Wrong Number Series Pt. 13

Okay so first things first, I would like to give a whole lot of credit to BAMBI for helping me sooooooooo much with this (especially my grammar omg I can’t believe)!!!!!!! Also this story takes place during the Part 11 text threads! So before Part 12 happened! :DDDD

Here is a link to part 11 for reference! OMG I hope you guys like it!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

“Damn it,” I mumbled under my breath as I walked into the hotel’s waiting room. I had arrived too early to the fan meeting that had been scheduled for the day.

“Hello, Sir! Please, have a seat. The other members haven’t arrived yet.” A short, sweaty man walked up behind me.

“Are they on their way?” I turned around asking, childishly I crossed my fingers inside of my pockets.

“I haven’t gotten word yet…I’ll bring you a glass of water while you wait!” He bowed before speedily walking out of the large, yet crowded room.

Great, now I’m stuck here by myself surrounded by ‘yes’ people, as I like to call them. What am I supposed to do in the meantime? I swear, if no one arrives soon I’ll-

“Here you go, Sir!” The sweaty man appeared and handed me a glass of ice cold water. I had some painkillers with me due to the headache I have had over the last two days. I quickly took out a couple, hoping they would help. He watched me as I popped them in my mouth and took three full gulps of water.

“Thank you, you’re very kind.” I said.

“No problem! Is there anything else you need, Sir?” He asked cheerfully.

“I’m fine! Thank you.” I replied politely.

He bowed before leaving the room to check on the hotel employees as they scurried around preparing for the fan meeting, sweat still beading his forehead.

“Ew” I thought aloud. He should really wipe that sweat off his face every once in awhile. I placed my water on a table and sat on the large black couch that looked brand new.

God, I’m bored. I doubt anyone in this room could keep me entertained until my members arrived. Nevertheless, I decided to give it a shot.

“So, is it hard making all these arrangements for the fan meets?” I leaned over my chair and asked a random worker who was digging through a pile of headsets and microphones.

“N-n-no, sir! Not at all!” She stuttered, looking at me, her eyes full of surprise.

“Really? Everyone seems so busy. Are you sure it’s not even a little troublesome?” I asked.

“N-not at all! Please don’t worry about us, Sir!” She said through a twitching grin.

“Ah, okay, if you say so.” I decided to end the conversation before it bored me to death. That was a waste of breath. There’s no point in talking to ‘yes’ people, they only answer what they think they’re supposed to answer. No one ever says what they’re actually thinking.

I unconsciously took my phone out of my front pocket and opened the text thread I had with a certain stranger.


I typed out, failing to think of a way to start a conversation with her.

Ugh, can you make this quick I’m with my friends.

She replied instantly. Damn it, she wasn’t alone. That meant she’d probably want to end this conversation sooner than she usually does.

I replied with whatever I could think of to keep her talking to me, but she didn’t seem to find it as amusing as I did.

You’re repulsive

“Hah” I huffed, a smile forming on my face. She’s so straightforward, it’s truly entertaining.

What do you want?

She asked. I considered teasing her a bit more, but figured she’d get annoyed easily so I opted for the truth.

Sucks for you bro.

She really has no class.

I’m busy .

“Damn it, nooo.” I whined to myself.

Doing what?

I asked, hoping it was something I could work around.

None of your business.

Ugh, how annoying.

Tell meeeee!!!!!!! I’m so bored and curious!

I begged, continuing my honesty streak. God, I sound desperate.

Ugh, I’m at a fan signing. Haha :p

FAN SIGNING?! What if…no, I doubt it, there’s lots of other celebrities having fan signings out there. But what if….

Who is it??

I asked, unconsciously holding my breath. Eventually she replied.

Exo 😁

I felt my heart drop to my gut.

“What the hell?!” I cursed aloud, caught off guard by the sudden butterflies in my stomach, quickly typing out a response. I was trying to get a hold of myself when another text came in.

Oh right, you’re a fan too. Jealous?

AH this was just too lucky! I couldn’t let this opportunity slip out of my hands, so I decided to play along.

