I said in the BBQ vlog video that I wasn’t sure if I had enough footage to throw anything up. I’m still unsure I got a whole lot but I threw this together. Thanks to @hellhasaniceview for lending me the Iron Pig for a while. It’s a fun distortion. Wish I would have gotten more footage of it. It’s been a wild summer. We have @electronicaudioexperiments‘ Travis Bean going into a Sunn 1200S for this video. It was a fun setup. We jammed all day with a multitude of pedals and guitars. 

I’m getting a few things this week and getting back into a regiment of playing guitar and recording some videos for you guys. Going to be hitting the YouTube Channel hard and with subs comes many-a-giveaway. Looking forward to what’s coming up. I know I have some really sick videos coming quick!

Thanks for sticking around through the summer lull. Submit some sick pedal photos and sub to the channel!