I Loved You

 Author: bvidzsoo

 Warning: light swearing, smut

 Pairing: Byun Baekhyun x female reader

 Word count: 3, 888

 Summary: Baekhyun was the love of your life. Or at least that’s what you thought, never in your life did you imagine everything will end. Was it all a teenager love that faded? Or were you wrong, and all you needed was a little space in result to realize you still loved each other more than anything.

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sex with exo-k 🌙

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junmyeon 🗡

some people may not agree, but i think junmyeon has a daddy kink. i say this because of how caring he is with his members; he resembles a guardian figure. i think he would be the same way in bed, with a few other aspects added into it all. i’m not quite sure how to word this in a way that would be easily understanded…. while he would give lots of pleasure and care for you in bed, i feel that he would really reveal a new side of himself. something he can’t display around anyone else.

he’d prefer to call you ‘babygirl/boy’ (or ‘sweetheart’ if you use they/them pronouns). things would be kicked off by slow oral, in which he holds your hips down and uses his skillful tongue on you. of course, you’ll cum this way at least twice before he shows a desire to really fuck you. not only does he want you to be nice and ready for him, he wants you to beg a little for it.

throughout the sex itself, it’ll be very clear who’s in charge. he’ll be very soft with you, yet he’ll have a dominant vibe about himself. he knows that you won’t disobey him, so he has no reason to be overly rough or to bark harsh orders at you. as long as you’re good for him, he’ll make sure you see stars.

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baekhyun 🎃

with baekhyun, i think you’ll get something new every time. because of this, i’ll do a far lengthier post on him alone, but let’s see what i can group together for now. as we all know, baekhyun is very shameless, loud, and rowdy. all of these traits would carry over into the bedroom, bringing together a very wild night each time you both have sex.

needless to say, he isn’t afraid to be loud. he is a switch (with a submissive preference), so he’ll be very noisy when subbing for you, whining especially loud at every single touch. no matter his role, he’ll be taunting, too. always pushing for more. if he wants more, he won’t just ask for it, he’ll slyly make sure he gets it. degradation? he’s into that too, on both ends. of course it would come into play here.

because he likes using things such as handcuffs and flogs every now and again, he chose a safeword, just in case. it’s 'sexy pineapple.’ he jokes, but he really would like if you use it whenever you become uncomfortable with anything he does/wishes to do. he’s into so much, that may actually be an instance once or twice.

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jongin 🦇

jongin strikes me as a switch more than anything. on stage, he transforms into a very self-aware, sexy man, while he’s practically a bunny everywhere else. he either likes no roles, or he wants to be a little dominate with you, much like the two personas previously stated. the latter is a bit more common though.

vanilla sex with him is satisfying, but more than just sexually. he’ll hold your hand. he’ll giggle when you kiss his neck or blow cool air onto it. it’s not only loving, but it’s a lighthearted affair. it’s about more than sex, it’s about simply enjoying each other. he’d nip at the skin of your chest, only to break out into light laughter at the noise it elicited from you. he’d do it again, just so he can tease you about it afterward.

then there are nights that are so contrasting. these are very needy sessions, where he will tear the clothing from your body if it meant he could touch you sooner. he’s in need of your touch. foreplay would be scarce, aside from causing a few hickies to bloom on the skin of your neck and collarbones. he’ll take you from behind then, pull on your hair a bit. a safeword isn’t really needed; he’ll stop something as soon as you ask.

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sehun 🔮

sehun has shown before that he enjoys being the center of attention when he can be. this is exactly the case in bed; thus making him a bratty sub (in my opinion of course). i don’t think he’s afraid of causing a little fuss to get what he wants either. he’s the baby of exo after all, so he’s used to being treated like one. being cared for, given into.

he likes when you call him your baby, and when you do things for him. lap dances and stripteases are a favorite of his. despite being so submissive, he likes to think he’s calling the shots. he hates being cuffed up because it prevents him from touching you as he pleases, but it’s often required to keep him from going far too fast. he’s impatient; he tries to rush things along so that he can get off.

more often than not, you get off by riding him—whether it be his face or his dick. he isn’t one for begging, so don’t expect any of that. however, he’s better at taking orders than one would expect. he’s very gifted with his tongue and he knows how to use it well. tell him to eat you out/rim you and he will.

