As CCO, Quesada’s job is to make sure any comic book that becomes a TV show, movie or what have you maintains its creative integrity and keeps its Marvel flavor. For example, Quesada teased that during Comic-Con he met with a designer about a TV show character who will be getting a new costume. He didn’t say who, but our minds immediately leap to Daredevil or Mockingbird from Agents of SHIELD.

It was recently announced that John Bernthal (The Walking Dead’s Shane) was cast as the Punisher for Season 2 of Daredevil, and given how big of a character he is in his own right, we wanted to know how Marvel plans on balancing screen time between the two characters.

That’s why we pay our amazing Writers Room the big bucks,” Quesada joked. “Doug Petrie and Mark Ramirez, the co-showrunners, have concocted an amazing series, an amazing season this year and believe me, sparks will fly and it’s going to be pretty phenomenal.”

“We’re so happy to have John Bernthal because we have such a world-class cast on Daredevil; we have a world-class actor in Charlie Cox that we want to make sure we chose and were able to attain an actor who is on that same level. “

“I think the combination of seeing Charlie and Jon perform those parts on the same screen. It’s going to be epic, absolutely epic.” 

Also announced was Elodie Yung as Elektra, the red ninja assassin who has been both ally, lover, and enemy to Daredevil.

“I can’t say enough about Elodie Yung.”

“Literally, we scoured the world for the right Elektra and, man she is the character. She looks like the character, she walks like the character, & then she has the martial arts training and stunt background that she can rely on,” 

Quesada said, alluding to her roles in action flicks like G.I. Joe: Retaliation and District 13: Ultimatum. 

“It’s going to be really, really awesome to see her take over the role and see how she embodies and how she personifies Elektra. But again, another world-class actor who I think is going to bring something really special to Daredevil. And I think we established a really good tempo with Season 1, so fans can hopefully expect much more of the same.”