I tried to dig out as much information about where she might be amongst the crowd but everything was just too broad. She’s in the middle next to overly dressed girls……that’s all the girls!!!! How was I supposed to find her in the sea of fans? Maybe it’ll help if I know where she actually is.

Where in the line are you??

Isn’t that creative?

There’s so many people I can’t even tell. Like the middle?

That was barely even helpful, but okay. I could work with that. I tried getting more information on her whereabouts in the line, but everything was too vague. I had to be more straightforward.

What are you wearing?

I asked bluntly.

Ew are you trying to be a pervert on purpose??

I saw this reaction coming from a mile away, lucky for me, I was prepared. The more I’ve talked to her the more I’ve realized she loved showing me up. I just had to keep poking at her until she erupted.

It is not! It’s blue and flowy and cute! 😠 it even has a bow!

“Too easy.” I snickered to myself. Maybe this won’t be impossible after all, just look for the girl in the blue dress with a bow. Easy, right?

“We are one, we are EXO! Thank you!”  I took a bow along with my members and waved at the crowd of screaming fans. My eyes wandered over the crowd for the hundredth time that night searching for a “flowy" blue dress.

“Looking for someone?” I jumped at the sudden voice coming behind me.

“Suho hyung! Don’t scare me!” I said shaking my head as I clung to my chest hoping to calm my beating heart a little.

“Haha sorry!” He laughed obviously amused. “You’ve been scanning the crowd like a cashier this whole time!”

“Wait, what?” I snapped out of my thoughts at the random comment made by my leader.

“… It’s a joke, don’t you get it? Like, when cashiers scan things?” Oh, so it was just another typical ‘Suho’ comment. Wow.

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand cheap jokes.” I answered, rolling my eyes.

“Show some respect for your Hyungs in public at least” he responded through a forced grin. “What have you been searching for? You’re studying the crowd quite intensely, it borderline creepy.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about” I said feigning innocence. “And I do respect you. You’re the one being rude.”

Already being used to my comments, hyung just rolled his eyes and ignored my previous statement.

“Anyway, there are a lot of pretty girls here today,” he began as he scanned the crowd with me. “Are you thinking about dating again?”

“Hey! Pay attention! The tables are set up, time to meet the fans!” Manager interrupted, I have never been more grateful for being cut off mid-thought. I have no idea what I would’ve replied to Suho. Was I actually thinking about dating again?

He rushed us towards the table where the signing would take place. It was absolutely littered with permanent markers and posters, it’s unbelievable the amount of Sharpies we go through at these events.

I quickly sat down next to Jongin and after a speech from a staff member going over the rules of conduct, the organized crowd began moving forward.

One by one, I signed posters and greeted the fans with a warm smile.

“Th-th-th-thank you! AAAHHHHH!!! You’re so handsome!” They would shrill nervously at us.

“Ah thank you! Please keep supporting us!” We would answer back sweetly just we normally do.

I couldn’t help but check my phone every so often, waiting for a text that I knew would never come through. Half an hour later I realized we had gotten through the first half of the crowd, when I suddenly felt the same previous sensation creeping into my stomach. I tried to convince myself that maybe I ate something spoiled, although I had an idea of why I had this unsettling feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Where are you???

I found myself hitting send before I even realized I had my phone in my hand.

Wait! I’m busy!

Could she never just answer my questions on the first try?

Are you close to them yet??

I asked hoping to finally get a straight answer.

Yes but I’m busy OMG!

I looked down the line anxiously, yet all I could see were the faces of the overly nervous fans bouncing up and down. She said she’s close but I don’t see a blue dress anywhere! I continued texting her.

Omg I see them! They’re even more handsome in real life!

Was she making this up? Did she think she could get rid of me if she faked being busy? She did say that she was towards the middle. If she said she can see us that must mean she knows we’re almost halfway through the fans. She couldn’t be lying. She must be here. She might even be looking at me at the moment.

I’ll be her new bias by the time she leaves this room, I thought to myself as I straightened my back and adjusted my blazer.

Whatever, I don’t care anyway.

“Stop using your cell phone, you have to pay attention to the fans!” Suho angrily whispered in my ear before turning back to the fan boy standing in front of him.