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in real life, chanyeol is a bit clumsy, sheepish, and awkward. i can see him being very awkward and inexperienced in bed. no offense, but this man is the type to make a pornhub account in his mother’s email address. i think he really would like to be a dominant person in bed, but he hasn’t quite gotten there yet. he’s very nervous about a lot because he doesn’t want to hurt you more than what you can visibly take.

he likes when you ride him, so he can get a feel of the pace you seem to enjoy, while being able to take control of your hips. or he’ll wrap a hand around the column of your throat, hesitantly beginning to tighten his grip. he gets nervous when your breathing gets shaker and shakier, and waits intently for the safeword/signal. he’ll also slowly step into the waters of degradation, if you’re alright with it. talking of sex is so awkward for most people, but i think he may ask you about this bit beforehand, so he knows where the line is.

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kyungsoo 🔫

in my opinion, kyungsoo is a very rough dom. he’s shown more of a violent side toward his members in how he hits or threatens them from time to time (junmyeon seems to be afraid of him sometimes), so i can definitely see him being very rough in the bedroom. while he does take you into cconsideration, there are only rare occasions where he wants to make love to you. unless it’s a special night, he wants to fuck you.

i see him being into a lot of things which require a separate post of their own, but i’ll begin with orgasm denial. he likes winding you up, making it seem as though you’re going to get a treat for riding his cock so well before simply leaving you hanging. in order to see an orgasm again that night, you’ll need to beg him for one. in addition to this, he likes face fucking you. it’ll usually take place after he’s fucked you doggy style, so he can taunt you about how filthy it is that you’re sucking yourself off of him. he’ll grab a fistful of your hair in his hand and guide you along his shaft at whatever pace he’s in the mood for.

for the record, he isn’t a complete asshole. aftercare is a must, and it’s very sweet at that. there’s both a safeword and a safe signal (for when you have your mouth full/ball gagged), which he encourages the use of if need be. he tries to be aware of your limits and tries not to test them, especially on accident.


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I’m pretty sure this is all of what i’ve done so far, I’ll update it as I write more.

Shin Wonho ( Cross Gene) :

Kim Jongin/ Kai (Exo):

Oh Sehun (Exo):

Byun Baekhyun (Exo):

Park Chanyeol (Exo):

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O:

  • Sorry I Threw Up On You (cringy, fluff later)- Part 1
The War - Chapter 3

Plot: The country has been separated into Divisions for population control. An unruly leader dictating everybody’s lives. Families are separated. A group forms an uprising to make a change. It ends up being a darker and harder change than anybody could have anticipated.

Characters: Kim Minseok, Kim Junmyeon, Zhang Yixing, Kim Jongdae, Byun Baekhyun, Park Chanyeol, Do Kyungsoo, Kim Jongin, Oh Sehun, (OC to be announced later)

Disclaimer: This story is going to have a lot of violence.

The War: Chapter 1, 2

Kyungsoo POV: I stared at the road intently. I chewed at my bottom lip, a bad habit that I’ve had for as long as I could remember. It was tied to my nerves. I wish that I knew how to shake it, however, nothing really ever helped me break the tick.

We were nearing the division that Yixing was at. The rest of his family had been put here, and his aunt had grown ill. He had been granted permission to come see her due to the likelihood of her passing soon. He had mentioned in calls and text messages that he had become a part of something big, but he had never elaborated. We knew that calls were monitored, so he remained vague. 

I was not sure that I wanted to be involved in an uprising. It was unnerving to anticipate what expect next. 

We arrived at the coordinates that Yixing had texted us and all flew out of the car. 

We all stretched after the long, overnight car ride. 

Sehun let out a big yawn and asked, “why would he send us to the middle of the damn woods?”

“Because texting you the coordinates of the location of the actual base of operations would be stupid, moron.”

We all spun and saw Yixing standing there, arms open and a wide smile on his lips

We all ran over and took turns embracing Yixing.

He had been gone for a very long time. It was good to see his face again.

“How are you,” Junmyeon asked him, patting his back while he hugged him.

Before he was able to answer, Minseok’s cell phone rang.

He showed us the screen. It was his girlfriend, Sarah, calling. He took a deep breath before swiping the call button to answer.

