Do you even know how often this happens to me

Get out
  • Phichit: do you ever have those moments when someone you're following on social media and they post something completely unrelated so you start questioning yourself why you even follow them in the first place?
  • Seung: how would I know I don't even use social media much
  • Phichit:
  • Phichit: please get the fuck away from me
Today I am thankful for you.

And every other day, for that matter. But today marks the 6 month milestone of us. We’ve known each other longer than that and I couldn’t even begin to count the amount of messages we’ve sent to each other (it’d sure be over 50,000). And spending 3 hours on the phone at a time is pretty standard for us.

I don’t know how you haven’t gotten bored of me yet, I know I repeat myself often and that drives you insane. I’m sorry for all the times I’ve done things that annoy or infuriate you, I don’t do them on purpose. I’m just a little hard to tolerate at times. But when this happens, just know that I’ve let my guard down for you. I’ve let you in and I trust you with my heart. You wouldn’t see everything, including the bad parts if I hadn’t. So I’m sorry, but it’s a good thing I promise.

We’re not doing badly for a couple that are “long distance”. I’m extremely lucky to get to see you at least once a week and most weeks we spend two or more nights together. The weeks where we’re unable to see each other hurt like hell but I’m always willing time to fly so I can see you again. We even made it through our first month as a couple while I was thousands of miles away, travelling Asia. My god, I was so happy to see you at that airport. I still get as excited to see you now as I did the first time and you’re constantly creating a storm in my belly.

Sleeping next to you is my favourite. Even though you snore, talk about the craziest things and laugh uncontrollably in your sleep, I’d still choose that over you not being there. Even when you’re on my side of the bed, with all the covers and leaving me with the tiniest space, it makes me happy because it means you wanted me that bit closer. And when you’re half asleep and reach for my hand, that melts my heart every single time. There’s nothing as pure and genuine as that gesture.

I know we’ve had our petty arguments and life has pushed us to our limits sometimes but if we can get through what we’ve already faced, I truly believe we can conquer anything so long as I have your hand in mine.

I am so in love with you, T. Irrevocably and Unconditionally. Infinitely x


Joshifer Daily Reminder: Josh likes to thrusts his hips when he’s around Jen.  Furthermore, Josh frequently likes to poke at Jen’s lady parts.  

So you tell me, how often does this happen?  We got lucky and the two times Josh thrust his hips at Jen just happened to be recorded?  Or is this a regular occurrence?  

How many times has your coworker poked your bahina?  Platonically of course. Is that even possible?  Mmhmm.  Nothing to see here. 


Gifs by @jennifirlaurence and @ohthatblackpearl.

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I'm sorry if I'm bothering you but I need a little bit of advice? There are these times where I really feel like shit and just down, like a lot. I kinda do tell people about it, or at least the ones I trust, but the fact that even my sister just waves it off when I tell her makes me feel way worse. I don't know if I should stay quiet about it? I mean, at least there I would stop annoying people like I am with you... but it happens really often, and I'm too shy to come off anon.

She might not understand how serious what you’re feeling is. Try to fully explain, and if your loved ones wave you off again, try finding a professional to speak to.

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Callout culture is fucking terrifying. It's why I personally am afraid to return to this site because I don't wanna have to become a target of often endless slander and bullying, people shunning me for the stupidest reasons, and even risking being doxxed like what happened with ple/bcom/ics and ele/ntori once. I don't wanna risk losing a job or worse, and Statcounter and blocking users can in the end only do so much.

i’ve seen and been through the shit callout culture can do.

do you know how hard it is to tell someone “i was traumatized by antis and now i am literally terrified of certain people, chat rooms, social gatherings and admitting things i like” to strangers? 

that group therapy session was the hardest one. i expected ridicule.

but when a survivor of 20 years of physical, emotional and sexual assault tells you “that’s exactly how i feel,” you know it’s real. it’s real, and that’s something people need to take more seriously. 

~ Mod Filth

The Former Wife

Scene: A quiet sunset on the Beach City Boardwalk. Greg and Jasper are watching it together.

Greg: It’s funny. We’ve been a couple for a while now. But…we’ve never really had a chance to really be alone. It’s not often that you don’t go out on a mission. What happened?

Jasper: It’s complicated.

Greg: Complicated how? Something happen on a mission?

Jasper: Not exactly.  But I have been thinking a lot.

Greg: Oh, uh. What about?

Jasper: A lot of things. Like. What I’m doing here. What’s my “purpose” here, what am I trying to do? I don’t think even I know for sure.

Greg: Yeah. I can get that. Sometimes being free can hurt in its own way. But…at least there’s always a sunset to look at. I’m glad you joined me. I’ve wanted to sit down with you and look at one.

Jasper: You’re pretty fond of these sunsets Greg. I’ve never really understood why. I mean. They happen every day and you try to see them almost every time you can. I still don’t get why you try to invite me to them.

