The many stages of Disneyland withdrawal:

1. The parting ride from the escalator to the parking garage induces utter despair.

2. You find yourself daydreaming about eating a Dole Whip.

3. You start a Disney fund.

4. You start crafting a new pair of Mickey ears.

5. You find yourself listening to the music from your favorite Disneyland rides over, and over again.

6. You find yourself doing dance moves from Disneyland shows.

7. You consume as many Disney-related quizzes and articles as humanly possible.

8. You see your friends’ Disneyland and Disney California Adventure pictures on social media and experience critical levels of FOMO.

9. You take an inventory of your pin collection.

10. You start drafting your packing and to-do lists for your next trip immediately.

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Retro Disneyland: When Disney “Magic” Only Cost $2

Soon after Disneyland opened it gates in July 1955, a LIFE magazine article declared the park “the stuff children’s dreams are made on.” Then, same as now, parents’ single biggest complaint centered on cost. Then, unlike now, children’s admission would set parents back $2. (Today, parents must part with $93 if they want their 3-9 year old child to meet Mickey.)

“Disney had expected that $2 would see a child through enough of his $17 million wonderland, but mothers said twice that was needed to keep any enterprising small boy pacified,” LIFE wrote. Add to admission the cost of food and the inevitable souvenir, and it is easy to see the origins of such complaints – and its present-day parallels.

Celebrities, reporters and everyday Americans composed the park’s opening day crowd. Staggered entry tickets attempted to keep the crowds at a reasonable level, but counterfeited tickets largely reduced the effectiveness of genuine staggered entry tickets. Indeed, the park hosted well more than the 10,000 guests projected at any one time, with an estimated 20,000 more loitering about nearby just hoping to gain entry.

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