Crap! I had forgotten where I was! I was being rude and unfair to the fans who had waited hours to see me, and they hadn’t payed to see me on my phone. I tried to give my full attention back to the fan stepping before me, however, my head involuntarily turned and I searched down the line, but it was hard to see anyone five people down since the line started getting more and more clustered.

“Hello! Can you please make this out to ‘the best little sister’?” It was a fan boy this time who brought me back to my senses as he placed a newly bought album in front of me.

“Sure! Here you go!” I said with an apologetic smile as I signed it and handed it back to him.

“Thank you!!!” He bowed respectfully before moving on to Minseok Hyung.

I quickly looked back down at my phone as soon as it buzzed in my lap.

I’m almost there EEEKKK! I gotta go, bye!

Almost!? How close is “almost”? I desperately wanted to ask her when I was interrupted by another fan.

“Oh my gosh, hi!” Squealed a girl who looked like she was dressed for a party of some kind.

“Hello! How are-!” I suddenly stopped, and took in her appearance. I looked at the girls that followed her, noticing they were all dressed up way too much and wearing what seemed like pounds of makeup on their faces. That means…I tried to see where the line of seemingly plastic girls ended, however there was no blue dress that followed.

Maybe she really was lying. I wouldn’t put it past her, she’s a clever girl who just needed an excuse to not talk to me for a while. How typical. She’ll pay for this. I was just about to give up and turn my attention back to the fan when I saw her.

“I got it! I must have dropped it in the bathroom earlier but someone found it and took it to the front desk, thank God!” I could faintly hear the girl wearing a flowy light blue dress with a bow on it say. Her cheeks were flushed from running, and she panted as she slowed down in front of another girl. Her friend sighed in relief and pulled her back in line within the crowd of people, and just like that, I couldn’t see her anymore . I was mesmerized by the sight of her, I never realized someone dressed so simply could look so stunning.

“Oppa! Can you look at me like that please?!” The girl standing in front of me, with her arms folded, suddenly brought me back to reality.

Why couldn’t I concentrate on what I was doing? I have never been so distracted before. I really needed to stop daydreaming.

“Oh, sorry!” I jumped unintentionally at her shrill voice. “How are you?” I smiled trying to recover, but I couldn’t help feeling flustered. She’s actually here. She wasn’t lying. No! I need to snap out of this and stop thinking about her.

“Not so good.” The girl whined.

“Oh? What’s wrong?” I asked worriedly.

“Oppa doesn’t look at me!” She complained.

“Am I not looking at you now?” I replied jokingly. “I’ll start looking at you from now on as long as you look at me too, okay?”

“AAHHH, yes Oppa!” She shrieked before taking her poster and handing it to Minseok.

The line seemed to be moving in slow motion after I noticed her. I couldn’t help but glance in her direction, trying to steal a second glimpse of the mystery girl I’ve been finding refuge in for the past couple days. But each time, someone either blocked my view or distracted me with a pen and poster.

Stop it. Pay attention to what you’re doing, I chided myself.

However, as much as I tried to give the fans my full attention, my brain couldn’t help but fight back. Why couldn’t she be an ugly duckling like I told her she was? How can someone so ill-mannered look like that? Why does this girl look so healthy and HAPPY? Maybe I didn’t get a good look, it all happened so fast. But why am I so damn nervous?

Once there were less fans before her, I was able to see as she walked closer and closer to the table, step by step, eventually her figure blocked by a girl in sky high heels.

Finally, she climbed up the five steps it took to reach our table and I could finally see her clearly. Her hair down perfectly framing her features. She examined the members faces and her eyes stopped on mine. I froze in place for a second but before I could react and give her a smile she turned away, face flushed. That was adorable. No, wait, what.

I couldn’t help but smile to myself as I greeted the next fan. There were three more fans left before I met her. Two more. One more. I probably glanced at her a hundred times before she finally reached me.

She took a step sideways to stand in front of me, still laughing from her encounter with Jongin. I wonder if I could make her laugh like that. No! What are you even thinking??

“Hello!” She bowed gracefully. “My name is Y/n! It’s nice to meet you!”