“Babe…” but I could hear her voice cutting him off. She sounded angry. Minseok quickly flipped the call to speakerphone.

“…got a call that you just didn’t report to your military base?! Minseok! Where in the fuck are you? What is going on? They’re saying we’re about to be in a god damned war, and you’re AWOL.”

“Baby, please,” Minseok started, but she interjected again.

“Do you know how much trouble you’re in?! Like, you could go to jail for a very fucking long time for this.”

A knot tightened in my throat. I had not considered that as a repercussion.

Yixing marched over and took Minseok’s phone from him.

“Sarah. This is Yixing.”

“Yixing?! What? What is Minseok… You’re in division… what is happening?” She could not fully formulate a sentence.

“Something is happening. Minseok and the rest of the guys are with me. Please tell Min that you love him, because I’m about to destroy his and everybody else’s phones. We can’t have them tracked.”

All of us became stark still. Yixing handed Minseok his phone back, and Minseok stared at him blankly.”

“Baby, I’m sorry. I have to go. I love you so much, okay?” His voice was strained. It hurt to listen to.

Sarah was crying now, “I love you too, Minseok. Whatever you’re doing, please make the right choices and come home to me.”

They ended the call, and Minseok handed his phone to Yixing.

Yixing walked around the circle and took all of our phones from us. Jongdae resisted the most.

“I can’t disappear on Veronica,” he snapped, “she’s pregnant, Yixing. What happens if she needs me?”

“She wouldn’t be able to get to you in training. It would be the same thing. Text her. Tell her that you’re okay, and the moment we are somewhere that it’s safe to call her, that you will. But I either need your phone or I need you to get in that car and leave.”

Yixing had never been this firm with us. He was usually the comfort of all of us. He maintained his composure constantly. This was a side of him that was, quite frankly, intimidating.

Jongdae, reluctantly, sent his text message and then handed Yixing his phone.

We cringed as we saw Yixing smash each of our phones against the gravel beneath the heel of his boots.

I took this time to observe him.

At quick glance, he looked the same. Under a heavier stare, I took notice of the bags residing under his eyes. They were dark circles that, I assumed were a new, permanent feature of his face. His smile from the initial greeting now seemed forced, as the grimace attached to his lips crossed his face more naturally.

There was mud caked along certain parts of his skin. His hair was longer and unkempt. Stress lines rested next to his eyes and in his brow.

He also appeared stronger. It was impossible to not notice his arms had grown bigger. HiS shoulders were broader. It was apparent that he had been working out, or doing something that was making him bigger.

He was Yixing, but he wasn’t.

He guided us through the forest. We ducked around tree branches and swatted at bugs flying in our faces. Little by little, we shed layers as the sun began to beat down on us through the trees.

Junmyeon’s flannel now rested wrapped around his waist. Chanyeol and Jongin had completely shed their shirts, dipping them in a river that we passed and then laying them across their shoulders as to keep them cool.

We took turns glancing at each other as we expected an explanation. We did not get one, however, none of us felt comfortable asking anything either.

I took a glance up. High in the canopy, I took notice of a white fabric tied to a branch. I glanced both ahead and behind us, and saw this every few trees. My eyes drifted to Yixing, and saw him glance up occasionally. This must be how he was able to find his way.

I smirked. It was conspicuous. It was not an obvious marking like a carving in a tree. I caught up with him and nodded up.

“Good eye, Soo,” he grinned, “ definitely still the quick guy you were when I left, huh?”

“You come up with that,” I asked.

“Yeah. We kept losing men. It wasn’t even to the opposing side, just a general lack of direction,” Yixing rolled his eyes, “I had to come up with something that people wouldn’t exactly expect.”

He pat me on the shoulder and pointed up at another white sheet of cloth slightly to the left.

Eventually, we were able to hear voices ahead of us. We broke through the forest line to a field.

Lines of tents rested along the ground.

It grew silent immediately as everybody around us took notice to our presences. It was uncomfortable as an air of suspicion swam around us. Yixing raised a hand and called out, “I’ll explain later. They’re with me.”

We followed him to the outmost tent at the back of the camp. Eyes skimmed over us with scrutiny. Whispers met our ears, none audible enough to understand the words, just the tones. The tones were bitter; confused.

