Super Kam Ram = it means Super Roar in thai and it packs a whollop.

Another variety of Lao Kao  or white whiskey  which is a popular rice liquor 40% and up that is consumed across Indochina. 

I am addicted to this stuff, there are roadside bars that sell buffet spreads with up to 20 different varieties of this stuff and its great fun tasting your way through the selection.

As close to a Mezcaleria that i’ve seen outside of Mexico.   You always have more interesting conversation when drinking clear liquor straight up.  fuck beer sometimes for r

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Soju Virgin


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On Friday night, I learned that I was a “soju virgin” having never before tasted the Korean distilled beverage that tastes similar to, but is actually much lighter and sweeter than, vodka. A quick Wikipedia search informed me that soju is traditionally distilled from rice, but can also be made from potatoes, wheat, barley, sweet potatoes, or tapioca. It is also typically consumed in group gatherings (check) where everyone typically downs their glass in one gulp (check). 

More soju etiquette that I found interesting:

  1. A glass should not be refilled unless completely empty and should be promptly refilled once empty; it is considered rude to not fill someone else’s glass when empty.
  2. It is against traditional custom in Korea to fill one’s own glass. Instead, it must be filled by someone else at the table.
  3. In Korean culture, using two hands to offer and accept items is considered an act of respect. Accordingly, if one’s glass is going to be filled by a superior, one should hold the glass with both hands. Similarly, when pouring soju for an elder, one holds the bottle with both hands.
  4. I found it interesting that soju was originally introduced to Korea by the Mongols, but such formal ceremony has evolved around it. 

Anyway, I am soju virgin no more! :)

Tabimatsu: Oita Story 1

EP 001: Shochu to Otsumami
EP 001: Shochu and Snacks

I hate Karamatsu

(Important Note: shochu is a japanese distilled beverage that’s kind of like their version of vodka)

Osomatsu: When you think of Oita, you think of shochu!!

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“Man Caves” are fucking disgusting places for cowards to retreat when they realise their fuckwit ideas of masculinity don’t translate to, you know, the real world.  There’s a reason why all that parasitic alcohol and sport related paraphernalia isn’t standard issue in a home and that reason is it fucking sucks.  A discount lager branded beer mat on a wooden bench in a garage isn’t an identity or a form of self-expression; it’s not homage to some sort of working class collective consciousness.  It’s just big business marketing guilt tripping your deadshit mind via feelings of nostalgia associated with times when you thought you were happy (you weren’t, you were drunk).  Bundaberg Rum isn’t a badge of honour, it’s a distilled alcoholic beverage, it’s not real, it’s a product.  You know that bear they use in their ads? I know the idea is great but he isn’t real either, he’s not your mate, you and the bear, you never went on fishing trips together. Don’t buy into their shit, just fucking go inside and talk to your family you big dumb man cave cunt, stop sitting there pretending you’re having a good time, we all know you aren’t, you’re pathetic in there, stewing away on some disgusting couch on your phone leaving racist comments on news articles, hate-tweeting local celebrities until they kill themselves, insulting “faggots” while rubbing one out to some lesbian porn, reminiscing about the great years gone by (they weren’t great, again, you were drunk).

Also, chances are if you’re the kind of big sook of a man who has a man cave and buys shit like supermarket hummus and mass produced crackers and cabanossi to make themselves feel special, your wife is probably a bit of a cunt towards you, and it’s not totally fun to be around her all the time (go to the pub when this happens by the way moron).  It’s not her fault she’s like this, it’s because you’ve got all these emotional and communication and identity issues and are a big fucking child who can’t support his family properly.  Trust me, it’s not her, or the gays or the Muslims or random indigenous football players that have caused this fucking mess, it’s your lack of personal responsibility and accountability.  There’s a reason Andrew Bolt and his contemporaries soothe you so much; they make it feel like it’s someone else’s fault, all these feelings of resentment and indifference, but the hangover only gets worse mate, you can’t stay in here forever.

So get up, put some proper fucking pants on and leave!! You don’t need this cave Robbo, leave, go free, go for a walk in the park, the beach, go to Bali with your fuckhead mates, whatever, please, just stop living this primal cave myth.

Mr. Boston: Official Bartender’s Guide

By Mr. Boston

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Alcoholic beverages in ASOIAF

Hi, @smarsupial! I’m a mod of @asoiafuniversity so I briefly saw your submitted question in the inbox today before another mod handled it per the FAQ. If I recall correctly, you were asking about the last line of my “drugs in Westeros” post, where I say most people just have beer and wine – and you wondered if there was/why there isn’t any mention of harder drinks.

It doesn’t appear that distillation has been discovered in Westeros yet – at least not hot distillation, as in a “still” for making whiskeys and similar distilled beverages. Cold distillation, the sort that turns apple juice into applejack, hasn’t been defined as such, but there are taverns that serve “fearsomely strong” cider, and people get quite definitely drunk off of it, so evidently some Westerosi know how to do it. (You’d think there’d be more reference to things like icewines and ciders in the North, what with their harsh winters, but no. We’ll see I suppose.) They do have fermentation at least, which is how they get wine and beer and mead and hippocras, and may be how they make strongwine. (Strongwine is fortified wine, which in our world is made usually by adding brandy to wine, but if that were so in Westeros then brandy would be mentioned a lot more frequently than once in Essos. So it’s probably from over-fermented grapes.)

