Dizzy (Guilty Gear)

Guilty Gear X BlazBlue Crossover

Okay I found this awesome sounding GG/BB crossover and the idea is awesome.

It’s called When Worlds Collide R Extend Edition by Mr. Carl Clover.

Basically, two Characters from both worlds decide to fuse their worlds to solve their world’s problems.

That is so much more interesting than all the fanfiction crossovers just saying “Character from world A goes into world B and just is either along for the ride or the most random of shit happens, or maybe just a stupid high school AU.”

But two worlds FUSING, that is really interesting to me. Now EVERYONE has to adapt to this new situation, how will both the world powers deal with this, how will the citizens get along? It has so many interesting ways it can go.

And now for the fun part, How will the BB world and the Gg world get along.

9warning, extremely long post about me geeking out on crossover possibilities)

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