Pokemon ML AU, starring the Nino Squad. The Buizel Nino takes as the ‘good one’ but she causes trouble about as often as Raichu does. Raichu isn’t a total jerk, he’s actually a sweetheart and incredibly loyal, but that doesn’t mean he doesnt like to piss off other people. He and Plagg, Adrien’s Meowstic, get on pretty well. Two pets names Nino has for them are Rye-Bread and Little Lady, extending to a whole myrad of other affectionate things like, ‘Bubbles’ ‘DJ’ ‘Puff Neck’ and ‘Floaty’ for Buizel, and ‘Voltage’ ‘Ray Bands’ ‘Fight Club’ and ‘Little Bastard’ for Raichu

Nino has no idea how Raichu gets his sunglasses to stay in place. It confounds him every day. And he had bought the boom box as a joke, but now he can’t get Buizel away from it. She plays good music though so whatever.