Yixing opened the tent flap and we all stepped in and took seats on the ground. It was not the most fancy meeting hall, but it would have to do.

“I know you have questions,” Yixing said as he moved to the middle of the semi-circle we formed, “but if you would please let me speak, maybe I can answer some of them outright.”

He proceeded to explain how he had caught wind of the uprising when he first returned to visit his aunt. Initially, he had done everything in his power to avoid it.

“I just wanted to lay low. I could not be drafted while I was on a family emergency.

He broke to grin slightly, “then I came across a group of guys at a bar one night. I overheard them mention a supply of weapons being smuggled from a couple of divisions over in a few days. It caught my attention.

“I asked if they needed help. I was tired of sitting around at home with my family in silence as we waited for my aunt to either pass or heal.

“They didn’t let me in quick,” he continued, “I faced a fairly rigorous initiation for them to trust me. Once they did, I quickly proved myself capable. I ranked up fast.”

He took a break to see if any of us would ask anything, and, when we did not, he kept taking.

“I’m so glad you showed up. Honestly. I could use more men to get this going.”

Finally, another voice filled the space.

“Get what going,” Chanyeol asked, “what exactly are you trying to rope us into?”

“We’re going to kill this dictator. We are going to take control of our lives back.”

There was a beat of silence and shock. It did not last long before voices overlapped each other’s.

Jongdae silenced and overpowered all others when he jumped to his feet and got directly in Yixing’s face.

“You think that we are just going to follow you blindly?” His tone was harsh and loud.

I felt a bit of anger well up in my chest and I stood as well.

“Yixing, I understand what you’re trying to do, but this is a lot to ask of us. Jongdae has a son on the way. Minseok has a ring in the trunk of his car that he was going to give Sarah. We all have lives to get back to! You can’t ask us to just throw everything away for this… this…”

I was cut off by Baekhyun, “this god damned suicide mission! I can’t believe that your group hasn’t been caught and executed already.”

“Kyungsoo, Jongdae, sit down…” Junmyeon was trying to calm us down. He reached for my wrist but I ripped it away from his reach.

I had never witnessed Yixing let go of his temper before, but he unleashed it.

“You want to go back? Fine! Go back,” he was screaming, “but you’ll be drafted and you’ll be fighting against the wrong side.”

He took a step toward me and our faces were only inches apart as he said, “you’ll be fighting against me.”

Yixing turned back to Jongdae, “you’re right, Kyungsoo,” he put a hand on Jongdae’s shoulder, “Jongdae has a son coming. A son that, one day, could be ripped away from him like some of us were from our parents.”

He threw a finger in Sehun’s direction.

“Sehun and Jongin weren’t even legally adults yet when they were ripped from their families and thrown in with strangers. Are you ready for that to be Jongdae’s son when one of the dispersion years come?”

Neither Dae or I protested. Nobody else had any other words to say, either.

“And Minseok,” Yixing was on a roll and was not going to stop now, “Minseok. are you ready to create a life where you and Sarah aren’t able to work jobs that you actually want and aren’t even capable of a sustainable income because you live on a minuscule, unrealistic fixed income? A life that you could struggle to feed your wife some weeks?

“That’s what I’m fighting for,” his voice started to raise again, “I’m fighting for us to live the lives that we want. A life where we can live and do what we want without the fear of being told that we’re going to be punished for doing something different.

“A life away from a dictator.”

His final sentence drew cheers from the outside of the tent. We all jumped slightly, unaware that we had drawn an audience.

The energy in the room was palpable. It was a static that flowed through all of us. My heart raced.

Yixing was not wrong.

Nobody moved initially.

I finally took a step forward. Yixing’s face was cautious as he turned to me.

I reached out my hand.

“What can I do?”

He beamed and pulled me in by our handshake for a hug.

When he let me go, I turned back to Jongdae, who was staring at me in disbelief.

“I’m doing this for your son to have a better future than the life we have now. We’ve been forced to live this way. He doesn’t have to be.”

Tears brimmed his eyes.

He nodded and skimmed all of the faces in the room. Everybody met him with a similar nod.

“Okay, Yixing,”Jongdae said with a shrug of his shoulders, “what do we do.”

Yixing smiled and said, “it’s time for you to meet our General.”