Do you even know how often this happens to me

If there is one thing I have learned over the years, it’s that it only takes one person, one patient, one moment to change your life forever, to change your perspective, color your thinking. To force you to re-evaluate everything you think you know. To make you ask yourself the toughest questions: Do you know who you are? Do you understand what has happened to you? Do you want to live this way?
—  Cristina Yang
Things I love about ffxiv

❋ People loving their own characters to death, seriously fave thing to see. I love when people look at their character and just love them.

❋ People helping out others, random acts of kindness and welcoming.

❋ When friends spoils their friends, i think this would happen more often in real life if money was easier to come by, so to be able to do it in game is such a good feeling. Even if when you do receive something you don’t know how to handle it >.<

❋ Loving on other people’s character, and or going “this made me think of your cinnamon roll and i wanted to share with you”.

❋ People having funny chats and being happy.


MIRACULERS!!! My sweet, wonderful, kind fellow miraculers. I AM SO INCREDIBLY PROUD OF YOU GUYS TODAY!!! I seriously can’t thank you guys enough. I never thought my psa post would reach so many people. Tbh when I made the post, it was out of a feeling of despair. Art theft is a sad thing that happens too often, to too many wonderful artists. I didn’t even know if my psa would do anything.

BUT IT DID. You guys spread the word, and the two reposters deactivated their blogs today. To put it in ML terms, you were the wonderful Ladybugs and Chat Noirs who protected the fandom and its artists.

I have never been more proud to call myself a miraculer, and to be an artist in this wonderful fandom. You guys have no idea how much this means to me and other artists.

Thank you so much.

ludwigvonkoopaofficial  asked:

How well do you guys get along? Who have the best relationships with each other, and the worst?

Lemmy: Well we all really get along for the most part, even though we fight sometimes. But we’re siblings, so that happens I guess. We’re all really different.

I know I get along really well with Iggy! We don’t hang out as often as we used to, but when we were younger we were insep-inseparable! Iggy was born really small just like me, and we acted a lot like twins when we were younger, like finishing each others sentences and doing everything together. Didja know, he used to have a mohawk! And he’d color his hair like mine too! 

He got a biiiiiiig growth spurt when he was 13 and now he’s all spindly and tall and stuff, and now he’s always bringing me up to his height cause he says he doesn’t want me to feel left out or something.

Ludwig and I get along alright, but that’s only cause we come from the same dad, so we’re blood-related and I guess that means he tolerates me more? And I mean we’re the oldest. We got to watch everyone else grow up, so I guess that’s something else in common we have too. He likes to keep to himself though. But it’s not like he doesn’t get along with the rest of us! He’s taken care of us really well throughout the years.

Wendy and Roy get along well cause they’re actual twins! Even though they fight a lot, it’s more like play fighting y’know? Like they like getting on each others nerves cause it’s funny watching the other get mad! In the end, they make a killer duo!

Roy and Morton have some weird rivalry as to who’s the strongest in the family, but it’s not like a mean-spirited rivalry. They just like being macho or whatever! But we all know who the strongest in the family is… It’s me!

And the worst relationships? Oh no, those aren’t a thing with us…

Well I mean, lately things have been really tense since Larry was promoted to team captain so that Ludo would be free to do other smart people duties for Lord Bowser. Larry likes it. It’s just that Ludo keeps trying to teach him how to be a leader since he had that job for a long time, and Larry doesn’t like that, which makes Ludo frustrated. He doesn’t like being ignored I think…

But after they fight, like, both of them try to make it up to each other in their own ways. It’s kind of like a master/apprentice thing right now I guess, which means they gotta act a certain way towards each other until Larry gets the hang of what he’s doing.

But we’re a good family and we all love each other very much!

anonymous asked:

I wish I could live my life without men, but I honestly don't know where to start or how to do it! How did you do it?

Well, for me it was easy because I happened to move across the country and basically cut ties with everyone. Maybe slowly start distancing yourself from men who don’t contribute positively to your life? Pay attention to when you’re doing more for a man than he does for you. Pay attention to how often men invalidate you, interrupt you, and dominate conversations. Don’t do things you don’t want to for men. I don’t even engage in debates on feminism and sexism with men because imo it’s just a waste of time and energy, I could be helping out a woman instead. If a man is interested in feminism I’ll gladly direct him to resources but I don’t do handholding or arguments with misogynists. Think of your time and energy as a resource and try to invest less in men, because you’ll get more back if you invest it in other ways.

Also it’s easier to cut men out if you develop friendships with women, because isolating yourself isn’t the best thing either, although tbh I prefer to be alone than with sexist guys lol but I’m also more of a loner in general so idk. And Internet friendships are underrated, I’ve counted on my Internet friends during crises many times.

Obviously this doesn’t mean I don’t even say hi to men or have zero male friends, it’s just keeping this stuff in mind, you eventually get to the point where you realize most relationships or interactions with men aren’t very fulfilling, or are actively damaging.

Peaches Geldof.

Since hearing the news break on BBC news at 6pm, i’ve been in a sort of weird state and sense of mind. It literally broke my heart. Nearly 6 hours on from hearing the news, i’m still in this weird shocked state. I don’t know why its affected me so much. Maybe because I took such an interest in her beautiful life, and always hoped one day I would have an awesomely perfect family like her. Maybe its because she was so close in age to me and it really scared the shit out of me that life can just end that quickly. But most of all, I find it absolutely crushing that her two beautiful sons are going to grow up with out a mother. How do you even begin to tell two children under the age of 2 that they will never see their mother again. Yes, I know it happens to ‘regular’ people often, but when you follow someones life so closely on social media, you feel so much closer. RIP Peaches. 


