Disney’s Grand Californian 2016-2nd Floor View of the Front Desk Lobby by JUNEAU BISCUITS

Another Disney theme park idea for Moana came to me when i was watching the “Villains Unleashed” park show on YouTube. It’s really kind of lame, it’s Hades acting like a talk show host and counting down fifty villains. They show up, show off their costume, and walk off. It’s not even “lesser known” villains as it bills itself since people like Jafar and the Evil Queen are int he countdown. And Maleficent is the final one and she does a video appearance instead of showing.

So my idea? Take that soundstage and give it to Maui to do a show about heroes. Call it “Maui Time” even. Get a guy who looks and sounds like Maui to do a talk show schitck with other cool guys like himself. I’m thinking maybe Hercules, Flynn, Tarzan, Aladdin, maybe Jim Hawkins or Peter Pan if we need a younger guy. Instead of just a countdown that in a low of ways is almost a costume showcase, have Maui actually chat with them. Him and Herc ribbing each other as fellow demigods, debating tree surfing vs. actual surfing with Tarzan, boats on the sea vs. boats in space with Jim, have some fun slapstick with Flynn, that kind of deal.

Then at the end some villains show up and we get a “save the talk show!” fight where the other heroes and especially Maui show off.

horrormovieproblems  asked:

Could we do like...America maelstrom where it rushes you by super cool landmarks? And fireworks and jazz and ragtime? I have never been on the maelstrom but I'm kind of guessing that it was like...a tour of Norway.

Maelstrom was…a mess. Endearing, but a mess. It–and its accompanying film, the Spirit of Norway–had difficulty focusing on one subject, so it just sorta flopped between history and folklore and oil rigs and ballerinas and scenery and falling asleep while holding a paintbrush and sports and computers and so on.

Your response, on the other hand, works well. Having us rush through prioritizes our experience; we’d better observe as much of these landmarks and the cultures therein as possible, because in a second, we’ll be gone. Well designed!

Anyone else wanna give this prompt a try?  Design an attraction for the American Adventure that’s about the United States’ culture, as opposed to its history!


Disney’s unbuilt plans for a America theme park, located in Prince William County, Virginia. The idea was announced in 1993 with Bob Weiss as the creative developer of the park. It was described as a theme park designed to show the past, present and future through history and experiences for all ages! 

The themed of lands of America would include:

- Civil War Village: This would be the hub of the park and feature shops and restaurants.

- Native America: Explores the life of America’s first inhabitants and pays tribute to the cultures of Native American tribes. It would feature interactive experiences, exhibits, arts and crafts, and a white water raft ride based on Lewis and Clark adventures!

- President’s Square: This would celebrate and pay tribute to those who have served defending democracy and our nation and would feature a replica of WDW’s Hall of Presidents.

- Civil War Fort: Guests could explore the fort and it’s interactive elements as well as watch civil war battle reenactments as well as water battle reenactments. 

- Ellis Island: Guests could understand what it was like for an immigrant to pass through Ellis Island in a time accurate experience with music, ethnic foods and a live show!

- Enterprise the factory town: Explore what the industrial revolution was like in the US by viewing technological advances of the time and by riding an Industrial Revolution E Ticket roller coaster.

- Victory Fields: Experience what it was like for soldiers to defend their freedom during the world wars and looking through the airport with hangars and viewing airplanes from different time periods and viewing flight demonstrations. There would also be flight simulators based on America’s military fights.

- The State Fair: A 30’s style state fair with folk art exhibits, a live show on baseball and wooden rides like Coney Island.

- Family Farm: Shows different farming techniques and what it takes to farm food through hand on experiences such as milking cows and learning what homemade ice cream tastes like.

The project was eventually scrapped due to Disney disputes with the people of Virginia but not all of these concepts were lost. Some were but into Disney’s California Adventure. These concepts are very neat and the idea of a theme park based on America is an interesting and unique idea. What’s your thoughts?


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