Divas Champion

I will not say anything about it, I have already said something about Instagram and Twitter. You know what makes me angry? That those who called themselves her fans, now they say the worst things about Paige.
A real fan, like me, doesn’t care about these photos or videos.
A real fan only care about Paige’s happiness and a true fan wants Paige returns and hopes that she win the women’s title.

Respect her.


“I didn’t have a sports entertainment background. The way I fell in love with it was [the way] that all these women were all willing to fail and all willing to take chances. […] We just hope we opened doors and caught people’s attention.”

Underrated Classic: Kaitlyn vs Eve Torres (RAW - January 14, 2013, Divas Championship)

Kaitlyn won a battle royal to become #1 contender for the Divas Championship. But, before her Divas Championship match against then champion Layla that past September at Night of Champions, she was attacked. So, Eve was granted a Divas Championship shot due to her good work as Smackdown GM Booker T’s assistant.

Eve went on to win the title that night.

Kaitlyn goes on an investigation to see who attacked her. She interrogated Eve, who acted totally oblivious to it. It was then found out that Aksana attacked Kaitlyn, but she was hired by Eve.

Eve then defended the title against Kaitlyn at Hell in a Cell and Survivor Series, successful defenses at both. She cost Kaitlyn a shot for the title at TLC in a battle royal match.

Kaitlyn beat Eve in a tag team match, which gave her another opportunity for the Divas Championship. Even got herself intentionally counted out and then did it again. Eve the had to defend the title against Eve on RAW’s 20th Anniversary show, and if she was disqualified or counted out, she will lose the title.

This match was pretty good, with Kaitlyn playing the valiant hero in her hometown of Houston. Eve was playing the role of a cerebral villain trying to get Kaitlyn counted out, after she speared herself into a barricade.

Kaitlyn recovered and hit a huge spear to win the championship and celebrate with her family.

Even though they didn’t do much to her reign until the very end, Kaitlyn’s improvement since NXT was obvious and her title win was well deserved.

Eve went on to leave the WWE as the first ever 3 time Divas Champion, which remains a record to this day.