le Château, box artist Peter Gabrielse’s home by KotomiCreations
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Tech project from Ermal Dreshaj is an interactive 3D display with depth sensor and gestural interface:

Holosuite is the result of my master’s thesis research at MIT Media Lab, exploring holographic video as a medium for interactive telepresence. It is an application that simulates holographic rendering on advanced 3D displays, connecting remote users together where they can collaborate, visualize and share 3D information across the internet with full motion parallax and stereoscopic rendering.

Using real-time CGH (computer generated holography), we can also render the likeness of a remote user with parallax and depth without the need for glasses or software head-tracking solutions, creating an immersive experience with high realism.  Holovideo rendering is done on the MIT/BYU Mark IV display, a one-of-a-kind HPO (horizontal parallax only) laser display based on AOM (acousto-optic modulation) technology.  Images from the Mark IV will be provided soon (not shown in video).

Interactivity is implemented via hand-tracking and hand gestures, used to manipulate 3D objects between two users, in a shared virtual space.  Holosuite combines two distant 3D worlds seamlessly, to create an experience similar to real-life 3D collaboration.

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