Hoodie Landing by Mary Sheft
Via Flickr:
A male Hooded Merganser landing on his pond during an extended mating display, with stiff competition from a rival that involved frequent chases and bursts of flight. If you enjoy my photography, please visit my website:


Inevitable Death of the Universe

Public art project from LfxLab is an animation designed to be presented on the urban media screen of Hong Kong’s tallest tower:

The future of the universe is uncertain, but there are many theories on how it may end. The history of mankind is very short and we are just a small chapter in the timespan of the world’s journey across time and space. Against the backdrop of this eternal flow of time towards our end, it is strangely comforting to know that our own human struggles on this pale blue dot are but small and temporary in the scale of the larger scheme of things. We are but specks of dust against the repeating cycles of creation and destruction, as the counter reflecting the age of the universe ticks away steadily.

This piece was presented on the 77,000 sqm of urban media screen that makes up the façade of the ICC, the highest tower in Hong Kong on March 10th and 11th.