Greg: Well. Don’t worry. Not everyone gets the joy of it. Even the other ‘Earthlings".

Jasper: Ha. Ha. You know I’ve stopped calling humans that.  

Greg: Yeah. Heh. Sometimes I’m reminded of just how much you are like Rose.

Jasper: Really? Let’s hear it.

Greg: Oh. Uh. Haha. Right. Sorry. I know you don’t like being compared to her.

Jasper: No. Go on. All I ever hear from everyone is their GREAT admiration over her. Let’s hear it. I may as well.

Greg: Sigh. Alright. Well. Me and Rose used to do stuff like this together. Just take a minute to stop and look at what’s going on around us.

Jasper: And? You always do that.

Greg: Yeah but not like this. It’s easy to lose track of the beauty of the world if you’re not trying to hold on to it.

Jasper: Really? So that’s it.

Greg: What?

Jasper: You’re just trying to have me do things you and Rose did together. Am I just some shoddy replacement of her to you too? I thought you were different.

Greg: Wait. What are you talking about?

Jasper: Everybody compares me to Rose. And NEVER in a positive way. “Oh Rose could’ve done this.” Oh Rose would’ve made THIS easier.“ “You’ll get the hang of this type of formation soon.”

Greg: Really? You honestly think I’d look at you like that?

Jasper: Then what? Why show me this sunset? You already said it was what you and Rose did together.

Greg: Yes. That’s true. But that’s not why I’m showing you it.

Jasper: Fine. I’m listening. Why DID you show me it?

Greg: Just…look at it for a minute. What do you see?

Jasper: The sun going down. Clouds…colors…

 Greg: Well. Look deeper than that. What colors?

Jasper: Blue…purples…

Greg: And?

Jasper: A lot of orange.

Greg: It might be silly to say. But I think of you in this sunset.

Jasper: Really? A lot of things are orange.

Greg: Yeah , heh, but think about it. We all make choices. Rose made choices sorta similar to what you and the other Crystal Gems did. But you. You… In a lot of ways what you did was just as, and even more amazing.

Jasper: How so?

Greg: You didn’t have to leave and join the team. Heck you had every reason to fight against Earth. Every fiber of your being wanted revenge, and victory. It was a long road but you found your way out of it.

Jasper: Hah. But…I know I’m probably just some second rate person to you. I know how much you loved Rose, Greg. Don’t try to deny it.

Greg: Look. I’m not going to lie. I did love Rose. Heck, I still do.

Jasper: Not really making your case here. Greg ol’ boy.

Greg: But that doesn’t change how I feel about YOU! I love you in ways that are completely different to Rose. You’re different. I’d NEVER want you to be Rose. I want you to be you.

Jasper: Sigh. Thanks.

Greg: We all make our own decisions, every day. And my decision today and every day it’s possible is to show that I love you. And I’m sure the others aren’t trying to put you down.

Both in unison: Well, maybe Pearl.

Jasper: Heh. Alright. You’ve made your point. Would this be a good time for a kiss?

Greg: If you’re up for it.

Jasper: You know I’m always up here.

Greg: Hahah-

End Scene: Jasper picking Greg up and kissing him on the lips as the sun sets completely.


35 years ago today a beautiful - yet damned - soul was born. And it’s time for me to write something.
Dyl, if somehow you’re reading this, or even just listening to what my heart’s saying, I want you to know that now there ARE people who understand you. Your message has passed from mouth to mouth, from parents to children, from generation to generation. People started listening to you. Yes, they slowly did. So if you’re wondering, no. They don’t ignore you anymore.
Also, thank you for being there for me… I mean, it often happens to me, you know, to think about how much sadness and rage I have inside, and how I could easily do something to let it out like you did… But you are there, you always were, and taught me that that’s NOT the solution. I’ve learnt from your mistakes, and I think that would make you really proud, that’s why I’m telling you this. Your actions and death didn’t just bring destruction… They also helped some people, like me. So thank you. I hope you found your place, wherever you are. And that you are, finally, in peace.
You’re missed and never forgotten.
I love you.

Heathenry is not a closed religion. The original culture has been dead for a long time. Many people are attempting to revive the culture. If we know anything about ancient heathens, it’s the fact that they did intermarry with other cultures of various regions. They also traded with various cultures. That culture however is no longer in existence.

Cultural appropriation doesn’t apply to Heathenry because number one, it wasn’t closed and they often welcomed that anyone could worship their gods. People of today have this silly notion that you can’t be involved with Norse gods if you’re not European decent. How do you know your family didn’t marry off to another culture at some point or bring someone else in? We can only track our families history so far until the records end.

