The reason women like Dita von Teese so much? Because no one ever doubted she was doing all this corset and Noir and fashion stuff for her own personal edification and satisfaction.  It was all about  what SHE liked and got off on.

She forced men into simply being supporting players in her fantasies.

And that’s empowering.

A bad day always goes better with a bold lipstick. I find comfort in feeling glamorous.
I recall an encounter with my ex-husband at a party in West Hollywood. It was a cordial face-to-face, certainly far more cordial than our previous meeting at his manager’s home a few years before, to discuss the details of our divorce. Do you know what he said to me at the party? What he remembered most about our last visit was the way I looked. “You really turned on the Dita Von Teese that day,” he remarked. “I won’t ever forget how incredible you looked when you walked out that door.”
—  Dita Von Teese, Your Beauty Mark, 2015.