Y/n. My throat felt so tight I thought I’d choke if I tried to talk. I stared at her, taking in her presence. How could she have such a positive aura around her? She’s not bare faced but she doesn’t seem to be wearing much makeup. She looks healthy, I think she’s glowing. That blue dress really compliments her. What felt like a second to me must have been longer because she cleared her throat awkwardly, as she played with the bow on the waist of her dress.

Damn it, she was right, it is cute. How do you turn off your brain?

“Anyway, thank you for working so hard for your fans!” She chirped happily, snapping me out of my inner battle.

I stared, unable to form words. What the hell was wrong with me?!

“I really admire your hard work, but I hope you’re able to rest soon.”  She continued earnestly, as she held her smile.

“R-right!” I was finally able to spit out. Did I just stutter? “It’s all worth it when we get to meet fans like you!” I tried to smile sweetly as I searched for the right words to say to her.

“You don’t have to lie, I can tell you’re exhausted.” She smiled back at me sincerely.

“What?” I replied, caught off guard.

“You look handsome and all but…are you sure you’re not sick?” She blurted after taking a closer look at me.

This woman, really. How does she manage to be so straightforward without a thought? Although, I do have to admit, it’s quite refreshing.

“I’m fine, thank you!” I assured, taken aback by her grit.

“Hmm…you should still get some rest, just to be sure.” She replied unconvinced, eyes observing me.

Seriously, who does she think she is? I had a hard time figuring out whether she was being genuinely concerned or just plain rude. It probably would have seemed more sincere if I didn’t know her true, almost crude character. Maybe if I poke her a bit, she’ll reveal her true colors.

“I’ll try my best to rest for you but I do have a lot of practicing on my schedule before our comeback, thanks!” I grumbled, hoping she’d connect the dots and pick up on my snide remark.

“Ah I see” She sighed, completely oblivious. “It must be tough…”

Is she stupid or something? How could she not get it? Is this really her? It has to be, but, why isn’t she giving me sass?

“You’re holding up the line. Move it along, will you?” Manager quickly spoke in my ear before going to stand behind to Kai.

“It can be, sometimes.” I acknowledged. “Don’t worry about me, though! Do us all a favor and keep taking care of yourself!” I said sincerely. After realizing how desperate I must’ve appeared, I quickly added, “I mean, if you don’t, who’s going to be our fan? It’ll get boring pretty quickly. It was really a pleasure to meet you, though! Have a nice night, Y/n!” I signed one of our posters and handed it to her with as charismatic a smile as I could muster.

“Okay, I will, Oppa, work hard then! Thank you!” She replied shyly, taking the poster from my hands as she bowed before stepping in front of Minseok hyung. I froze momentarily.

She just called me Oppa, I think I just died. She’s never going to hear the end of this… No, she can’t know who I am, what am I even thinking?!

I turned to watch her as she went down the line of members and greeted each one with the same smile she greeted me. It put a sour taste in my mouth. That’s supposed to be my smile…. WHAT.

What was that all about? I wasn’t expecting any of it, I almost didn’t remember what it was that had happened.

As opposed to before I met her, my mind was now blank. Was she rude to me? Was I rude to her? She was just stating her thoughts. No one ever did that to us, it was much more amusing to witness it in person than over text, that was certain.

Honestly, I had been slightly worried she’d be uninteresting and pass by me without leaving any impression, but I was so damn wrong. She was nothing like I expected and, yet for some reason that I can not fathom, I was happy because of it.

Is it wrong that I want to see her again?

I quickly pushed the thought away as the next fan stepped up.

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Getting a dog

Calling him Oppa for the first time

Long distance relationship

Finding your lost sketchbook

Suggesting nicknames

Teasing s/o after she loses her glasses and falls on him


Morning after

Trying to set you up with Baekhyun

When you tell him the reason (friends memorial) behind your tattoo sleeve

Texting you while you’re sleeping so he sends good morning texts

Cute everyday text


When he’s bored

Playfully arguing over best disney movie

Suggesting nicknames

Jealous you got bubble tea with another member

Having a hard time leaving after tour break in your neighborhood


Texting you while you’re sleeping so he sends good morning texts

Cute everyday text

Morning after

Telling you how much he loves you when you ignore him


Confessing to you

Confession (ver. 2)


