his phone to see if his girlfriend had left him any messages, but all he was greeted with was an empty inbox. His phone said that it was ten in the morning, way too early when he had a hangover. He tried to do the mental math to determine if she might be up, but he quickly gave up. He decided to call her anyway, she always loved to hear his voice first thing in the morning. He didn’t worry too much when her phone went straight to voicemail, she was probably still asleep.

            He walked into the kitchen and spotted his three best friends. Michael looked pissed off, because he was up before noon. Calum was at the stove trying to cook some kind of breakfast. That left Ash by the counter pouring a bowl of cereal. They each turned to look at Luke when he entered, varying degrees of concern on each face.

            “Uh, why are you guys looking at me like that?” Luke was confused, they rarely looked at him like that.

            “Do you remember anything from last night?” Ashton asked. He set the cereal box down, and stared at Luke.

            “No, why?” None of them could look him in the eye. The counter top began to look interesting to Michael, and Calum was intently focused on his food. Ashton cleared his throat while trying to find the best words.

            “You decided to make a phone call last night, and none of us could stop you.”

            “You’re acting like a phone call is the end of the world.” He walked toward the counter, and sat at a barstool.

            “For you it might be,” Calum said still not looking up from the stove.

            Luke, being curious, dug his phone out of his pocket and began to check his recent calls. The only number listed for the night before was hers. He began to worry about what he might have said to her, and wondered if that was why she didn’t answer this morning. Panic began to set in, and he looked to each of his bandmates. Each looked even more concerned than they had before.

            “What did I say to her?” The panic crept into his voice.

            “You took the phone to your room, but we heard bits of what you said,” Michael quietly responded.

            “What?” He was looking from one band member to the next. His panic growing from one moment to the next. No one wanted to answer his question, fearing his reaction. Finally Calum turned to speak.

            “You said something that sounded like a break up. You talked about the distance being too much. It was hard to understand everything, you were pretty trashed.” Calum began messing with the food in the skillet. The others were once again avoiding Luke.

            “I wouldn’t breakup with her, I just wouldn’t.”

            “Well you did, and she didn’t take it well.”

            “Of course she didn’t take it well, Calum. You fucked up, Luke,” Michael commented.

            “I’ve got to call her. Why the fuck would I breakup with her? I don’t want to break up.” He was talking miles a minute, much faster than he had ever spoken before.

            “She won’t answer…”Ashton said.

            “Well, I’ve got to try. I’m not just going to let her go.” He quickly dialed her number, but received no answer. It was going straight to voicemail once again. He left several messages, each more frantic than the last.

            “Maybe you could call from someone else’s phone,” Calum suggested.

            The lads all thought it was a great idea, they sat and pondered who she would most likely pick up for. They settled on Michael’s phone, since they had been friends first. Luke quickly scanned down the contact list finding her number. When he hit the call button, it began to ring. She picked up after the second one, meaning she had seen every one of Luke’s calls.

            “Michael, I don’t really want to talk about this right now,” she sighed.

            “We need to talk about this,” he sped up, “Before you hang up just listen. I was missing you last night, so I decided to get drunk. I know that ended badly, but I need you. Whatever I said last night I didn’t mean.”

            “I told you not to call me, Luke. You ended it, so let’s leave it that way.” He could hear how tired she was. He began to wonder if she slept at all, or if she had cried all night because of him.

            “I don’t want this to be over. You mean everything to me, and without you I would be a mess. When I wake up every morning my first thought is to call you. I don’t care what I said about distance, when I hear your voice it’s like you’re next to me. I can imagine wrapping my arms around you, and everything is okay. I know I screwed up, and I’m sorry. I just want you to know that I love you, so please don’t leave me.” He heard her sigh on the other end of the line.

           “I think that is the most you have ever spoken to me at one time,“ she paused, the moment dragging on,” but I love you too. Please don’t break up with me again, I don’t think I could handle it.” He couldn’t help it he began to smile.

         “I will never break up with you. Distance or not, you’re stuck with me.”

          “Good,” she laughed. The boys began clapping, and could be heard through the phone. “It’s good to know everyone is happy now.”

           “I think I’m the happiest.”

            “God, you’re so cheesy,” Ashton groaned.

            Luke didn’t mind, the crisis was averted and he had his girlfriend back. He silently vowed to try not to get that drunk again, but just in case he would hand his phone over to Ashton beforehand. He wasn’t lying when he said he wouldn’t break up with her, she meant more to him than anyone else ever had. He would never let her go, not now that he had her back.