anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm Lauren's anon who asked about D.C.! What suggestions do you have of places to go/things to do besides the typical touristy monuments and museums? Thanks so much!

First of all welcome, you’re visiting the most amazing magical wonderful city in the world. 

I suggest you first make a metro card, a smartcard vs one of those disposable ones, so you can continue adding money to it. DC is a great walking city, it’s only about 10 miles across so you can cover a lot of ground! 

  • If you’re coming here when it’s a bit nicer I suggest a walk/ bike ride across rock creek parkway. It’s about 3miles long (great running spot) and one end opens up to the zoo while the other the Lincoln memorial side of the mall. 
  • Phillips Collection (1600 21st NW) if you’re over 18 it costs I think $12-15 to get in, but it has some seriously amazing big name paintings and not many people go there or are aware of it. 
  •  Dumbarton Oaks and Gardens (1703 32nd St NW) it’s the off season so admission is free but regardless of the weather, it is beautiful. Definitely look around. 
  • Eastern Market right outside the Eastern Market metro stop ( Orange and Blue lines). It’s my favorite place to go on a Sunday after brunch! So many great smells, live music, and vendors selling all kinds of things from all the nearby states. 
  • H St. has a lot of historic background, I suggest a walk down there. They also have a great music and honest to god the best pie place ever
  • Krammer books and Afterwards cafe. For coffee and books. 
  • If you’re a fan of The West Wing Second Story Books is where President Barlet bought the rare book from the Christmas Episode. I love it, it’s where I get books for my Granddad. 
  • You can’t really go wrong with M st. shopping and food. Everything is delicious. ( I reccomend Oysters!)
  • DO NOT FORGET TO BRUNCH HERE! No one Brunches like the district. Bottomless mimosas are a requirement. The Sequoia is my favorite, a little pricey but it’s all you can eat and bottomless so worth it. 
  • Go to District Doughnuts. It’s gourmet doguhnuts owned by people who went to school in the city. They are amazing and I’m eating them right now.
  • 9:30 club is my favorite venue for shows. The atmosphere is always amazing and shows don’t usually cost more than $20.
  • If you like sports, you can either go to a game or hit up the numerous sports bars (Dupont has my favorite).
  • The Capital Grille is my favorite fancy restaurant. 
  • Cava Mezze grill is like chipotle but with Mediterranean food, and Roti is the same with Indian food. Great cheap food. 
  • Lastly, I know you said nothing touristy but don’t forget to go to at least 3 museums and all the monuments. They are free. Free. And amazing. 

I hope you have a lovely time! Let me know if you need any help with anything else. (: