Requested by @heartlesswitch with the prompt, “There are some things I need to say and you should hear me out.”

“I’ll go,” you spoke quietly from the back of the room. You walked up to the table and placed a finger on the tattered map, “I know the area. I’ll be in and out in no time, they won’t see me.”

“Are you sure?” Rick looked at you, searching for any hesitation. “You don’t have to do this, someone else can go.”

Your eyes scanned the faces around you, landing on the hard expression gracing Daryl’s face. He was biting down on his nail, eyes fixated on the map. He finally dragged his eyes up to you and shook his head, “She ain’t going.”

Everyone stood silently but your head snapped to Rick. “I know this place inside and out. I managed before I met you all, I can and will do this.”

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Dating Daryl Dixon would include

Specially for @igotanaddixon :)

- Him liking you for your kindness and careness to other peoples but denying it

- His feelings for you grow every day so he tries to push you away from him

- Him thinking you don’t deserve a rude redneck

- You still like him and tries to find out what his problem is

- Rick talking to Daryl because he thinks you two need each other

- Daryl giving you a Cherokee-Rose and asking you blushed for forgivness

- You accepting it and smiling at him

- Him stuttering to ask you if you want to go out with him

- You agreeing and soon you two are going to a lake

- Him extra shaving and cutting his hair for you and getting cleaned

- Him always watching you from his side and when you turn around, him quickly looking away with a bright blush on his cheeks

- You and him chatting, mostly about you but him slowly open up for you

- Him always paying so much attention for what you say and vers versa

- Him shyly striking carefully your cheeks, which turns to red

- You saying him not to stop

- Him slowly getting more confident and pulls with his index finger your chin in his direction

- Him looking you deeply in your eyes and pulling a soft, but also passionate kiss on your lips and after you two stop kissing, he asks you to be his girl

“I know ya don’t deserve a rude redneck like me, y/n … But I love ya and want to protect ya … So ya ‘wanna be my girl, sunshine?”

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