“I suffered from stomach pains every day of my life. The doctors refused more tests. They thought it was in my head, but it’s in my stomach; so this is kind of a recuperation period. My mom’s feeding me after I came home from Europe. The tour was fun, we destroyed a few dressing rooms, lit off fire extinguishers and did the typical cliché rock ‘n’ roll antics.” - Kurt Cobain, 1991. [x]

“We practice the music a lot before I figure out how the wording should sound, then I take out my poetry and other writings. I carry a notebook with me at all times and write whatever comes to my mind - ideas, couplets, dreams, observations, drawings, fantasies.

I never really sit down to write for a theme for a song. I very rarely write about one theme or one subject. I end up getting bored with that theme and write something else halfway through the rest of the song, and finish the song with a different idea.” - Kurt Cobain. [x]