Marlee Matlin on Lady Gaga, Performing at the Super Bowl, and Her Broadway Debut

“I wasn’t surprised by the huge number of responses on social media by fans – thousands of deaf, hard of hearing and hearing alike – who were disappointed in the decision to not show me signing during the TV broadcast. Interestingly, in the stadium, the video of me signing was visible 100 percent of the time – picture in picture on the stadium’s Jumbotron – but for whatever reason, it was not visible during the TV broadcast. With 35 million deaf and hard of hearing people in the U.S., their families and friends, and a focus on diversity that’s been a hot topic in the news, I was genuinely surprised that the broadcast didn’t feature me in a split screen or square. But ultimately, that decision was not mine to make. I’m just so sorry for the millions of people watching who would’ve benefited from seeing the national anthem and “America the Beautiful” signed, just as it was visible in the stadium.”

I followed a couple of league of legends blogs and now I keep getting recommended more but they’re all just sexy fan art of the female champs!!! Where is the diversity. Where are the hot guys of LoL blogs!!


so remember that anime dating app called Astoria with the bisexual main character, a highly diverse cast, and a super hot female medusa?

well, they’re making a new storyline for a nonbinary character by the name of Cyprin due to popular demand! I believe this makes Cyprin one of the first explicitly stated non-binary characters in a popular game/app! (Correct me if I’m wrong please)

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What did Priyanka say about race in America? I think she should be the last one to talk about race, given that she endorses fairness creams and the lowest point of her 'Fashion' character was sleeping with a black guy :/

That’s all valid criticism but a bit beside the point here. I’m not sure if you’re American, but diversity in media is a huge topic right now. Quantico came at a time when diversity on television was a hot button issue, and with the lead being South Asian, she was bound to be asked about race and diversity. What’s more, she was signed onto ABC as part of a diversity outreach program, so her race was never just an incidental factor in her career in America.

To counteract the controversy around the Oscars not having any people of color nominated in any major category, ABC, which airs the ceremony, basically invited all its various POC stars to present at the show, Priyanka included. I’m including all these details to show that her being asked about race and diversity was inevitable, and it’s something she should have been well prepared for. But she basically gave soundbites about how ~the best person for the job~ should get the part, and even though she kept saying that she’d experienced racism in the past and that she was proud to represent “the new girl next door”, she really downplayed the importance of diversity and more or less lied about how she came to be cast on Quantico in the first place. Not only is the whole “best person for the job” line actually used to maintain institutionalized racism, but rewriting history to insist that her race and the demographic of fans she brought with her has nothing to do with how she landed Quantico does a huge disservice to other minorities (racial, sexual, etc) struggling for visibility.

And now, of course, she says she “doesn’t like the term woman of color.” Everything she says has a very “All Lives Matter” vibe to it, and it’s soooo not what’s needed in American media right now. And the thing is, I know her intentions are good, but just spending a couple of years here doesn’t mean you understand race dynamics here. That’s like me going to India and trying to talk about the caste system. And fortunately for her, she’s never had to actually struggle for roles in America. Her role was handed to her on a silver platter, which is great, but she doesn’t understand the reality of auditions that only take white people or casting calls for black/Asian/Latina women that white women still go to and end up getting picked. So if she’s going to keep speaking about what it’s like being an Indian actress working in the US, a little humility would go a long way in helping her admit that she may not be the best person to ask about the realities of the diversity struggle.

Ways To Identify Or Help Others Help You Identify Who That Dude You Saw In Sleep No More Was.

Asking yourself just a few simple questions, and then supplying the answers to said questions can quickly help others help you identify who that dude in Sleep No More was!

1) So who’d he play?

Not Hamlet.

1b) Did he have a dick?

Easiest to ascertain when dealing with Macbeth, Boywitch, or Lady Macbeth.

2) Was he bald?

Well was he.

3) Was he ginger?


4) Facial hair?

Describe that shit.

5) Height?

Was he tall, really tall, or Joe Poulson?

6) Ethnicity?

There is some amount of diversity.


-”he was hot.”  No.

-”he wore a tuxedo.”  Nope.

-”he looked at me with his eyes”.  Not inaccurate but still.

The answers to two, or even sometimes one of the above questions can usually help tumblr to quickly identify who that dude in Sleep No More was.  Help tumblr help you! 

7) So who was he?

A lot of times it turns out: he was David Botana.

“If I look at us in, say, 1988, I don’t consider us to be one of the important bands to come out of L.A. I think that we’re probably one of the most influential bands, in terms of what we were doing, what we set up in terms of funk and rock being together and rapping and all that shit, as opposed to the shitty nu metal bullshit bands that happened…” - Flea