Choukoto finally has a new skin. .+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙ I know, it got quiet around my page, but the update was necessary, another time consuming frustration. Surprisingly, the blog, organized by a little fangirl, became quite poular. I still don’t know how this happened, because I only posted that depressing Touken stuff. Okay, I was often busy to fangirl over Kaneki/Haise as well. *coughs* That makes it even worse. No one else has complained, so I thought, it would be okay. asdfghjkl; Thank you so much! ♥ 。・゚(゚⊃ω⊂゚)゚・。 I really never expected that. And so I thought, it woud be wise to get a level up. “What could I do better as the blog owner? How can I provide an excellent service for my followers?” Thoughts like this.

What’s new on choukoto?

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IMPORTANT! The conclusion project about the relationship between Kaneki and Touka is still in progress. The original post ended up in Spam. I will create a extra page to avoid the problem. Guess, I will break it up into different posts. I’m actually sorry for keep you waiting, but somehow it became a precious thing. I put so much love into editing, cleaning, writing and analyzing - I really had fun discussing certain parts with some of my friends. You don’t create over 60 images (excluding the text arguments, quotes, parallelism, symbolism,…) in a second. Something I did in my free time! (๑´ω`๑) And sometimes I cried because of stress…  I’m gonna take my time and hopefully you will be patient with me.

A post for fanfic readers 2.0

This is sort of like a second part to this post

You know when a sudden wave of gratefulness washes over you and you’re not sure how to even put everything you’re feeling into words and have it make sense?

I often talk about not always feeling appreciated or feeling like I’m being taken for granted, and while those things are true and valid in the sense of how I’m feeling, I do appreciate you guys more than I can explain. You always message me if I make a post about not feeling good; something that very rarely happens on any other sites I spend my time on. You care about my craft, yes, but most of you also care about the person behind the words, and you don’t know how much that means to me. I’ve made some great friends on this site, and I know I’ll keep some of them forever. This place has also helped me become a better writer. A much better writer. I’m not sure if I would write as much as I do if it hadn’t been for this blog. I’m not sure if I would believe in my writing if it hadn’t been for this blog.

The internet can be a toxic place, and sometimes I feel like running this blog can get overwhelming, but you guys never get mad at me when I take breaks. In fact, you always encourage me to do what’s best for my mental health. I feel like I get taken for granted sometimes, yes, but I think I’ve ignored the fact that I take you for granted too. Humans are complex and don’t always realize when they’re being hypocrites, and I promise that from now on I will try to show my appreciation more, if I can. I won’t stop preaching about appreciating writers, but I’m gonna start preaching about appreciating readers too.

I feel like I don’t say it enough, but thank you for your neverending love and support. Thank you.

sometimes I wonder why, after 3 years, I am still affected by you. after 3 years, I still find myself irrationally angry over you sometimes. after 3 years, I still think about you. not as often as I used to; that became clear to me when I checked Facebook today and realized that I had completely forgotten about your 21st birthday. but even still, after 3 years, I still texted you, a day late, and wished you a happy birthday. 

do I miss you? no. do I wish you were still in my life? hell no. I know how much better off I am without you, and I love myself now enough not to be sucked back in by you and your lies. however, I’ll probably never forget about you or what happened between us, which is fine until I meet a nice, cute, sweet boy who actually does give a shit about me. that’s when the memories of you will start to screw me over, because I’m afraid I’ll never be able to let anyone else in again. I’m afraid I’ll just keep sabotaging myself and my relationships and stop myself from ever finding that true love. and that is all I want. all I want is to find someone who will make me forget about you. someone who will erase you from my mind enough so that you texting me 3 years from now and telling me you think you still love me won’t drive me insane like it did a month ago. someone who will make me forget about your birthday, and not care enough to text you once I realize I’ve missed it.

that’s what I want. and to be quite honest, I want you to see me so incredibly happy with someone else. I want you to hurt at the thought of me in someone else’s arms, kissing someone else. I want you to see me with someone who treats me the way you should’ve, and I want you to feel remorse for what you did. because still, to this day, I’ve never gotten a real apology from you. maybe that’s what hurts the most. the fact that you can text me after 3 years and tell me that you still love me, when you never even apologized for breaking my heart, or even acknowledged the fact that you ever loved me in the first place.

so, yeah. I hope one day, when I do find that epic love, you notice. I hope you see my tweets and pictures on Instagram, and I hope you feel something. I hope you feel sadness or anger or jealousy. I hope you can see me happy with someone else, and realize that that could’ve been us, before you screwed everything up. 

anonymous asked:

Is it possible to love someone in another country...? I'm not the person to normally do this but i have fallen for someone and he isn't even in the same country as me. The crazy part is, we have never met in person! we talk on Facetime and text everyday and have managed to get this far.... Is it worth a try or not?

No it is not impossible. It happens quite often, there are so many relationship which starts with just chatting and became so much more than just talking with each other. I guess when it never happened to you, it might be something weird and impossible.

When you know how you feel, it is sure worth a try. 

There are many successful couples who started a relationship without ever meeting their partner at first. I am not saying every relationship which starts this way will be successful. It does take a lot of work and more efforts but in my opinion it is worth a try. I wish you all the best! :)

It’s a blessing and a curse to fuck with someone so hard and create a bond so real that they next can see the imprint whether physically like a tattoo or emotional like a star. The worst is when it’s emotional and not a scar. It’s just a place you can’t touch that’s got nothing to do with you and could hurt your pride if you let it. You can’t not notice it when you have feelings them. I know plenty niggas hate me for leaving a good emotional presence in their current woman that forces them to step up or risk losing her and even I have experienced this happen though it’s often scars I’d have to see. Me, always wishing I could heal them, but knowing I can’t save everyone and how being a victim forever will destroy a relationship has a pause when I first notice someone else’s effect on anyone I’m dealing with.