Comforting you over bad relationship with your older brother

Needy for attention

When you freak out over his cane dance

Suggesting nicknames

Comforting foreign s/o after getting made fun of

Faints during exo'rdium

Teasing s/o after she loses her glasses and falls on him

Morning after

Asking his s/o to do couples yoga hinting that it could lead to more

When beagle line is trying to set you up with him

When you tell him the reason (friends memorial) behind your tattoo sleeve

Accidentally confessing to him

When you are an idol with an intimate choreography with back up dancers

Missing your date and promising to be your slave for the week

When he wants you to pet his hair

Texting you while you’re sleeping so he sends good morning texts

Cute everyday text

Jealous you are close to other guys


Pep talk when you’re tired

Run away from home after fighting with your parents



When you burn dinner

Missing you because you’re apart

Finding your blog about them

Cute everyday text

Planning a surprise party for you with other members


Getting bullied because of your weight

Jealous his dogs get more of your attention than him


Accidentally confessing to him

Reaction to snap spam of you with his dogs

Telling you how much he loves you when you ignore him


Cheering you up when you’re sad

Morning after

Jealous (ft. Minseok)

Trying to set you up with Baekhyun

Accidentally confessing to him

Getting jealous with Super Junior members because they’re close to you

Cute everyday text


Drunk texting him

Finding your blog about them

Being nice before telling you he broke your iPad

Playfully arguing over best disney movie


Failing at helping you with school work

Cute everyday text

Comforting you after a big fight with your best friend

Cutely Flirting

Missing your date and promising to be your slave for the week

Confessing to you

Morning after

Accidentally confessing to him

When you say how cute he is in his childhood pictures

Telling you how much he loves you when you ignore him


Making you feel better when you’re sick

Grumpy because you pay more attention to other members

Missing your date and promising to be your slave for the week

Feeling “excited” after a great concert ~


Dirty texts at 2am ~

Teasing you because he thinks you’re cute being teased

Flirty texts during his families dinner party


Accidentally asking his crush for dating advice


Calling them Oppa for the first time

Cheering you up when you’re in a bad mood

Hiding a surprise party from you

Confessing and getting rejected (age gap)

When you don’t say “I love you” back

When you’re both insecure about your bodies

Forgetting about the time difference

Helping you with your insecurities

Accidental phone exchange

Being overprotective

Accidentally calling them daddy

Checking up on you after a nightmare

They don’t like the nickname you gave them

Giving them the silent treatment ~

Finding out you ship them with Jongdae

When they really want to hug you

When someone is flirting/being inappropriate with you

When they have a rough day and you cheer them up

You get a puppy without them knowing

Failing at subtly asking you to move in

Teasing them because you heard them moan your name in their sleep ~

Teasing foreign girlfriend because she can’t use chopsticks

Teasing you because you have small boobs

Jealous about you fan girling over Jared Leto’s Joker

Teasing you because you moaned their name in your sleep ~

When you run away embarrassed after they hear you moan for the first time

When you want them to call you Jagiya and they tease you

Wishing you a happy birthday

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{Reaction} EXO's significant other hints at wanting to have a baby

Note: I hope I did this fine, I struggled a little with some of the members but either way I did my best so please enjoy anon and any one else reading!~

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the gifs/images used. 

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by yeollovemebaek

Living with Chanyeol means that you’re already halfway there with experience of looking after a child since he pretty much acts like one the majority of the time with his ‘happy virus’ reputation. But however much you hint at wanting to start a family, he’s not going to get it. At all. For example, the two of you would be out on a cute date at the zoo, and when you see a small family walk by you’d smile and say to Chanyeol, ‘look at them, don’t they look so happy with their child’ and he’d simply nod, not getting the underlining meaning to what you’re trying to say. The only way he’s going to get the message is if you’re more direct with him, however daunting that may seem.

{y/n}: “Look Chanyeol, I’ve been really thinking and… I’d like to start a family with you.”

Chanyeol: “You mean like… have a baby?”

{y/n}: “Yes…”

Chanyeol: “I mean, that’s kind of out of the blue, and I didn’t think you’d be interested in all that… but yes. I’d love to!”

