I'm booking Up and Coming bands and dj's at St. James Infirmary

We had a bar meeting yesterday at the Infirmary.  It was great to get the crew together.  We as I am sure any other staff at other bars are quite the outgoing adventurous crew.  We stay busy.

Went over the usual check list, checking in, going over things, and planning for the future.

One thing that I am excited to inform you about is that I am going to be booking more bands and dj’s.  Both locally and I am reaching out and calling out to my cyber world.  

Sometimes you are passing through reno or close enough, and I want you to reach out to me and let me know.  Reno is a great town with a big heart.

Reach me on twitter @gcrush or my email

I am going to be booking on Fridays.  My goal is about 1 a month, perhaps every six weeks.  Maybe more. Depending on the season.  I want to make it a special encounter.

If you have never visited Reno, or are wondering why you would want to seize this opportunity.  Know this.

Reno is awesome!  We’ve got a thriving scene here that blends in a lot of lifestyle diversity.  The reach you have over a lot of different ears is spectacular.  These people eat, consume, discuss, and share music.  They sprinkle this all over the west coast and beyond.  We soak up the passion, the creativity, and are beyond motivated and willing to check out new to us and familiar tunes.

This November will mark 4 years that I have been a bartender/cocktail server/ Bar Manager/ and now in the last year a dj as well.  I know this place inside and out.  It’s my favorite place I’ve ever worked in my 20 year experience serving people.

I love the intimate atmosphere the Infirmary provides.  Complete with cozy booths and an upstairs patio to soak up the reno sunsets and the amazing summer nights.  Although catching some fresh air in the brisk winter months is pretty damn amazing as well.

We pour local drafts from our own Brewery: Brasserie Saint James, which in the last two years has won 2 gold medals and 1 silver medal the US Open Beer Competition.  We are currently ranked in the top 120 and on the Voting list to be in the top 50 in all of the United States.

We also pour other amazing craft beer and make classic cocktails.  We’ve got plenty of new things for you to try.  Just ask a bartender for a suggestion.  

We provide an experience.

So, I am looking for bands and dj’s that are actively building a following.  We are a locally owned business, and we work with others to complete a packed night.

As a person who understands the importance of online marketing, branding, etc.  I am going to be checking your history.  I want to know that you are currently active at building your crowd.

I know it can be challenging to do it all.  Let me just remind you that you are either going to make it in this world or you are not.  There is no try.  There is an entire level of reaching out of your comfort zone and learning how to put yourself out there.  There is big competition in the music industry.  I don’t really have to remind you do I?   You must find a way.  We are a great place for up and coming talent.  If you have questions on how to use the internet to build your following better, then use the ask button on this website.  I’m happy to help and point you in the direction.

I am a community builder.  Both online, in our neighborhood, and in Reno.  I believe in strengthening this awesome city.  I don’t believe in burning bridges, and I am going to ask that you bring your best.  I will give you all I have to offer.

Types of music I am looking for:

Indie/Folk/Blues/Funk/HipHop but not open Mic/Electronic but not rave: it’s just too much for our small room.  Rock but no metal or hardcore.  Again, it just doesn’t fit with the atmosphere.  I love all the music.  It just doesn’t all work.

Tony Walker a local Artist and Promoter is also booking events at St. James Infirmary.  More on the details when I get them.

But for now, I just wanted to put it out there.  Let’s get your music heard!  Let’s have a great time, and enjoy being ALIVE!!

cheers to Reno and Music and Community!

for life!



and by all means, please come out to my monthly dj event #lastwednesday (last wednesday of every month).  We’ve been building this scene for the past 9 months.  A great place to meet lots of awesome Reno people. There is NEVER a cover and we are always 21+