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“Just a few more days” you mumble into Ashton’s shoulder. You look up to see his lips split into a smile as he slings his arm around you. You and ash had been counting down the days until the choosing ceremony for months, waiting for the day you didn’t to sneak around to be with each other. You grew up in the amity faction and hated it there. It’s not that you had anything against being nice to people but they took it too far, it was just too much for you. You dreaded waking up and being forced to wear the painfully bright colours of your faction, being forced to be this person you weren’t and you were sick of it, sick of living a lie. But then you met Ashton. He was dauntless, the exact opposite of what you were supposed to be. But somehow even though every part of you was telling, no screaming at you to not be attracted to him you couldn’t help but fall for him. He saw past your sickening clothes, saw past the role you played. You’re friends hated him, well as much as an amity could “hate” someone. The did everything in your power to keep you away from him but that didn’t stop you. He understood that you didn’t fit in with them, how you felt like an outsider in your own home. With him you could be yourself, your more “dauntless” self. Now here you sat, on the rooftop of your school just days before the ceremony and you felt nerves clawing at the pit of your stomach. “Ash…” “What is it baby?” you hear the concern in his voice. “What. What if this isn’t the right decision, the whole transferring thing” you stutter not usually this nervous but you knew how intense the dauntless initiation was. You pulled his leather jacket tighter around you can continue rambling “And choosing dauntless means leaving all my friends and family behind and I’ll be alone and-” ashton cuts you off with a kiss. You kissed back, running your hands through his curly hair. “Babe” he puts his hands on your shoulders, looking you in the eyes “you won’t be alone. You’ll never be alone. You have me and I fucking hope I’ll always have you. I know you can make it through the initiation because you are one of the bravest, strongest girls I’ve ever met. And I know you’d be a perfect dauntless because you look filing hot in my leather jacket” you giggle at that last comment. “Can I tell you something? Promise me you won’t get too creeped out.” You nod “well a few nights ago I snuck into one of the
Rooms they use for initiation and tried out the fear simulation and my biggest fear is losing you” you start tearing up, you had never really questioned how much ashton cared about you but this just proved it. “And I know dauntless is supposed to make you brave but please, don’t ever let me face that fear.”

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“well you should probably eat.” OMG SASSY SHAI
Why "Allegiant" is the Worst Ending to a Trilogy, Ever.

So since posts about Allegiant are beginning to make the rounds, thanks to gifs and pics of Shailene Woodley and Theo James from the set of the movie, I’d just like to go ahead and repost my breakdown of Allegiant, the book.

Keep in mind these are my Top 5 points about why I think Allegiant is so bad. I have dozens of things to complain about, but these are the big ones, the once that ground my gears and pissed me off to no end.

So let’s get to it.

Also keep in mind that I’m speaking strictly from a logical standpoint. Some people don’t care about flaws, inconsistencies, and bad writing. They’re in it for the story. So if you’re one of those people, then just think of me as the annoying guy in the movie theatre who’s pointing out everything wrong with the movie.