Ditto the kitto

This is Ditto & she needs a new home!

Ditto was rescued as a stray that was hanging around my apartment complex last year, September 2017. She was estimated around 10 months & had already had a litter of kittens. We got her spayed & vaccinated & fell in love with her. Unfortunately, we already have a cat & despite a year of working with both cats, doing slow introductions, building up tolerance to seeing each other, and working with a behaviorist, they’re not gonna get along – Ditto is cat-aggressive & tries to attack our other cat as soon as they’re in the same room. Since other kitty was there first & we need to keep her safe, we need to find a home for Ditto.

About Ditto:

- very people-focused

- high energy & loves to play

- good at downtime when given regular playtime

- favorite toys include packing paper, ball tracks, ping pong balls, feather wands (particularly Easyology Kittystick), and her cat wheel

- sleeps well at night

- not terribly cuddly, but will sometimes make an exception at night

- LOVES to climb!

- loves to scratch appropriate surfaces – sisal rope towers/cat tree legs & cardboard scratch pads

- talks a lot & makes lots of noises

- partially harness trained, but very nervous about Outside (after all, lots of bad things were out there)

- eats both wet & dry food currently, would be very happy to eat all wet food

- has no known major health issues; crooked tail & a missing dewclaw toe (left front paw) were both determined to be congenital by a vet & not due to trauma

Her bad habits include shredding toilet paper and plastic bags that contain food, and climbing into cupboards. We just keep the first couple things away from her & have mostly resigned ourselves to the second, but child locks would likely do the trick if you want to keep her out!

Requirements for adopting:

* indoors only, outside only on harness or in catio

* NO declawing

* must have a vet reference

* no other cats or dogs in the home

- other pets are fine, but must NOT be within reach of Ditto – she is quite prey-driven & will chase/attack

- only older kids – Ditto has gotten much better about not biting or using claws, but is not tested around kids & not likely to be terribly tolerant of inappropriate petting/handling

- must be able to provide 1-2 play sessions a day

- willing to include at least one meal of wet food a day

- must have:

        -  at least one 6ft cat tree (prior to adoption)

        - multiple scratching options (cat tree, cardboard scratchers, etc.)

        - minimum of 2 litter boxes

        - ability to ensure vet appointments (wellness & emergency)

        - hard sided carrier for transport

Ditto’s rehoming fee is $100 and she comes with her cat wheel & a 5ft cat tree (and likely a few other things). We are located in Kansas City, but I’m willing to travel some distance for the right home for her. She deserves the best home I can find for her.

Ditto walking on her wheel!!! :D This is the second time today, both without treats. She kinda wishes there would be treats though. XD I forgot to bring some in with me. She’s doing so good though!! This is after only 10 days of having the wheel and we missed a couple days of working with her on it. She’s a smart, brave girl 💙

Outdoor cat people all insisting that cats need to be outside for enrichment & exercise, they just can’t possibly play with them enough inside.

My ass: Sitting on the couch in PJs watching Pokemon, while my cat chases a wand toy around me and up & down the cat tree.

Yep. Clearly too hard. Not nearly enough enrichment for her. I should chuck her out into the 10F snowy weather.


New puzzle toy! :) This is a small animal feeder that I got for the hedgehogs. Ditto got a half can of one of Ebony’s old wet foods in it to try for the first time tonight. She cleaned out all but one section within ~30 minutes or so. So this one is definitely a keeper! I need to try giving her her regular can of food in a mug, but I want to get her a place mat of some sort before I do that, to make clean up easier. 

Other things I wanted to add to that post but it was already getting too long:

- Ditto likes to lay in the piles of my dirty clothes bc they smell like me

- She’ll hide in the closet or the corner of the room behind the hedgehog cages when it storms, but if we go in & talk to her, she comes out bc she trusts us

- She is also All Or Nothing with pets. Either she really wants them or she doesn’t. If she really wants them, she wants nice firm pets & will fall over because of leaning into your hand so hard. She’s flipped over my hand before

- She’s become so resigned to being picked up occasionally that my roomie will sometimes scoop Ditto up in a baby pose & she just gives a quiet “mrow….” and looks very put-upon until she’s released. And then she turns around immediately for pets 

- She actively cuddles rarely, but when you wake up & she’s curled up in a ball against your side, it’s the best. And makes it VERY hard to get up for work

- Do Not Touch The Tail (even though it’s handle-shaped)

- She’s always very interested in what you’re doing if you’re active at all. She’ll come to check & make sure you don’t need her help (and sometimes will help anyway).

- She has like 50 noises, I swear. Big loud HUMAN I’M DYING PLEASE ENTERTAIN ME meows and whiny protest meows and small little pathetic I’m-a-very-sad-abused-kitten meows and little hello chirps. Also one little mrrrp chirp that she always does when she’s let out of my room as she zooms past me

- She only likes chunk/sliced wet cat food. Pate is disgusting & inedible (she’s not wrong, imo)

- She used to be so chompy about human body parts and she’s learned SO well. No more attacking feet in bed, no more regarding hands as prey. She’s gotten so good about it that most of the time she can be in full play mode, go for your hand, then realize “wait no” & stop herself mid-action. Good self control!!! ♥

- Please teach her to have her teeth brushed. I really think it’d be easy, we just haven’t gotten to it yet. But she likes to chomp things, especially stick-like things, and a toothbrush would make for good chomping.

- I wanted to make her a big catio of hardware cloth so she could climb all the walls if she wanted to, and I wanted to put lots of big real branches for climbing and just. Climbing shit everywhere. Kitty jungle gym for the climby girl.

Y'know, that post just reminds me that I’m still annoyed at the cats-only clinic vet who saw Ditto the first time bc she was going on about how the Iams we’re feeding is so high calorie and causes overweight cats, etc. While examining a tiny, high-energy cat who has access to a wheel, and has actually lost weight since her previous visit.

Like yes, I get that overweight is a more common issue and a huge problem for a lot of pets. But uh, maybe discuss in relation to the cat you’re /actually seeing/? Stop telling me how the food is too high in calories when she clearly needs the calories?


…..um. Well, the stray baby came back. Stray baby is VERY skinny and also very affectionate. Definitely still a kitten, I think, and I can feel the whole spine and every rib, hips, everything. I’m not sure on sex and didn’t know if anyone else can tell? Apologies for the cat junk pic, lmao.

Dosed the baby with a tube of Ebony’s Revolution. It’s for 5-10 (or 15?) Lbs, and Revolution is hard to overdose anyway, so… Figured it’d be fine.

No clue what to do now. I think I may try calling some rescues in the area to see if anyone has room, or maybe if anyone could cover costs if we foster? But would have to discuss with roomie. They’re trying really hard to be the strong one here, but we’re both very weak with cats. At the very least, I think I’ll see if boyfriend wants to go half & half to do the low cost spay/neuter/shots visit the local humane society does for ferals/strays.

Will keep you guys updated on this sweet baby.

New dry food puzzle feeder for Ditto! It’s been at my roomie’s mom’s house for a while, attempting to slow their cat’s eating down. Didn’t end up working for her, but I got it back to try on Ditto! She doesn’t gulp her food, I’ve just been putting her dry food in the feeders to keep her more occupied. :)