But generally it seems stronger distilled alcoholic beverages are only made outside of Westeros. The ship from the Summer Isles that Sam takes to Oldtown is carrying casks of spiced rum and blackbelly rum. As the Summer Isles appear to be somewhat more technologically advanced than Westeros (their ocean-crossing swan ships, maps, bows, etc), and considering that the culture seems to have been inspired by the Caribbean, it’s probable that the rum is made there. Other ships (non-Summer Islander) carry barrels of black tar rum for the sailors to drink, which I would guess is low-quality exports from the Summer Isles spread to the rest of the sea-going world, who have actually come to enjoy it. The Summer Islanders also used to trade palm wine to the Valyrians, but as that’s just fermented palm sap, it was probably prior to their discovery of distillation.

Other distilled alcohols – there’s firewine, which tastes like burning. Its origin may be Tyrosh, which also makes pear brandy. And there’s green nectar from Myr, which might be an ingredient in the “iced green drink smelling of mint” Tyrion sees in Volantis. Or it could be the green is from the pale green Volantene liquor that doesn’t have a specific name. Another non-specifically named alcohol is the spiced liquor drunk in the marketplace of Qarth. But these drinks of the Free Cities and further east of Essos are rarely if ever imported into Westeros, I’m afraid.

Anyway, now you know how to go around the world of Ice and Fire with alcoholic drinks. Hope that helps!

I’ve been thinking about alchemical vessels.  Specifically the alembic.  “A modern descendant of the alembic (used to produce distilled beverages) is the pot still.”  (I’ve been thinking about this for a loooong time actually.  I wrote this meta comparing Sam, Dean, and Cas to alchemical vessels over two years ago.  It’s one of the first metas I wrote on SPN and frankly isn’t exactly my best work, but I think the point of it still holds true.)

Charlie, Cas, and Rowena were in a whiskey distillery named after some brothers.  As many people noted before ‘Dark Dynasty’ aired, Charlie’s desk was seated directly in front of a broken wall and scattered rubble, foreshadowing her death and its relation to the Winchester brothers.  I’m not an expert on this, so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that big broken wall is supposed to be the exploded still or alembic of the distillery.  (Distillery explosions happen in real life, too.)

According to this site on making whiskey (page 16),  “Distillation is a physical process where compounds are separated by virtue of their different boiling points and vapor pressures. The separation in distillation occurs when a mixture of compounds in the still is brought to boil.”  It is a process which takes planning and care to get the ideal purity in the product without mishap.  “The first danger is that of explosion or burning of the alcohol. Most farmers immediately recognize the potential explosion or fire dangers of distilling a petroleum fraction to produce gasoline. Alcohol and gasoline fuels share these common risks-a primary reason they are such excellent fuel sources for spark ignition engines, which actually use a controlled explosion to produce power…A second danger is a blow-out of components due to pressure build-up. Source of the pressure is the steam produced by constant heating of the reboiler, or that injected from a separate steam generator. Pressure builds up if too much resistance occurs from the flow of gas up the column or the flow of product out of the condenser.”

From the look of the wall and the rubble in front of it, we can assume that an accident happened at the James Brother’s Distillery during the distillation process and the still exploded out into the room (and probably out the top as well, since there was water dripping down into the cavity).  We don’t know what happened to the James Brothers, but their business now appears to be abandoned.  And here in this shot we have three people who could be said metaphorically to have different ‘boiling points’ trying to find a way to purify Dean of his evil Mark while keeping him ignorant of their plans.  Add in Sam’s desperation to save his brother, and we have a further discrepancy in how volatile each person could be considered to be.  Things got heated enough in this room that Cas had to put Rowena in the testing room and Charlie just flat-out left.  Charlie was killed and from the promo for ‘The Prisoner’, it certainly would appear that Dean has ‘blown his top’ because of it.  The pressure relief valves he’s been trying to use by killing nests of vampires, drinking, and other pursuits were no longer adequate for the job.

In addition to many, many shots of Dean drinking alcohol over the years, he has also been compared to an explosive device.  (See messier51‘s post about Dean’s blood alcohol levels here.)  In ‘Do You Believe in Miracles’, Sam said, “Oh, right. Excuse me. Sorry, guys. Uh, sorry I’m a little less than eager to hear that our best chance is – is arming the warhead and hoping it hits the mark. This is not a bomb we’re talking about. This is my brother.”  In ‘The Hunter Games’, Metatron was delighted to observe that, “He’s gone nuclear”.  Like alcohol, human souls have been compared to possibly explosive power sources in SPN’s universe, with the most recent example of the Grigori siphoning off soul power from Amelia Novak and others in ‘Angel Heart’.  With all of this taken together, it doesn’t seem terribly surprising if Dean has finally truly exploded in the wake of Charlie’s murder.

I’m going to put the rest of this under a cut, but since the Steins and the Book of the Damned are closely related to alchemy, I think it is interesting to explore that route as well:

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Kentucky by Noah Jacobus The use of navy, gold, and white come from the flag and seal of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. I dove into Kentucky’s rich heritage of horse breeding and racing with some jockey silks and a “call to post” bugle reminiscent of that of Keeneland or Churchill Downs. The text on the registration tag is a shout-out to a particular distilled state beverage.