If a friend of mine wants to practice and they happen to be Black, Latino, or whatever, that doesn’t matter to me. Let us not forget that Thor himself and even Odin are gods who come from the giant tribes. Thor is also the protector of all human kind. So every time you say things, you’re actually disrespecting him and Odin because of their double race status. I suggest that you take off your big heads and start thinking about being compassionate towards people. Shaming and blaming others is wrong and you’re all nothing but school bullies. Let’s get out of high school okay? If anyone doesn’t welcome anyone it’s the heathens who don’t believe in racism and fundamentalism. We want you out of Heathenry. Now go sit in your box of shame because you’re being inappropriate!

I pretend I know what it’s like to be in a relationship, but I actually have no idea.
I was never given the chance to be held in someone’s heart, well I don’t think I have and if I did this is how I like to think what it’s going to be like when I finally do:

He’ll love me even on the days I don’t love myself and that will happen often.

He’ll wrap me up in his arms after a long day and tell me everything will be okay.

I’ll look at him like he’s the one that brought me back to life and while we lay in bed I’ll trace his face with my fingers and kiss his lips when I want him to wake up.

He’ll make fun of me while I sing in his car as he drives with his hand on my thigh.

He’ll tell me I’m the best thing that happened to him and that I love him in all the right ways.

And on the days I make it too hard for him to love me, he’ll be there… every time.

But what do I know? This is all apart of my imagination.


This is how it will be



[ txt ;; ] how late are you working today?
[ txt ;; ] because i set the smoke alarm off
[ txt ;; ] don’t yell at me though, because the kitchen is not on fire
[ txt ;; ] stiles called the fire department
[ txt ;; ] he also locked me in my room. 

[text] Well, I’m working the night shift, but your actual dad should be home in an hour or two.
[text] Do you want me to let him know?
[text] Why did Stiles lock you in your room? Does this happen often? The fire alarm thing, not the locking in rooms. Do I even want to know?

You know, I come back to this random anon quite often. And I wonder about who wrote it and why. It’s crazy how even years after someone sent this that it still impacts me like it did the first time I read it. These words still ring true to this day, maybe even more now. The last few days have been filled with thinking about all the mistakes I’ve made the last few years and how I would go back and change things. Sometimes you’ve got to do the hardest thing, accept what has happened and what you have done and move on. I may have made many mistakes, but I will never be a failure. Thank you anon for sending this so long ago. I needed it today.

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Hey there, For quite some time i've had a crush on a girl, who also happens to be one of my best friends. We've been hanging out quite often lately. I have been trying to figure out if she could be into me too (or if she is even into girls at all), but it's really hard. She also doesn't know I'm gay either... We usually don't talk about stuff like that so 'casually bringing it up' would be weird... How do you think I can find out anyways? x R

Hmmmmmmmm I mean I tend to casually drop that this or that woman is hot, or something, but then again, I talk a lot about sex in general, so that’s not weird for me… Being direct is underrated, and it might be helpful even if it’s not typical! But, indirectly, again, there’s always commenting about an actress or even a storyline (SANVERSSSSSS), which seems to work for a lot of people! Good luck, my dear!! <3 <3 <3


MIRACULERS!!! My sweet, wonderful, kind fellow miraculers. I AM SO INCREDIBLY PROUD OF YOU GUYS TODAY!!! I seriously can’t thank you guys enough. I never thought my psa post would reach so many people. Tbh when I made the post, it was out of a feeling of despair. Art theft is a sad thing that happens too often, to too many wonderful artists. I didn’t even know if my psa would do anything.

BUT IT DID. You guys spread the word, and the two reposters deactivated their blogs today. To put it in ML terms, you were the wonderful Ladybugs and Chat Noirs who protected the fandom and its artists.

I have never been more proud to call myself a miraculer, and to be an artist in this wonderful fandom. You guys have no idea how much this means to me and other artists.

Thank you so much.


Choukoto finally has a new skin. .+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙ I know, it got quiet around my page, but the update was necessary, another time consuming frustration. Surprisingly, the blog, organized by a little fangirl, became quite poular. I still don’t know how this happened, because I only posted that depressing Touken stuff. Okay, I was often busy to fangirl over Kaneki/Haise as well. *coughs* That makes it even worse. No one else has complained, so I thought, it would be okay. asdfghjkl; Thank you so much! ♥ 。・゚(゚⊃ω⊂゚)゚・。 I really never expected that. And so I thought, it woud be wise to get a level up. “What could I do better as the blog owner? How can I provide an excellent service for my followers?” Thoughts like this.

What’s new on choukoto?

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IMPORTANT! The conclusion project about the relationship between Kaneki and Touka is still in progress. The original post ended up in Spam. I will create a extra page to avoid the problem. Guess, I will break it up into different posts. I’m actually sorry for keep you waiting, but somehow it became a precious thing. I put so much love into editing, cleaning, writing and analyzing - I really had fun discussing certain parts with some of my friends. You don’t create over 60 images (excluding the text arguments, quotes, parallelism, symbolism,…) in a second. Something I did in my free time! (๑´ω`๑) And sometimes I cried because of stress…  I’m gonna take my time and hopefully you will be patient with me.