I am a 24 year old man, and I am also a Princess. long may I reign, #transformationtuesday

Can we talk about this guy here for a moment?? Pretty please??

Can we talk about the fact that a Disney PRINCE does not follow the cookie cutter physique of all the others? Here me out.

All the other princes are tall, have a thin waist, broad shoulders and chest, smallish nose… You get the picture. If not, look at them all together.

See what I mean? Seeing as Disney counts Prince Adam (the Beast) after his transformation, they all kinda follow the same body type with some variations of width on the arms and body.

Even Hans falls into the typical Disney Prince category! Look at him!

Broad shoulders, thin waist, smallish pointy nose. See?

And then, Kristoff comes in.

He breaks the stereotype of the Disney Prince. He’s not super slim with a tiny waist. He has a bigger nose, a bit of roundness to his face and he his overall a bigger guy. And you know what else?

We still love the guy!! We don’t care if he isn’t part of the cookie cutter lineup. And that’s what’s important! It doesn’t matter how he looks! It shows guys that you don’t have to look exactly like a Disney Prince to get your Princess. Kristoff is proof of that.

That’s all. Rant finished. You may continue on with your life! :P