Dixie Dugan

Alice White as Dixie Dugan in Show Girl, 1928

Show Girl was once considered a lost film with only the Vitaphone soundtrack in existence. But a print in 2015 was discovered in an Italian film archive. Restoration is now in process. [x]

John H. Striebel: Dixie Dugan (1928)

A Chicago-based newspaper artist, John Striebel illustrated a “racy” story about a young girl adrift in Tinseltown of the 1920s. “A Showgirl in Hollywood” starred Dixie Dugan, whose appearance Striebel based upon (obviously) Louise Brooks. Author J. P. McEvoy sold the property as a daily newspaper strip, Dixie Dugan. Striebel went along as artist. Strangely, Dixie almost immediately abandoned Hollywood and the strip became a rather mundane career girl tale. Striebel died in 1962; Dixie Dugan lasted four more years before folding in 1966.


FLAPPER MAKE UP FOR DARK EYES (Eye make up series I).

A fashion journalist described Louise Brooks with these words: “Camellia skin, dark eyes and black silky hair, lucid like a Chinese varnish”

Jet black, chocolate brown, coffee, hazel, caramel…If you have dark eyes, considerate yourself fortunate, it’s a top color between elegant vamps and flirty flappers.
Misterious, sweet, passionate, deep and oh! so very expresive, easy to make up too: dark eyes can suit a lot of shades perfectly.

A bunch of vamps and seductresses are blessed with dark, mischievous eyes.

Louise Brooks, Clara Bow, Anna May Wong, Bebe Daniels, Lupe Velez, Theda Bara, Miriam Cooper, Margaret Livingston, Josephine Baker, Corinne Griffith Mary Pickford, Bebe Daniels.


Valentina (Guido Crepax), Flapper Fanny (Ethel Hays), Golden Eyes (Nell Brinkley), Dixie Dugan, Oh Margy! (John Held Jr.), Snow White

BEST COLORS: -VIOLET AND PURPLE for a 20s night club vibe: purple shades will make your eyes pop and look charming. Think on the silent vamps and the Biba store makeup of the 60s/70s.

-Forest and jungly GREENS or KHAKI for exotic eyes: the best choice for brown, gilden or greenish ones.

-DARK BLUE for a dramatic contrast: blue can make dark eyes sweet as honey or deep as night. Amazing for black eyes.

-CHOCOLATE BROWN, PEARL WHITE and GOLDENS for day look: warm and natural, according to your color palette.

-JET BLACK & GREY: dark eyeshadow, black khol for an egyptian look, or a sofisticate grey smokey. Just fabulous! Contrast with white pearl eyeshadow.

-BLACK MASCARA is the best one for your dark, seductive eyelashes.

Next chapter: Green eyes.