DARPA Door 1


    Name: Daria
    Preferred Pronouns: She/her
    Cats or dogs?:   Cats, but I like dogs too!
    Marvel or DC?: DC, I like the darker themes.
    Favorite Disney villain?: Hades or Scar.
    Most awkward thing a stranger’s seen you doing?: Posing for Cosplay pictures in a random park I guess haha.
    Any weird talents? Extra limbs?: Double jointed fingers? I dont know lol.
    Say you had someone you really don’t like locked up in your basement
    for one night. What one song would you pay on repeat for the duration
    of their stay?: Fighting Dreamers from Naruto. No regrets. 
    First experience with Dragon Age (first game played, book read, etc): Well it was quite an experience. Someone told me to just skip Dragon Age Origins. Well. I was confused with DA2 let me tell you. I gave up and went back to play Origins and I finally understood. Always play the first game first. 
    Favorite Dragon Age game/book/comic etc: Oh god don’t make me choose. Um…Inquisition I guess? I haven’t read the books or comics so I need to expand my knowledge.


    Name: Cullen Rutherford
    Preferred Pronouns: He/His
    Country/City-state/Clan of Origin: Ferelden
    Profession: Circle Tower Templar(former), Templar Knight-Captain(former), Commander of the Inquisition forces.
    Level of Education: Templar school education.
    Depth of Training: Well he was a Knight-Captain in the Templar Order, but apparently he was good enough to be a Commander. So Commander?
    Specialization: Templar fighting(sword and shield and magic resistance) and Commanding troups(leadership).
    Best friend: I like to think its the Inquisitor honestly. Or Cassandra. But Cullen is pretty lonely to be honest.
    Cats or dogs?: Dogs.
    Favorite fashion accessory?: Fluffy fur coat 
    Biggest thing/trait they share with the mun: Um. We are both awkward haha.
    Biggest way they differ from the mun: His confidence. Cullen has extreme confidence in almost everything he says. And he can fight. Mun cannot. Mun is smol.
    You’ve just accidentally tipped over their drink. How fucked are you?: Not really. I feel like hes pretty understanding.
    You’ve just intentionally stabbed their friend. How fucked are you?: Pretty fucked. Cullen would do anything for a friend.
    First kiss story?: I like to think it was an extremely awkward moment for Cullen. Maybe in Templar school as an awkward teenager. Not much of a kiss. Maybe a peck from a older Templar or something.