{y/n}: “Oh yeah… this is definitely an out of the blue thing, I haven’t totally been hinting for the last six months or anything.”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

Kyungsoo would have spotted your hints since you first started making them, but he’d be too nervous to really talk to you about it seriously. As he’s working so much with his music and different dramas, he’d be kind of anxious about it as he knows how absent he is, and he wouldn’t want that fate for his child. But after a long time of thinking about it carefully, he’d come to a decision, and would finally pluck up the courage to talk to you directly about it.

Kyungsoo: “It won’t be easy. But I’ll take on less work, and I’ll sort something out with my manager to see when I can get time off. I know it’s not something we need to rush in with, but just know that when the time is right, I will give my one hundred percent commitment.”

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by sebyunie

As we all know, Baekhyun is known for being the comedy act of EXO. so when you start hinting that you may want to start a family with him, he’s more than likely not going to think you’re being serious and will probably start taking the piss out of you.

One day, you were sitting in a park, watching a man and his young daughter playing happily on the swings. They were both grinning happily, like neither of them could imagine anything better than being in that moment. You nudged Baekhyun and motioned towards them while saying ‘Just think, that’ll be you with our child one day.’ That’s when he burst out into fits of laughter, turning your smile into a frown as he responds ‘Jagi, you know you don’t need an excuse to have sex with me right.’

Since then, you were careful with what you said around him, not wanting to get that same humiliating response. Until you decided enough was enough, and that you needed to put him straight.

{y/n}: “Baekhyun… If I asked you about starting a family with you, what would you say?”

Baekhyun: “I’d ask how your sex drive is feeling.” *Smirks*

{y/n}: “No. I’m being serious.”

Baekhyun: “Oh… well in that case… I guess… Uh….” *Finally gets flustered now he knows you’re being serious.*

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by luderella

Sehun felt a little freaked out when you started mentioning about having kids. He wouldn’t know what to think, and would more than likely get a little anxious over the situation since he’s still very committed to his music and under a very intense contract, not to mention he still felt like a child himself. So every time you’d hint t wanting a family, he’d try and divert away from it, countering your comments. (“Hey Sehun, wouldn’t it be cute to have a child?” you’d ask him, looking as a mall family pass. “No,” he’d respond, a look of distaste on his face as he continued “They’re too much work, and they smell.” The comment would make you roll your eyes as to reply, “That’s literally a mini version of you. Sehun.”)

After a while though, as he thinks about it more, the idea would become more apparent to him, and he’d be much more comfortable about it. He’d ask for a lot of advice from his Hyung’s too, knowing that if they approved of the idea then it mustn’t be too bad.

Sehun: “I know you’ve been hinting at wanting to start a family…”

{y/n}: “Yeah?”

Sehun: “And I think it’s a good idea… but not just yet. I need some time. But just so you know, if we do decide to do this, I’m not doing nappies. Okay?”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by laygion

Your hints to wanting a child would just confuse Yixing a lot. He wouldn’t know if you were genuinely hinting at him here, of if your comments were just passive. It would make him think though, mainly what life would be like if he brought a child into the world. At first, he would be a bit worried about it, thinking that he wouldn’t be a good Dad since he’s always working and traveling, but after a while he’d realise that if he wanted it enough then he could make it work. Though, he doesn’t voice these thoughts, hence why he’s wrapped up and confused about your hinting.

Yixing: “Why do you keep asking me what baby names I like? Or if I’d like a boy or a girl? I don’t understand you baobi.”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by exoxoolf

Jongdae wouldn’t really know how to react when you start hinting about wanting a child. He’d be happy that you wanted to move your relationship this this level, and he’d feel the same. But he would be nervous about it, which makes him more skeptical of it all. But the more he thinks about it, the more he’s convincing himself that it’s a bad idea. How will the fans react? What happens if something goes wrong? What if the child can’t cope with having a famous parent? What if I’m not good enough? Would all be running through his head, making him almost sick with worry. He’d try and keep it all inside, not tell you how stressed he’s feeling until you notice how withdrawn he’s acting.

{y/n}: “Talk to me, Jongdae. I know you’re feeling anxious about this. We need to communicate otherwise we’re not going to work, you know that.”

