Except for a few SNL skits and the new Ghostbusters film Kate Mccinnon always plays either the frumpy grandma type or the stereotypical lesbian… why? She can play all sorts of characters, so why limit her to these two archetypes? After all she’s so fucking gorgeous and effortlessly sexy, why don’t they take advantage of that??? Personally, I would really love to see her play more out lesbians whose conformity to the stereotype wasn’t played for laughs.

I’m not saying she has to be all dolled up with every character*, but it does get a bit old when the lesbian plays either the frump of the dyke in almost everything she’s in.

So here’s hoping that Ghostbusters has opened up new opportunities for her to act in more diverse roles!

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*she was hot as all hell playing Holtzman, after all, and she was wearing a jumpsuit and yellow tinted glasses through most of the film