Jongdae: “I just… I’m worried.”

{y/n}: “You’re supposed to be worried. It’s a big step, but I’ll be with you the whole time. Yeah?”

Jongdae: “Yeah…” *Feels better now he has your support.*

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

Minseok would like the idea of having a child with you. Since he’s the oldest in EXO, he’s more mature, and would be thinking about the next steps into his life as he’s not getting any younger. He’d also be very happy that he’d be able to share this experience with you, the person he loves the most.

{y/n}: *Watching a movie, smiling as a family come on screen.* “Minseok, I’d like a child one day.”

Minseok: “Why wait when we can start right now?” *Smirks at you, but does have meaning and seriousness behind it.*

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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You’d hint about wanting a child to Tao, not really expecting him to agree to it at all. So you’re greatly surprised when you come home one evening after work to see him presenting you with flowers and a grin.

Tao: “Jagi, if you want a baby then I’m more than happy to support you in that.”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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Suho smiled at you as you hinted that you wanted another child. Your first child had already started preschool and was finally blurting out their first words and learning basics. He loves spending with your child already as it is, everything from reading, teaching and singing with them, so when you start hinting at another, he doesn’t even hesitate in agreeing to you.

{y/n}: “I think it would be better for {child} to have a sibling too, and it’ll…

Suho: “You don’t need to convince me {y/n}. I’m already happy for this to happen.” *Grinning*

Lu Han

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Luhan isn’t going to get it, if you want a child you’re going to have to tell this guy straight otherwise he isn’t going to catch on. Like Baekhyun, he’d probably just be dirty minded every tie you try and bring something up.

{y/n}: “Come on Luhan it’s not hard to work out what I’m hinting at! Not a lot of sleep, a lot of work. We’ll need to buy a lot of toys.”

Luhan: “Sex?”

{y/n}: “You’re fucking hopeless…”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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Jongin would more than likely be hinting about wanting a child more than you’re hinting it to him. He’d be very happy with the idea, and would more than likely assume that his experience of living with dogs would give him a sufficient idea of how much work it would be to look after a child {oh how wrong he is.} Either way, when you point out a small family walking past and make a comment, he’d smile and agree.

{y/n}: “Don’t you think it would be amazing to have our own child?”

Jongin: “Yeah… it would be pretty amazing.”

Wu Yifan/ Kris

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Kris would more than likely be very mature about it, like Minseok. He’d hear your hints and would take his time to think about it all before he made any final decisions, but when he finally came to a decision, he’d smile and go to tell you straight away.

Kris: *bursts in* “So, baby names.”

{y/n}: *Jumps at the suddenness of him walking in* “Hi Kris.”

Kris: *Puts a list of names in front of you* “These are my personal favorites. Our baby is going to be so beautiful, just like their father… Just joking, they’re going to be gorgeous like their Mum” *Kisses your cheek*

exo reaction to you feeling intimidated by them after watching lotto


After bring this up to him, he would recognize how valuable your opinion of him was. He wouldn’t even be able to accept everyone’s compliments on his acting. He knew that most days he maintained cold facial expressions, so he would attempt to appear more lighthearted and happy on a regular basis.  

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He’s always been self conscious of his height due to how intimidating it can make him seem. He’d be sad to know that the face makeup used for the music video adjusted your image of him. He would be extra sweet and romantic the following weeks to compensate for his dark appearance in the recent comeback. 

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It would definitely upset him to find that your image of him changed. Kai is a generally humble person, and finding that his money addicted brand in the video impacted you would hurt. The last thing he wanted to be seen as was a gloating celebrity. His career did provide an income higher than average, but he never took an incredible amount of pride in his bank account. He would be very careful regarding what he said around you in the next few weeks.  

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He could understand how his image in the MV could have an impact on you. Suho would probably become very cuddly in the hours following. 

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Your recent feelings would be strange to him. Sehun has never been a generally intimidating person, so finding that one of the closest people to him felt that way would be mind boggling. He would probably laugh about it and remind you of who he truly is.  

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Your recent thoughts helped Baekhyun recognize how crucial his actions were while around you. He would resort to comedy to help his image alter to it’s previous state in your mind.     

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